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Lindsay Lohan

Cleaning up the Weekend

After almost days of searching, the paparazzi catch Nicole Richie and Joel Madden together. Take that, Hilary Duff. Now you’re left all alone with your hyper-successful, talent-driven...


Fashion Victim of the Week

Lindsay, you made it too easy for me this week. I really thought I would go outside the box and find some D list celebrity to make fun of but then I saw this. Nobody should wear a jumpsuit...


Lindsay Lohan: Corrected

From our friends at GoFugYourself….this is too wonderful for words. Someone actually grammatically corrects Lindsay’s incoherent email about Al Gore and Aliens or whatever. I...



Step up! Be a man! If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Lindsay Lohan needs you to join her cause. She is definitely against something, and she is definitely...