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Lindsay Lohan

La Lohan Might Actually Make It Into the New Year Sober

Lindsay Lohan Not Hosting New Year’s Eve 2008 at LAX in Vegas

“Lindsay will no longer be hosting New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas.”

This message comes from her rep, who says Lindsay has backed out of her hosting engagement at Vegas nightclub LAX. The rep says Linsday “continues to focus on her work and sobriety.”

You know what?

Fuck yeah, Linds.

Way to take care of yourself.

I still love you. I always will. But I have someone else now. Her name’s Britney. We support each other now. I’ll be okay, Linds. I can get through this. We can. Me and Britney.

Run, baby girl. Leave me here. Save yourself.

Lindsay’s Back to Living in a Hotel

Lindsay Lohan is Living in the Beverly Hills Hotel

But a different hotel.

See? Things are changing!

LINDSAY Lohan is living it up in a hotel again – but at the Beverly Hills Hotel, not her old haunt, the Chateau Marmont. The allure could be that while papa razzi can line up outside the hotel grounds, they’re not allowed onto the property and can’t get a clear shot of her com ing or going. On Wednesday night, Lohan was “dropped off in a huge Cadillac Escalade with a girlfriend,” our spy said.

I had a dream last night that I was in Japan and Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were there and they got in this fantastic karate battle with these paparazzi and this music started playing and SamRo was totally kicking ass. And then I was just like “Man, I hope someone puts this shit on YouTube.”

Lindsay Lohan Can’t Get Enough of That Handcuff Necklace

Lindsay Lohan at The Grove in Los Angeles wearing Handcuff Necklace, Pictures, Photos

She was spotted in it again at The Grove by the Buzz Foto kids.

We saw her wearing that same necklace in this set of pictures from this week.

And she used to wear it with her Foreigner t-shirt in her prehab days.

You know who else wears that necklace?

Samantha. Ronson. (Whose father was in the band Foreigner.)

I wonder how her rehaboyfriend Riley Giles feels about their lesbian love affair. I wonder if it’s back on now that she’s in LA!

Welcome Home, Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan’s Spray Tan on Her Legs Looks Terrible

Okay, did the Cirque Lodge drop-outs do Lindsay’s spray tan?

Because I find it hard to believe that anyone did that shit sober.

Or maybe Lindsay did it herself. With some $8 self-tanner she picked up at CVS. I hear she’s been short on money lately. Because, I mean, I’ve seen some fucked up tans on this girl, but this one takes the cake.

Hi, Lindsay.

Aren’t you glad you’re back home? Didn’t you miss this?

I missed you, baby. I know we fight, honey, but I do it because I love you so much. Shh, baby. Don’t cry. I’m just trying to show you how glad I am you’re home. You don’t trust me? Oh, baby girl, that’s because you’re stupid. Now go clean your fug ass up and cook me dinner.

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