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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s a Piece of Work, Huh?

So even on house arrest, Lindsay Lohan is the topic of many a male fantasy: so much so, that an art photographer by the name of Richard Phillips decided to use Lindsay as the subject of a a short film for the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, and you’re gonna love this shit. It’s a short film that’s just chock-full of cheesy reject-from-a-cheap-spa music and lip-biting, eye-widening stares by she-of-the-duck-lips-and-receding-hairline – the MOTHERFUCKING LEGEND – Lindsay Lohan herself.

And if that doesn’t get your goat and just sate your appetite for Lindsay, well then just jump on in for a very NSFW photo of girlfriend’s uber-pale frankennipple. Something’s just not right there. And I think it goes by the name of ‘carcinoma’ or something.

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Lindsay Lohan is So Desperate For a Comeback She Called WHO?!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

When she hasn’t been “modeling” or letting her implants flop out poolside, Lindsay Lohan has ben busy making calls to try and resurrect her deflated career.

Who would you think she’d be calling? Maybe her ol’ buddy Tina Fey or Jane Fonda or one of the many other powerful people who vouched for Lindsay years ago when she was working with a semi-full deck, but no. She’s gone for one of the only people in the biz who’s possibly more laughable than her.

Wanna know who it is? Answer’s after the jump!

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Even MORE Pictures of Lindsay Lohan in A Bathing Suit!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Man, is it your lucky week or what? This is the third day in a row of Lindsay Lohan in beachwear!  Just look how carelessly she frolics along the sand, how gracefully she handles herself despite all the adversity she faces.  She’s the picture of strength and beauty, and don’t you forget it.

Just one tip though:  Lindsay, girl, you are too busty for a strapless top.  Keep it classy, sister, that’s all I want for you.