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Lindsay Lohan

Michael Lohan to Visit Lindsay in Rehab

It looks like Lindsay Lohan’s father will finally get his wish — he gets to see his daughter. In rehab, of course, but at least he’s getting to see her. According to Page Six:

Lindsay Lohan and her mother, Dina, have decided to allow Michael Lohan to visit his eldest daughter at her Utah rehab. “It was actually her older brother, Michael’s, idea. It’s a part of the healing process,” a friend said. “Lindsay will see him later this week, but she will have counselors with her. It will not be alone.” Michael – whose divorce from Dina is likely to be finalized soon, now that they’ve resolved most issues between them, including custody – hasn’t seen Lindsay in years due to his abusive temper and violent behavior. In order for him to be allowed to visit, Dina – who has a restraining order out against Michael – had to get it lifted. “Dina thinks it is a good idea,” the friend said. “Lindsay needs to deal with this and needs closure.” Michael has said he’s been sober and found God since leaving jail earlier this summer. A rep for the Lohans said, “Yes, he will be seeing his daughter.”

As crazy as Michael Lohan is, you have to admit he’s cleaned up his act a lot since his pre-jail days. We haven’t heard stories of him getting in bar fights or assaulting family members in recent days, which is more than I can say for Lindsay. Who knows, maybe he’ll actually be a positive influence on Lindsay. Lord knows she needs all the help she can get.

No One with the Last Name of Lohan Should Travel in a Car

Lindsay Lohan and Younger Sister Ali, Who Was Recently in a Car Accident in Long Island

Seriously, can we just start shipping these people where they need to go in freight trains?

It would be safer!

The latest Lohan to be involved in a traffic accident is lil’ sis Ali, age 13, who was in a car crash on Friday night after sneaking out of the family’s Long Island house to meet her 16-year-old boyfriend, who had a learner’s permit.

Two people were slightly injured in the accident, but Ali was fine, and was able to fly out to Utah this week to visit big sis Lindsay in rehab.

How long until Ali’s there, too?

I give her a year!

A Statement from Lindsay Lohan


“It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Recently, I relapsed and did things for which I am ashamed. I broke the law, and today I took responsibility by pleading guilty to the charges in my case. No matter what I said when I was under the influence on the day I was arrested, I am not blaming anyone else for my conduct other than myself. I thank God I did not injure others. I easily could have.

I very much want to be healthy and gain control of my life and career and have asked for medical help in doing so. I am taking these steps to improve my life. Luckily, I am not alone in my daily struggle and I know that people like me have succeeded. Maybe with time it will become easier. I hope so.”

Awww …

I’m amazed by how easily Lindsay got off here, especially when you consider the super-stern sentence Paris Hilton had to deal with in an equally high-profile case. Both had lots of money and excellent attorneys. Lohan’s crimes were more serious than Hilton’s. So how’d Lindsay get off so easy?

Of course, it has something to do with the judge. The judge in Hilton’s case was out for blood. But I think it also has a lot to do with public perception. People hate Paris, but they’re rooting for Lindsay. She’s obviously in a struggle with an awful disease, and I think the public feels like she’s more accessible and more vulnerable than Paris. We care about Lindsay like she was a friend, a daughter or a sister. I don’t think anyone really wanted to see her do a lot of time in jail, whereas we were all rooting like crazy to see Paris do some hard time. The attitude toward Lindsay during this time has been almost tangibly different from when Paris was in a similar sitch.


Lindsay Lohan Will Do Jail Time! (But Not Much)

It’s not the multiple years people had speculated she might do.

It’s not even the 40+ days Paris Hilton got for driving on a suspended license.

No, Lindsay’s plea deal stipulates that, for her second DUI in less than a year, she will do around four days in jail. It’s the Nicole Richie sentence.

She just struck a deal by pleading no contest to two counts of DUI (driving with a .08 blood alcohol level or higher). By law, Lohan becomes a second offender (with two DUIs) and must serve a minimum of four days in jail.

Lohan also pled no contest to two counts of being under the influence of a controlled substance (two separate incidents) and reckless driving — all misdemeanors.

The judge just said Lohan will serve 36 months probation and attend an alcohol education program for 18 months for the first DUI.

Looks like the Paris Hilton thing was just a blip on the horizon. Celebrity justice is back in full effect.

Lindsay Lohan is Getting Off EASY


Paris Hilton has got to be pissed.

Whereas Lindsay Lohan should have been looking at years in jail following her summer string of DUIs, the LA district attorney charged her with a seven misdemeanors, and no felonies.

She’s been charged with two counts of driving under the influence, driving with a blood-alcohol level above .08 percent and being under the influence of cocaine and one count of reckless driving.

Says a law enforcement source: “Prosecutors in this county see a lot of kids in crisis. There are lots of kids struggling with addiction. The first sign of trouble usually involves a car. We’re not going to throw every one of them in prison. It doesn’t make sense.”

It seemed to make perfect sense with Paris Hilton!

Why not Lindsay Lohan?

Is it because Paris didn’t immediately check into rehab?


You should have gone to rehab, Paris!!! It would have been nicer than your jail stay!