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Lindsay Lohan

Sam Ronson Was Caught Hooking Up With a Chick That’s Not Lindsay

photo of samantha ronson kissing a new girl pictures

But I still can’t see why hanging out on the sidewalk, rolling around like you’re on a feather bed at a Los Angeles hotel is now the cool thing to do, according to record-spinning hipster DJs.

Samantha Ronson, who had supposedly reconciled with Lindsay Lohan over the past few months, was spotted making out with a much-hotter-than-Lindsay girl, whom she had spent hours of time with on a sidewalk in LA (I know, I still can’t get past the sidewalk thing – my knees are sore just thinking about it). The new friends were then photographed getting passionate in Sam’s car later the same day.

The girl is Tiffany Russo, a yoga instructor, and Lindsay not only claims to be ‘friends’ with the girl, but also left Sam’s house late Monday night with a teddy bear that says ‘I love you.’ (To Sam’s credit, Lindsay probably bought the damned stupid bear herself, because not only could I NOT see Ronson being apologetic for making out with a hot chick, I could ALSO not see her walking into CVS and buying that sappy-assed shit.)

Maybe this is one of the (myriad) reasons behind Lindsay’s current downward spiral. I mean, wouldn’t you be devastated as fuck too, if your lover chose to suck face with someone who DIDN’T look like a walking bag of infectious smashed ass?

I Have No Doubts That Lindsay is Still Totally Sober

new pictures of lindsay lohan strung out on drugs wasted photos

I mean, especially after seeing these photos. There’s no possible way that she COULDN’T be sober, looking like that. You just know that someone who’s gotten so many chances at freedom and starting their life over and over and over again would NEVER touch ANY remotely destructive stuff with a ten-foot pole, because disappointing yourself over and over and over again is just, like, not an option when it comes to being rehabilitated. Not to mention, some people’s pupils are just NATURALLY practically fucking non-existent.

Hah. Who are we kidding. Lindsay’s face is about to fall off from so much cocaine and all I can do is be mirthless about it. Ready? This is me, right here – being mirthless.

Grow the fuck up, Lindsay. Seriously.

Lindsay Lohan Looks Beat Down in Braids

Lindsay Lohan headed out to breakfast with a friend yesterday morning and her look was a little more “Native American inspired” than usual. If the girl was still drinking, I’d chalk her brunching wardrobe up to a hangover and no access to a mirror, but considering this is a supposedly clean and sober Lindsay, I can’t imagine what her excuse for this ensemble and concealer-free face is.

Are you digging Lindsay’s braids, or are you thinking that she looks like she just stumbled out of Juniper Creek and in to the West Village?