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Should Lindsay Lohan Be Allowed to Leave Rehab For a Photo Shoot?

Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab For Photoshoot

Lindsay Lohan is supposedly turning herself around in rehab, but homegirl still has to work. After getting approval from the staff at Betty Ford, the actress is going to be released for the day to do a photo shoot for a “major magazine” in Palm Springs next week.

According to her lawyer, Lindsay is currently living in a sober house as an extension of her treatment. Shawn Chapman Holley, told TMZ, “The move to the sober house is part of the program so that Lindsay is integrated back into society, and all the outings she’s taken have been pre-approved and encouraged by program representatives.”

Pros for leaving her sober house to go play Famous Person for the day for this magazine? Lindsay needs to get back to work as soon as she gets out, probably. The rumors of her bad financial state are at an all time high, and a photo shoot for a big magazine may be what she needs to reignite her career. Cons? As Dr. Drew ever so helpfully pointed out today, it’s probably a pretty bad idea to let an addict as compulsive as Lindsay leave rehab to do much of anything.

Apparently Lindsay Lohan Has Allowed Michael Lohan Back Into Her Life

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Hell has officially frozen over, guys, ’cause the devil himself is ascending to a vessel where he’ll be better represented – Lindsay Lohan has welcomed her formerly-estranged father, Michael, back into her life.

Sources close to Lindsay claim that the ordeal was ‘emotional,’ and that there were ‘hugs, kisses, and a few tears’ when the father and daughter were reunited this past weekend at the Betty Ford clinic where Lindsay is currently undergoing inpatient (sort of) rehabilitation.

Lindsay’s rep naturally had no comment on behalf of the actress, but Foghorn Leghorn Lohan did:

“I have pledged not to comment about anything relating to my daughter. However, what I will say is that I am an incredibly proud father tonight. My daughter is progressing extraordinarily well.”

So, yeah, by ‘no comment,’ we all know by now that Michael Lohan means ‘CommentCOMMENTcomment!’. But anyway, hey. I’m not going to judge too much – I know that the general consensus says that Michael Lohan’s kind of a douche, but the douche is her father, and who would I be to judge the nuances of a father-daughter relationship – albeit, an obviously dysfunctional one?

Here’s to the reunited family members, and hope that this move is in the best interest for both of them. Or, at least for Lindsay, anyway.  Lord knows she doesn’t need any more bad ideas right now.

Dina Lohan Talks About Lindsay On ‘Today’

If we’re to believe her mother, Lindsay Lohan is doing wonderfully in rehab. Dina spoke to Matt Lauer at the Today Show this morning, and while she was optimistic about her daughter’s healing process, she couldn’t say whether or not this trip to rehab would be the one to stick. Dina said, “We take it one day at a time. Addiction is difficult. I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball. I pray hard.”

The interview is just about what you’d expect it to be. Dina clarified to Matt that she wasn’t lying when she came on their show this summer to deny Lindsay’s drug use, she was protecting her daughter (Sure, protecting her with a lie, Dina.) She also said that Lindsay wants to stay at Betty Ford throughout Christmas and New Years as mandated by the judge, so even if she gets another early release, she’ll stick with her treatment.

It sucks for Lindsay that she has the parents she does because every time they open their mouths, they make her seem even less credible. Of course I’m just as interested as the rest of the world in where Lindsay’s at in beating her addiction, but we have to let it happen. If I was trapped in a rehab center, regardless of how much it felt like a five-star hotel, and my mother was giving interviews to The Today Show, I can imagine that that would make me want to relapse. It puts an inappropriate amount of pressure on Lindsay and PR-wise, wouldn’t it be smarter to let the girl have a full-blown comeback once she’s clean and sober as opposed to us feeding off these little breadcrumbs of information like a bunch of pigeons?