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Lindsay Lohan

All Together Now

In today’s episode of the Anna Nicole is Functionally Retarded Show, we learn that Anna previously tried to convince a wealthy paramour, G. Ben Thompson, that he was the father of her...


Fashion Victim of the Week

So in the true spirit of The Evil Beet, I have decided every Friday to make fun of a celebrity’s fashion choices. I understand that Rachel Zoe will be to blame for most of these...


Late-Night Link-o-Rama

Apparently Madonna isn’t adopting an African child so much as she’s kinda stealing one. Rule-bending in exchange for cash? In Malawi? [I’m Bringing Blogging Back] Lindsay...


Saturday Afternoon Round-Up

Sofia Coppola’s job requires her to watch her cousin get nasty. Weird. Christina Aguilera takes a cue from Pink, pees wherever. This week’s Lindsay Lohan crotch shot...