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Lindsay Lohan

You’ll Never Believe Who’s Stalking Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been forced to pick up her bags and go to a new rehab center after recieving a string of threatening phone calls from Sam Lufti, that paparazzo that was hanging around Britney Spears back in the day. Really?! Sam Lufti?! Normally when we hear about stalkers, they’re some unknown somebody from the middle of nowhere. How lucky is Lindsay to have a semi-famous one?

From DigitalSpy:

Lindsay switched to a new facility after she began to feel threatened, reports WENN. The actress was rumored to be receiving disturbing phone calls from Britney Spears’s former manager Sam Lutfi.

However, Lindsay’s father Michael declared that though his daughter was indeed receiving messages from Lutfi, he was not the cause of her switch.

He told Hollyscoop: “When I heard that Sam texted Lindsay I told him to stop immediately… (But) Sam is not the reason Lindsay was moved. It was two other individuals that caused her to move for her safety.”

OK, so Sam’s not the real problem. Apparently Lindsay DOES have two randos after her, too… But what could Sam Lufti want with the actress? I don’t doubt for a second that the two were once drug buddies or something like that, but HELLO! Lindsay’s clean now and everyone knows it.

Go back to your cave, Sam Lufti!

Dina Lohan Loses It After Michael Lohan Gets Botox

The Child Support Collection Unit in Nassau County is getting some celebrity action now that Dina Lohan has found out that Michael Lohan is spending his money on Botox. According to Dina, Michael hasn’t forked over any money for his two kids Ali and Cody in at least a few months, but she was letting him slide because she assumed he was broke (why wouldn’t you?) Then Michael brought cameras along with him as he got his face shot up with expensive Botox treatments, proving that he does have cash to spare after all.

Michael owes Dina $1,500 a month for their two minor children and another 50% of all of their medical bills and schooling. I’m going to go ahead and guess that while there are no fine lines or wrinkles on his face, that he probably doesn’t have that kind of cash laying around to do the right thing and help out his ex-wife. I guess big sister Lindsay is going to have to get right back to work as soon as she’s out of rehab.

Lindsay Lohan May Do the Whole Reality TV Thing Post-Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is going to need a good post-rehab project to both keep her clean and get her some decent press, and she may have found just the right thing. RadarOnline reported today that Lindsay is in talks with ABC about appearing on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. The producers have been after Lindsay for several seasons now, and with her movie career at a total standstill, the timing is as good as ever. And apparently her handlers over at Betty Ford are into the idea, too.

Yo, this would be the smartest move for Lindsay ever. Let’s face it: Straight-to-DVD flicks and overly sexual roles haven’t done much to boost her popularity over the last couple of years, so a good clean dancing competition could be just the right thing for her. I’d put my money on her to win, even.

Would you watch Lindsay on Dancing With the Stars?