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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s Being Treated For Her Blackberry Addiction, Too

Lindsay Lohan is Glued To Her Cell Phone

Lindsay Lohan is currently being treated for drug and alcohol addiction at the Betty Ford Center, but she’s also being broken of another bad habit: Her constant cell phone use.

Apparently staffers at the rehab clinic noticed that Lindsay was spending far too much time on her Blackberry, so they’ve restricted her usage of it to only two hours a day. She’s also not allowed to Tweet or communicate with any non-family members or close friends.

Cutting off Lindsay from reaching out to her fans via Twitter and her friends via text whenever she wants is teaching her that she can’t habitually rely on anything to bring inner peace except herself. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Quotables: Tina Fey Talks About Lindsay Lohan

“Lindsay is in rehab now? Right? We think? I think that’s good. Yeah.”

-Tina Fey talking about Mean Girls co-star Lindsay Lohan on Watch What Happens With Andy Cohen

I always have to wonder how Tina Fey and Amy Poehler feel about Lindsay Lohan’s situation. There’s no doubt that in some ways, this is more tragic for them to watch than any of us. They both worked with Lindsay on Mean Girls and at the time gave the most glowing reports of her as both a person and an actress. Lindsay also had great chemistry with the Saturday Night Live cast at one point and has even said in interviews that during her second time hosting the show, when she was seemed to be the peak of her drug addition and weight loss, Amy Poehler pulled her aside for a mini-intervention.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were love angry at her like a couple of aunts.

The Lindsay Lohan Heroin-Crack-or-Meth? Photos Emerge!

photo of lindsay lohan injecting drugs with syringe needle pictures

And how long did you really expect to hold out until something like this happened? Another few years? Months? Weeks? Days?

Naturally, since Lindsay is apparently derailing as we speak, in spite of her recent jail stint and court-ordered rehab stay visit, photographs have been brought to public knowledge and they all show her holding a syringe above her arm, apparently about to inject an unnamed substance.

X17 has run across various photos, all grainy in quality, but almost indisputably Lindsay Lohan (you can just tell by girlfriend’s body language), featuring the actress/singer/model/clothing designer/life flunkie in various compromising positions such as the aforementioned syringe pose, and making out with another woman who appears to be Paris Hilton.

Though I’m sure Lindsay’s camp will come out and say something in her defense over the photos (i.e., ‘Lindsay suffered amnesia around the time that Paris Hilton was her friend and didn’t know what she was doing,thankfully,’ or ‘Lindsay’s diabetic, don’t you know, and likes to pose provocatively with her insulin syringes ’cause it makes her look badass’), they’re still pretty horrifying regardless.

So, my question — riskier behavior: messing around with injectable drugs, or licking the inside of Paris Hilton’s mouth? It’s your call, guys.