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LOL Of The Day: Lindsay Lohan Wants Her Singing Career Back


Lindsay Lohan wants her singing career back, and it’s incredibly generous of me to describe her as ever having one. But I’m in a spirited mood. She instagrammed the above photo of her in a recording studio. TMZ says she’s got her druggie heart set on busting out an album. From TMZ:

Lindsay was in a New York City recording studio over the weekend, experimenting with various tracks. Lindsay has one hit under her belt — “Confessions of a Broken Heart” — which is in the pop genre, but we’re told she’s now more interested in EDM.

Our sources say Lindsay has not signed with a label yet but that’s what she’s gunning for.

Please, no one give this girl any more chances. Although how great was the laughable “Rumors” song and video? “Why can’t they back up off me,” she moaned. “Why can’t they let me live?” Watch and relive the delicious 2004 memories:

Lohan, being an asshat at karaoke bars does not qualify you for a record contract.

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Would You Read Lindsay Lohan’s Tell-All Book?


Lindsay Lohan met with a major literary agency about writing a tell-all book. Okay, firstly, obviously she’s not going to write it herself, she’s gonna ghost write that shit, and I volunteer. Anyway, she sat down with this agency and it was all filmed for her big Oprah show that probably no one is going to watch. Here’s more from TMZ:

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ, the book started as a series of journal entries, which she wrote in rehab as a therapeutic exercise. The book is still in its early stages, and it doesn’t have a clear focus, but she says she wants to open up every part of her life.

[...] Lindsay met with a huge literary agency in NYC Thursday — Waxman Leavall, which has repped tons of celebs who wrote books, including Victor CruzNovak DjokovicBill MurrayBrock Lesnar, and Cal Ripken Jr.

[...] We’re told she’s already received several offers for a book deal — most in the six-figure range.

This is such a sadness. There’s real writers out there who would kill for like, $400 for their book, and Lohan’s gonna get someone to tell her lies for six figures?? ‘MERICA!!!

But the real question is, would YOU read Lindsay Lohan’s tell-all book?

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Guy Who Punched Barron Hilton Says Lindsay Lohan Wasn’t Involved

lindsay lohan smoking

Barron Hilton, Paris Hilton‘s little bro, got attacked after a party and he blamed Lindsay Lohan for the beating, saying she ordered it. Like she’s this huge mob boss and we’re all living in her city and we’re just lucky to be here or something. Well now the guy who punched Barron (someone named Ray Lemoine) says that Lindsay Lohan wasn’t involved. TMZ has all the details:

We’re told Ray had been renting the house for a few days — and allowed LiLo to stay there because she was a friend of a friend … but claims Hilton got all pissy when Lemoine asked him to leave after the party Friday morning.

The rep claims Hilton pulled the “do you know who I am card” but Ray didn’t care — so Barron pushed him … and that’s when things got violent.

We broke the story — Barron told cops Ray attacked him at Lindsay request … but the rep  [for Ray] says Ray is adamant Lindsay had nothing to do with his actions.

Also, TMZ points out, if Lohan really had nothing to do with it, why did they get her on video with Ray right after the attack?

This whole thing is ridiculous. Why can’t they just act like adults?

I still don’t know who to believe.

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Is Lindsay Lohan Behind Paris Hilton’s Brother’s Vicious Beating?


Lindsay Lohan is getting Godfather-y on us. Here’s what happened: Paris Hilton‘s younger brother, Barron Hilton, was attacked at a party in a mansion in Miami in the very early morning hours. Here’s TMZ’s photo of the damage done to his face:


Barron is claiming that Lohan was behind the attack — that she ordered someone to beat him up.

Here’s what we know. Though Lohan is claiming she had nothing to do with it and wasn’t even there, TMZ has 13 seconds of video of her mocking Barron moments after he was beaten.

Here’s their report. From TMZ:

We’re told … during the party, someone accused Barron of talking smack about Lindsay — and a short time later he was attacked and beaten to a pulp.


Barron told cops Lindsay approached him at the party with a male friend and began screaming, “‘You talk sh*t about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get.”

As the guy proceeded to pummel Barron, Hilton claims Lindsay was laughing and egging him on.

Cops were called to the scene and interviewed Barron. We’re told Barron doesn’t know the identity of his attacker but is adamant Lindsay is the person behind the attack.

We spoke to Michael Lohan who insists Lindsay had nothing to do with the attack and had left the mansion BEFORE the fight went down.

Guys, I have NO IDEA who to believe here. What boyfriend would Lohan be referring to? She insisted she was too busy to have one. The whole thing is bizarre.

Who do YOU believe?

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Lohan Insists She’s Not Banging Liam Neeson’s Son


Lindsay Lohan was reportedly seen holding hands with Liam Neeson’s 18-year-old son, Michael, but she’s insisting they’re “just friends.” Again, I say that’s practically admitting, “yeah, we’re doing it” because what the hell could your friendship be based on? He’s a teenager and you’re pushing 30. Her other excuse is that she’s too busy to bang. From TMZ:

According to sources, Lindsay’s laughing off reports she’s hooking up with Liam Neeson’s 18-year-old son, Michael … claiming they’re only friends and have been for quite a while.


Instead, we’re told Lohan is laser-focused on her sobriety and her career … plus, she’s spending at least 2-3 days a week shooting her docu-series for Oprah’s network.

There is definitely something going on, that is if you believe the reports that she was seen taking him by the hand into a club restroom, which I do.

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Is Lohan Hooking Up With Liam Neeson’s 18-Year-Old Son?


Lindsay Lohan was rumored to be dating a football player and now the latest gossip is that she’s fooling around with Liam Neeson‘s son, Michael — who is eighteen years of age. Page Six reported seeing them holding hands on the way to the ladies room in a club. From Page Six:

The two were spotted Friday partying at hot spot Finale, where spies tell us they snuck off to the women’s bathroom together at one point.

[...]  the troubled actress, who completed rehab this summer, has moved on to Michael, son of late actress Natasha Richardson and Neeson and grandson of Vanessa Redgrave.A source said: “Lindsay seems to have this thing for younger men at the moment.“They were together at a house party of one of Lindsay’s stylist friends before Thanksgiving, and were together at Finale on Friday. Lindsay was seen leading him into the women’s bathroom, hand-in-hand…”

But a rep for Neeson insisted “it’s not true” that Lohan and the actor’s son are romantically linked. Lohan’s rep told us, “Lindsay is friends with Michael but they are not dating.”

Yeah, I don’t believe that they’re “dating” either. But I would totally buy that they were “hooking up”, as the kids say. I believe that they go to karaoke bars and make out in the corner and then possibly do stuff to each other later. Lohan is 27, by the way. She’s almost 10 years older than he is. This normally wouldn’t matter if the younger party wasn’t 18, and especially a dude, as dudes are more immature to begin with. Doing stuff with an 18-year-old is a real bad idea, Lohan. I’m not even sure how they could be “just friends” because what the hell would they talk about? What do they have in common? I guess Lindsay is still 18 at heart, so maybe it works out.

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Lindsay Lohan Thinks She’s Been Made Into a ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Character

grand theft auto

Lindsay Lohan can’t go too long without a court case, so this time she’s initiated one herself. You see, our dear friend Lilo has snorted enough Class A drugs that she actually believes the Grand Theft Auto V character above is based on her and since she didn’t give them permission to use her image, she’s suing. Uhhhhh….

From TMZ:

Sources tell us, Lohan’s lawyers are currently crafting a lawsuit — demanding Rockstar Games pay some serious money for using Lindsay’s image in the game.

So the question … did ‘GTAV’ really use Lindsay. Here’s the evidence:

– The video game cover shows a woman holding a cellphone who looks Lindsay-ish. There’s been debate over whether it looks more like Kate Upton or Shelby Welinder.

– Part of the game features a mission where a Lindsay Lohan look-alike asks the player to take her home and escape the paparazzi.

– Another part of the game shows another Lindsay-like character at a hotel resembling the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood — a place Lindsay not only frequents but once lived at — and the mission is to photograph her having sex on camera.

I mean… so no one else that’s female is ever allowed to go to the Chateau Marmont or they’re copying Lindsay? Lindsay is the only person who deals with the paparazzi? It’s all so ridiculous, and frankly, this character looks wayyyyyy more like Kate Upton, anyway – don’t you think?

grand theft auto kate upton

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