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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan in a Tight White Wife Beater with No Bra

Don’t say I never do anything nice for you.

I really want to know what is in her left hand. Is that a Coke bottle? Like, a bonafide Coke bottle? Where do you buy Coke bottles? I really want one now. I feel like Coke just tastes better that way. Like a little taste of the carefree days of the ’50s. When women wore cone bras. We should bring back cone bras. Who’s with me?

Lindsay "Lowen" Shills for ProActiv

A daily coke habit gets expensive. Below, La Lohan makes her ProActiv debut, with only the slightest hint of disgust and resentment in her voice. Seriously, why is she doing this ad? Does she really need the money and/or exposure?

Also notable:

1) She pronounces her last name “Lowen,” and the voice-over does the same.
2) I think they’ve sampled Tupac’s “Changes” for the background music. Tell me I’m wrong.

In related news: Paris Hilton is still a raging bitch. She’s also totally banging Brandon Davis, fresh out of rehab. This girl is class all the way.

And in ProActiv alumna news: Jessica Simpson has a camel toe. Her skin don’t look that great either…