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Lindsay Lohan

71Who Says Samantha Ronson Doesn’t Like Penis?

La Lohan and SamRo are back in LA, and were roaming the streets the other day. And it’s actually come to this — I am censoring a T-shirt. Because there are penises on Samantha’s T-shirt. Because she is cool with that. I want a T-shirt with a penis on it. In fact, I want anything with a penis on it. I get no play.

Uncensored pic is after the jump. I may or may not get an email from my boss asking me to take it down. If the penis is on a T-shirt, does that count as a real penis? I’m not sure. It’s art, Mr. Boss Man. It’s art. See? Like this:


July 31, 2008 at 8:18 am by Evil Beet

25Caption This

Lindsay Lohan enjoys lunch at Bar Pitti in NYC. Not pictured but ubiquitously present: Samantha Ronson.

July 29, 2008 at 4:03 pm by Evil Beet
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27Your Daily SamLo

Remember when we used to do “Your Daily Lohan” segments around here? That was back in the days when you might ever see Lindsay Lohan photographed without Samantha Ronson surgically attached to her hip. Now it has to be Your Daily SamLo, because these two are never freakin’ apart. I mean, I know they’re all super-duper in love and stuff, but don’t they ever want a break from each other?

Anyway. Here’s the gruesome twosome wandering the streets of New York. My favorite part of this photo is the kid with the microphone for some tiny local show, chasing after them. I wonder what he planned to ask them. If it were me, I’d be all like, “So, I mean, do you guys do oral or is it more about the fingers?” That’s what I always want to ask lesbians. Not in a rude way; I’m genuinely curious. I’m one of those chicks that can only get off with an actual penis inside me, so I just wonder how it works with lesbians. It’s probably a good thing I’m not a lesbian. I’d probably hate the sex.

July 28, 2008 at 10:39 pm by Evil Beet

13Lindsay and Samantha Acela-rate

Okay, that’s a dumb title, and that’s not even how you spell “accelerate,” but it’s nearly 4 am and I can’t sleep. I’ve made this new and exciting decision to stop taking my anti-anxiety meds, because they make me sleep like 14 hours a day, and the end result is that, while my body adjusts, I don’t sleep at all. Plus: I’m anxious! It’s totally awesome. I sit on my bed, surrounded by all my slumbering animals, and I stare at them with jealousy. And then I decide which one I’m going to wake up to play with me. The Chosen One is never too happy about it (it’s usually Leo). But I just got fed up with spending more time asleep than my damn cats, so we’ll see how this little experiment goes.

Anyway, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson went all Everyman this weekend, taking the Acela from Penn Station to a gig Samantha had in Boston.

“They looked like they were having fun in Penn Station,” said our spy. “They went almost totally unno ticed and got on first class.” Thursday night, the duo ate a quiet dinner together and then hit Shrine at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods. “Lindsay, who was wearing the same shirt that Sam wore the day before, sat in a chair in the deejay booth right next to her and watched her spin. They were very affectionate to one another.”

Ah, this brings back memories. When I lived in New York, I’d only really lived in Arizona and California previously, where all major cities are approximately 1000 miles apart. I was so excited that on the East Coast you can just hop on a train and be in a new city in a couple of hours, so I did that almost every weekend. I spent a lot of time in Penn Station and on Acelas. They’re awesome.

Oh, and Samantha also did something really cute this weekend. She responded to a Page Six report that she refused to play Ali Lohan’s new single because she hated it. She wrote this on her MySpace:

i wouldn’t be responding to this one- but i’m afraid that people might actually believe that and that’s not fair to Ali. She’s 14 years old- high school is bad enough- do tabloids really need to torture teenagers as well?

well then- with that out of the way- I hope you are all well and check out the single on itunes- it’s a great f***ing pop song!

Aw, I just love the Lindsay/Samantha pairing. I can’t wait for the wedding, the reality TV show, and the messy divorce.

July 28, 2008 at 3:43 am by Evil Beet

9Lindsay Lohan Was in the Hospital for Something Other Than Exhaustion

La Lohan was apparently sideswiped by a motorcyclist outside a club in NYC late last night, where she was partying with SamRo.

She was taken to the hospital and released soon after. She wasn’t hurt.

Was he aiming for her?

July 26, 2008 at 1:54 pm by Evil Beet
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8Lindsay and Samantha: Trouble in Paradise?

The kids at Gawker have a source that spotted Lindsay and SamRo having a little spat at the Waverly Inn last night. Says the source:

We really did not pay much attention to them once we were seated, except at the end of their meal when Lindsay stood up and stepped/stumbled on [my friend's] foot. Without looking back or apologizing she headed straight out the door. We guess her exit was spontaneous as Samantha was behind her sputtering: ‘Are you leaving?’ ‘Lindsay are you leaving?’ ‘I guess she’s leaving.’ ‘She just left!’

Lindsay Lohan? Storming out of a restaurant in a huff?

We haven’t seen this behavior out of her in months!

Hopefully it’s just a passing thing.

July 23, 2008 at 8:08 pm by Evil Beet