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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Stays Up Late With Rocker Boyfriend

lindsay lohan chateau marmont

Lindsay Lohan, a fresh eight days out of rehab, was reported to have partied with rock band The Wanted all Wednesday night and didn’t leave until Thursday morning. I find this very interesting. Lohan and Max George, singer of the band, used to date, pretty much right up until her court-ordered rehab. And I have an entire Lohan is pregnant with George’s kid theory.

Here’s what Page Six reported on Lindsay’s late night antics.

Lindsay Lohan is back partying again just over a week after leaving rehab. The actress partied all night with the Wanted’s Max George in Los Angeles before being helped out of the bash by security at 7 a.m. yesterday.

[...] One source said: “The party went on all night long and was so loud that guests were complaining. Lindsay was there with Max George. The Wanted have been staying at the Mondrian for days, and Lindsay, who briefly dated Max a while back, was partying with the band. She and her sister Ali were spotted waiting in the hotel lobby for the band.

“There were so many complaints about the noise that hotel staff had to shut the party down and Lindsay had to be taken out of there by security at 7 a.m. She was with her sister, and people who saw Lindsay when she left the hotel said she looked a total mess. She looked so beat up.”

A rep for Lohan told us last night of that account, “I highly doubt this is true.” [LOL, you have ONE job, rep, ONE JOB!]

The troubled actress, who’s reportedly gone into rehab at least six times in as many years, has insisted that she’s remained sober since her latest stint in treatment.

A source close to the star said, “She is friends with Max and did visit him, but everything else is untrue. She did not drink, she was in bed by midnight, and she showed up on time for therapy this (Thursday) morning. She has a sober coach.”

A Lohan representative said, “Although Lindsay did visit her good friend Max, this is otherwise a completely false story.”

First of all, what the hell. She was just in NYC and wouldn’t go to the Canyons’ LA premiere because she was afraid she would be “tempted” by being in LA. But now, suddenly, for whatever reason, she just HAS to be with The Wanted on a Wednesday night?

My pregnancy rumors sense is tingling.

Is Lindsay Lohan Pregnant?

lindsay lohan blind item

There’s a blind item out about someone being secretly pregnant and I would bet everything I own that it’s Lindsay Lohan. As with blind items, we may never find out the truth. Okay, maybe not everything I own, but half. I need to imagine no possessions. I wonder if I can.

This item, from Blind Gossip, is about a “young, multi-talented female star” (shh stop laughing, I still think it’s Lohan) who has never been “fat” but when she gains weight, in it’s in her face and neck. That checks out for Lohan.

lindsay lohan yikes


They note she’s gained weight but only in her lower abdomen. Recent photos of Lohan in NYC show a little tummy, so check that too. (Yes, it could be a burrito, not a baby. I am familiar with burrito tummy.)

lindsay lohan moving to nyc


The blind says that, “No one will question why she is only drinking water.” Lohan just got out of rehab, so no one would question that. Check. For the last clue, the blind suggests she was sleeping with a musician “approximately three months ago.” In late May, Lohan and The Wanted singer Max George ended their fling, right before her three month stint in rehab. Check.

And one more thing: there was this seemingly ridiculous story about Lindsay Lohan really wanting a baby.

The full blind is under the cut. What do you think?

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Paul Schrader Makes Excuses For Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan blowing a kiss

Paul Schrader, director of the current lolzfest The Canyons, not only took a huge chance on casting Lindsay Lohan but is now actually defending her for not bothering to show up to the film’s premiere. Dude, no. She’s clearly just not that into you. And by “you” I mean the film you made, and also, she’s completely ungrateful and probably thinks she doesn’t owe you anything. But here’s his defense, via People:

She’s decided not to be here because she’s worried coming out of rehab [and] hanging out in L.A. for the weekend. She has been on this Adderall for about five years. It makes her speedy so she has to cut that with vodka. Now you’re dealing with a speedball.

Sir, you are under NO OBLIGATION TO PUT UP WITH HER BULLSHIT ANYMORE. People make excuses for her every day of her life. Even Tara f-cking Reid isn’t buying it anymore. Why are you? Let’s hope Oprah keeps coming down with the hard questions, because that promo of their upcoming interview…ouch. Gotta hand it to Ops for “going there.”

Lohan lives in NYC now, so I guess she’s super serious about not being in LA. Which is a great step I guess, but then again, it’s not like NYC is a wholesome little town in the middle of nowhere.

Looks Like Lohan Really Is Moving To NYC

lindsay lohan moving to nyc

While tweeting away in rehab, Lindsay Lohan resolved not to move to New York City when she got out. That didn’t last long. I guess it’s better than living with her mom in Long Island, but is it really a good idea for her to be living alone in NYC? Daily Mail claims that the space will “most likely have room for the actress’ live-in coach to help Lindsay stay on the comeback trail.” Let’s hope so. They posted these photos of her and younger sister Ali loading lots of luggage into an apartment building. And Lindsay’s been hanging out in New York since she left rehab. So, I guess you could put 2 and 2 together and get a solid 4. The 4 being, she’s moving into this apartment in NYC.

ali lohan nyc

Ali’s not looking pleased.

Welcome back, Linds. Try not to spend all your Oprah money in one place.

lindsay lohan nyc apartment

She clearly didn’t spend it here.

A Sneak Peak Of Oprah’s Million Dollar Lindsay Lohan Interview

lindsay lohan oprah OWN interview

Lindsay Lohan signed a multimillion dollar deal to appear on Oprah‘s network in both a “docuseries” and an exclusive interview. Because she totally deserves it, right? I’m sure she’ll tell us brand new information and give us excuses we’ve never heard before. Since it’s Oprah, you know Lohan will give the performance of her life, and maybe she’ll even throw in an untold detail about her rehab experience. Make it worth the money.

In case you don’t feel like watching it, here are the dramatic sound bites from the teaser:

  • Oprah: “Are you an addict?”
  • #LindsaysNextChapter (yes, they included a hashtag, thanks a lot, Robin Thicke.)
  • Oprah: “What does it feel like to be both an adjective and a verb for ‘child star gone wrong’?” (Oh SNAP!)

The interview airs on August 18, only on OWN.

“The Canyons” Bombs At The Box Office Like Whoa

lindsay lohan the canyons film still

Lindsay Lohan‘s latest cinematic dud is The Canyons. While it’s getting a lot of hype, it’s not getting a lot of audience. Its debut at New York City’s IFC Center raked in a sad $15,200. BUT one also needs to consider that at the same time, the film was available to rent on iTunes. Apparently it’s doing much better on that, but no numbers have been released. It’s also available to watch on demand on the incredibly evil Time Warner, and other cable providers.

It’s still pretty low numbers, especially considering how much people have been talking about it. But as always, it’s all about denial, denial, denial. Sundance Selects/IFC Films president Jonathan Sehring said, “[W]e believe that the film will do most of its business in the digital realm” (LA Times.) Right. Let’s hope it makes at least its budget, which was only $160,000.

Variety gave the film and Lohan a positive review, though I don’t know why they felt the need to call out Lohan’s “puffy face.”

Lindsay Lohan Can’t Even LOOK At Alcohol

lindsay lohan chelsea lately

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been out of rehab for even a week but she’s already booked and shot a gig on Chelsea Lately and has everyone talking about her latest film. Apparently she is very focused on her career and is taking her recovery seriously. She won’t even look at alcohol. Here’s what TMZ is saying:

Lindsay vows to stay clear of the hard stuff and not just in her home.  We’re told she will make demands that hotel rooms, dressing rooms … even mama Dina‘s home is alcohol free when she’s present.  Good luck on that third one. [LOL and :( because it's so true.]

Fact is … so far so good.  Lindsay checked in to the Bev Hills Hotel this week and ordered the staff to remove alcohol from her room prior to her arrival.

Lindsay says she’ll travel with a sober coach for at least the next week, to make sure she doesn’t succumb to temptation.  Ditto when she guest hosted “Chelsea Lately” … she insisted her dressing room be stocked ONLY with non-alcoholic drinks.

This sounds like me after I have a crazy night. I can’t even look at booze without feeling ill. Let me tell you something, no more sangria for this girl. What’s YOUR “nope, never again” alcohol?

Oh and congrats to Lohan.