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Lindsay Lohan

Lohan Shows Us Her Underwear


Lindsay Lohan took a ~~sexy selfie~~ on Instagram of her in her underwear (above). We can’t even see her face, just her bod in lacey boyshorts with the caption, “Goodnight.” Uh, why, Lohan? Why? A “thank you” to Chris Pine, perhaps?

Does anyone find this photo sexy? All I can focus on is how dirty her room looks. Maybe that’s just a poor choice of filter.

Still better than Kim’s ass selfie.

Look, I’m not “slut-shaming” the girl, so don’t even. I’m just questioning why she feels she has to do this.

As for Kim, I couldn’t get into that girl’s head with Google maps.

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Chris Pine Thinks Lindsay Lohan Can Make A Comeback


Chris Pine worked with Lindsay Lohan way back in 2006, her best years. They did the utterly “meh” Just My Luck together. He still believes in her and that she can make a comeback. Here’s what he told Cosmopolitan, via Gossip Cop:

Our business loves comeback stories. From Drew Barrymore to Robert Downey Jr., there’s a long list of people who have faced their troubles, wildly overcome them, and succeeded. If anyone can do that, it’s Lindsay

Okay, Imma need everyone to stop comparing Lindsay Lohan to RDJ Jr., because he has actual, good, consistent talent. So let’s stop that. Now.

If Lohan doesn’t screw up her sweet Oprah gig, she may have a chance at a real comeback, because we all know The Canyons didn’t do that for her. Also, she’s gotta stop behavior like this.

What do you think? Can Lohan comeback?

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Lohan Was “Insanely Belligerent” At A Karaoke Bar


Lindsay Lohan apparently exhibited “insanely belligerent” behavior at a karaoke bar in downtown Manhattan. Sadly, there is no video of any of this (at least none leaked), so if Lohan had a Rihanna karaoke moment, it will have to exist in our imaginations.

Daily News reports that Lohan arrived at Sing Sing Karaoke Bar with “a gaggle” of friends and stayed until almost 6 AM, because she “refused to leave at closing.” (Bars in NYC close at 4 AM.) What in the everloving f-ck, what kind of management doesn’t have the balls or brains to kick Lindsay Lohan out of their bar at closing time? Here are some quotes about the enchanted evening from a source who was there. From Daily News:

Lindsay was chain-smoking. She walked in sober and she left looking tired.

It gets better (or worse, depending on your POV). When Lindsay was asked to leave, she called the police! She told them, “staffers had locked her in the private karaoke room. The NYPD showed up, but no one bothered to file a report. When Lohan and the group finally left, staffers found their private karaoke room littered with trash and empty bottles.”

Apparently she returned the next day with a friend, to apologize.


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Lohan Got A New Tattoo — Another Marilyn Quote?

lindsay lohan instagram tattoo

Lindsay Lohan got a new tattoo, but hasn’t revealed what it is, so place your bets now — is it going to be be another Marilyn Monroe quote? Or another Shakespeare quote? She’s got 2 Marilyn quotes, one is “Stars, all we ask for is our right to twinkle” (which I don’t think Marilyn ever actually said), and also has this terrible Shakespearean mess:

lindsay lohan shakespeare tattoo

Who the hell did that? The letters are bleeding and they’re not even straight and that triangle is just yikes. So hopefully the image that she instagrammed (above) of her tattoo-to-be is a lot better. Your move, stalker sister. Your move.


What is Lindsay's new tattoo?
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Lohan Outs Her Brother On Tinder

lindsay lohan brother tinder instagram

Lindsay Lohan was a Mean Girl when she publicly outed her brother on Tinder. Tinder is a dating app and Lohan’s bro, Michael, was on it. And call is sisterly love or weird possessiveness or just silliness but she posted on her instagram a photo of Michael’s profile (above) with,

look who I just found on @tinderapp … hey bro

“Hey bro” indeed. E Online points out that in order for Lohan to see this, she herself had to be on Tinder. So, uh, “hey” to you, Lindsay! And I guess this means we won’t be seeing Lohan’s siblings on her Oprah show either. Too bad she didn’t humiliate her stalkerish stepsister.

Are YOU on Tinder? How you finding it?

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Oprah Is Keeping Lindsay’s Parents Away From Her Show

lindsay lohan dina lohan

Oprah and her producers are shooting a “docuseries” (read: reality show) for OWN follows Lindsay Lohan around as she starts her recovery process. Yeah, great idea, Oprah. How to better recover than to give an attention starved mess a camera crew following her at all times. And for $2 million. Smart.

One smart move being made though is Oprah and producers keeping Lindsay’s parents, Dina and Michael, away from her show.

From Daily News via TMZ:

The Oprah-helmed project featuring the embattled actress, 27, is set to be strictly about Lohan’s recovery and attempts to resuscitate her acting career…In fact, OWN producers are doing everything possible to keep the “Canyons” star’s parents — headline mainstays Michael and Dina Lohan — as far away from the cameras as possible.

According to the gossip site, an “executive decision” was made to ban them from the show.  There won’t even be a mention of Dina Lohan’s recent DWI arrest, show sources say.

Good. Now just cancel the entire show and we’re set.

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Lohan’s Dad Not Happy With Lohan’s “Stalkerish” Sister

ashley horn plastic surgery

Lindsay Lohan‘s half-sister, Ashley Horn, got $25,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like a younger Lindsay Lohan (above). I don’t think the surgeries make her look anything like Lohan. After the surgeries, Horn said, “I’m hotter than Lindsay! I have no problem saying that.” Well their dad Michael Lohan thinks there’s a problem.

From The Daily News:

“It’s nuts and sick and stalkerish,” Michael tells Confidenti@l, revealing that he no longer speaks to Horn. “What mother would let her 18-year-old daughter get surgery like that? And she’s hotter than Lindsay? Are you kidding me? Lindsay doesn’t need plastic surgery.”

It feels very weird to agree with Michael Lohan but the dude’s been nailing it lately. Of ex-wife/Lindsay’s mom Dina he said, “She has lived off Lindsay for 19 years. Do what every other divorced mom does and go to work.” Guy is ON it.

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