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Lindsay Lohan Swears She Didn’t Steal Anything From The ‘Anger Management’ Set

lindsay lohanThere’s no one (besides maybe Winona Ryder) who loves a five finger discount quite as much as Lindsay Lohan. Despite only narrowly avoiding prosecution for stealing $100k worth of jewelry from a house party and pocketing some stuff from a boutique a year or so ago, she’s back at it again and has been accused of taking jewelry and wardrobe items from the set of Anger Management so she could go clubbing that night. Uh, this bitch!

From TMZ:

We’re told during filming … Lindsay decided she was going out clubbing one night, and took a bracelet, a necklace, earrings, pants and shoes from the wardrobe department. Yes, the stuff never came back.

Sources say Lindsay told people on the show … producers would just take the value of the items out of her salary, but we’re told that ABSOLUTELY wasn’t the deal.

And there’s more … Multiple sources on the set tell TMZ Lindsay was “the biggest prima donna ever on ‘Anger Management.’”   We’re told she showed up 2 hours late the second day, refused to come out of her trailer for 2 hours, left early to go clubbing and threatened not to return.

LOL, if there’s one thing anyone with a brain should know, it’s don’t leave Lindsay Lohan alone with any items of value – whether to her personally or sellable for drug money, because it will be taken. However, Lindsay once again has proclaimed her innocence because everyone in the world is lying and she’s the only person capable of telling the truth.

From TMZ again:

Lindsay Lohan says she stole NOTHING from “Anger Management?” — She’s telling friends she had a deal with producers she could take all the stuff she wanted, and they’d just deduct it from her salary.

Lindsay acknowledges, she walked off with 2 bracelets, a necklace, sunglasses, a pair of shoes, gold earrings, a silk bathrobe, lingerie and tap shorts.  She claims the wardrobe person was well aware she had the goods and claims the wardrobe lady specifically said it was A-OK and the cost would be deducted from her salary.

Lindsay’s also telling friends, she’s NOT going to return the stuff, because as far as she’s concerned she paid for it.

Here’s the problem.  Sources from the show tell TMZ … Lindsay walked off with the bracelets, the necklace, earrings and shoes BEFORE there was any discussion about leaving with the stuff.  We’re told the wardrobe person told producers she was not going to become a cop and block Lindsay from leaving the set with her stuff, so she told her the value of “all missing items” would be deducted from her paycheck.

In fact, we’re told the wardrobe person actually tried to get Lindsay to write a check for the goods, but LiLo refused.

Seriously, why does anyone bother anymore? Bother to listen to her, bother to employ her, bother to accuse her of crimes that no one will ever prosecute her for, bother to acknowledge her existence… Whatever.

Lindsay Lohan Thinks Coachella Is Way More Important Than Rehab

lohan coachella

Lindsay “LOL Are You F-cking Kidding Me” Lohan continues to shock and awe with her sense of entitlement and obliviousness to pretty much everything. Her biggest concern right now isn’t going to rehab, or the fact that she may have to face jail time instead of rehab because the facility her lawyer pleaded for doesn’t even exist. No. Ms. Lohan is freaking out that amidst all of her court-ordered punishment, she may miss the Coachella music festival. As a source told Radar, posted on the The Daily Mail for our delicious enjoyment,

Lindsay was adamant that she not be forced to go to rehab until after the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the Palm Springs area on successive weekends in April.

‘Lindsay loves going to the musical festival, and she’s determined to go this year.

She didn’t want a little thing like rehab to get in her way of attending. Lindsay refused to sign off on any deal that would have prevented her from going to Coachella, period. Yes, it’s that important to her, for some strange reason.

Oh my God. I don’t even refute this report. I fully believe that this is 100% true. Why? Because it’s clear that Lindsay “Is This The Real Life Is This Just Fantasy” Lohan doesn’t believe she’s done anything wrong.

Lohan: no one gives a f-ck if you go to Coachella. I know it’s a great opportunity for you and a bunch of celebs to wear bullshit like miniskirts made of feathers and headbands constructed out of stolen bird’s nests or whatever, but this really, really has to be at the bottom of your list this year. Whatever dude in a band you’re currently dating will have to understand if you miss his set. You may not even be together by then anyway, even though the first day of the festival is April 12, because that’s about two years in Lohan time.

Anyway, check out celeb ~~Coachella style~~ from years previous. Featuring Fergie, Ian Somerhalder, Solange Knowles, Vanessa Hudgens, model Chanel Iman, Rihanna, Kate Bosworth, and Diane Kruger.


Lindsay Lohan Continues To Get Knocked Down And Then Get Up Again, You Ain’t Ever Gonna Keep Her Down

lindsay lohan pink energy drink

Lindsay Lohan, despite being sentenced to a 90-day lockdown in rehab (which may or may not exist) continues to drink – hard. Personally, I can’t stop devouring her latest updates because I continue to be baffled by behavior so stupid and destructive.

She’s been spotted at one of her favorite haunts, the bar in the Beverly Hills Hotel. Her favorite because it’s one of the few hotels in LA that will still accept her. She stayed there the night before her court hearing in January.

The Beverly Hills Hotel admitted the embattled star despite her history of hotel room altercations; she was previously blacklisted from one Santa Monica hotel following a 2007 incident in which she damaged hotel property. (Beverly Hills Courier)

But she’s taken the drinking further than the hotel bar. Via TMZ:

…we’re told Lindsay went to a club in San Diego called FLUXX last night with a friend, arriving after midnight. Our spies say LiLo was wearing a Yankees cap and a hooded sweatshirt and sat at a VIP table ordering vodka on the rocks all night.

We’re told Lindsay specifically request that vodka be served from a glass carafe … this way the table would not have any alcohol bottles on it.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she is adamant she does not have a substance abuse problem and doesn’t feel she needs professional help.

Ms. Lohan has, of course, denied everything on her Twitter:

lohan tweets

Here’s the thing. I really want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but it’s long past that point.

Now with regards to this lockdown sentence, the facility her lawyer had in mind is only for felons. Ms. Lohan is not a felon.TMZ explains what could happen,

After we placed calls today … we’re told prosecutors are now checking to see if Heller’s representation was false.  One well-placed source said this:  “The sentence was actually 90 days in custody, and lockdown rehab would satisfy that.  If there’s no such thing, then she’ll go to jail for 90 days.”

Also, WTF is with this relationship she has with Pink Energy Drink? They got her a private plane to fly her out to make it in time for her latest court appearance (“Thanks Mr. Pink for the private jet see you all in a few hours in LA @drinkmrpink @sheerazhasan” — Lohan’s Twitter.) Shit seems incredibly shady.

Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Sucks And She May Go To Jail

lindsay lohan new mugshot

Lindsay Lohan might be really, really screwed. Her lawyer, Mark Heller, sucks so badly that he lied to her and bungled her plea deal. Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in a lockdown rehab facility, meaning she had to get treatment for 90 days straight, in rehab, with no day-passes or permission to leave for any reason until treatment was done.

But there’s a slight hitch in this plan. This lockdown facility doesn’t exist. At least not for people like Ms. Lohan. Lockdown rehab facilities are only available to felons, and Ms. Lindsay “Just My Luck Indeed” Lohan is not a felon. Her lawyer promised something that can’t be done. TMZ explains,

Everyone we spoke with says …there is only 1 rehab facility in New York that is truly lockdown, where patients cannot get out and guards keep them in – Willard Drug Treatment Campus, operated by NY’s Dept. of Correctional Services in collaboration with the Division of Parole.  In order to qualify for admission, the patient MUST have aprior felony.  Lindsay has never been convicted of a felony, so she doesn’t qualify — and this is according to Linda Foglia, the spokesperson for the NY State Dept. of Correctional Services.  Short story …. contrary to what Mark Heller told prosecutors, Lindsay cannot do lockdown rehab in New York.

Worst. Lawyer. Ever. I still don’t think though that she’ll wind up in jail.

BTW enjoy that new angle of Ms. Lohan’s latest mugshot. So Vogue.

Lindsay’s 6th Mugshot Is Out And It’s Her Fiercest One Yet!

lindsay lohan mugshot

Lindsay Lohan has a brand new mugshot to add to her collection. She had to submit to booking as part of her plea deal.

At one point, having so many mugshots was sad, but now it’s funny again, especially her expression in this one. She is WORKING IT. Her skin looks flawless, her lips don’t look as wacky botoxy as usual, and I love what she did with her eye makeup. IDK WTF she’s wearing, and the hair is messy, though the color is FAB, so overall I give this a 9/10. I’ve seen Facebook photos that weren’t as good.

This is her sixth mugshot, but fifth if you count the ones that were publicly released. Seven if you count the fake one from her film Just My Luck.

Thanks to EOnline for the photo.


Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Mark Heller May Be Guilty of Witness Tampering

[images removed on request]

Lindsay Lohan is dodgier than 2 cars meeting behind a high school at 2am during a snow storm, so it’s no surprise that her lawyer, Mark Heller, would fall right in line. We know she finally took the plea deal at the eleventh hour and is going to rehab for 90 days (ha, let’s see how long that lasts!) but did you also know that Heller tried to get Lindsay’s former assistant to lie on the stand, if it came to that?

From TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the Santa Monica City Attorney will be launching an investigation and will interview Lohan’s ex-assistant Gavin Doyle tomorrow in the presence of police.

We’re told … prosecutors believe Heller may have approached Gavin and tried to get him to admit that he was the one driving the vehicle when Lohan’s Porsche crashed into a big rig on Pacific Coast Highway last summer.

TMZ has learned Gavin has told multiple people about the alleged witness tampering … including an officer of the court.

As for Heller, he has strongly stated that any accusation of witness tampering on his part is “crazy.”

Huh, if by “crazy” you mean “something I would totally do for my drug-addicted client who is paying me with checks with Charlie Sheen’s name on them”, then yes, it’s really crazy! Considering Lindsay barely even made it to court at all and when she did, she looked like she’d been up for three days smoking meth, I don’t doubt at all that Heller realised the reality of the situation was pretty dire.

Some photos of Lindsay in court and Heller giving his press conference outside after the ruling are below…


Details of Lohan Plea Deal, Plus Lohan Laughs When Judge Suggests “Don’t Drive”

lindsay lohan court

Lindsay Lohan will not be going to jail — sorry, everyone! She took the plea deal. Although she was sentenced to 5 days in jail, it looks like that will be combined with her 90 day lockdown in a rehab facility. And let’s be real, even if that wasn’t the case, she’d likely spend 3 hours in jail, tops.

Here are the details of the plea, straight from the judge. Lohan must comply with all of this or she will get 180 days in jail.

24 months on probation. 5 days in jail plus $150 fine plus penalty assessments…a $240 restitution fine…$30 criminal conviction assesment fee…30 days community labor, it may be done in new york…18 months of psychological counseling…my understanding is she’s already begun that? (“That’s correct.”)…90 day residential treatment program. No day-passes, you can’t leave, you must stay in program…she needs proof of enrollment and a progress report on counseling, and a signed letter “with letterhead” confirming that she did community service.

Lohan sounded very, very tired and hoarse. More than usual. All she said was, “Yes sir.” Although she did chuckle twice. Once when she said “Yes” to the judge making clear that she gave up her right for trial. Not sure what was so funny there. The second time she let out a sort of sad, agreeable, tired chuckle was when the judge said,

A suggestion: don’t drive.

She is legally allowed to drive under certain conditions:

You are not to drive with any measure of alcohol or drugs in your system [Note: UH, DUH?]…you are not to drive without valid license and insurance…you are not to use or posses any narcotics…exept for prescriptions…do not assosiate with [drug dealers] or users except in an authorized counseling program…you are to obey all laws and order of court…stay out of trouble.

He then warned,

This is it. you violate your probation…we’re just going to impose the sentence and be done with it. Please take this seriously. You need to comply.

He also added on a,

Search and seizure condition…as part of the plea, she must submit her personal property to search and seizure [to police or parole workers] under probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

If Lohan does all of this without screwing up, she won’t face any jail time and her record will be expunged. It will be like having a “clean slate” as they say. Her probation begins today. In a press conference immediately after the hearing, her lawyer Mark Heller said,

I think that justice was certainly served. I am very confident that you won’t see Lindsay Lohan in any criminal courts any time in the future.

After Heller left, Michael Lohan then got up to the microphones and freaked out saying that Heller screwed Lindsay over and pressured her into a deal. And that he owes him $16,000. Uh…okay? He added, “Get away from the cameras and stop using Lindsay to make a name for yourself.”

OH. MY. GOD. ARE YOU SERIOUS? (Yup, he totally is.)

Thanks to TMZ for providing the live footage that made me feel like I was right in the courtroom with them.