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Lil Kim and Miley Cyrus Are “Besties”, Apparently

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Miley Cyrus feels like she’s Lil Kim inside to the point where she needed to dress up like her for Halloween. And while most of the world thought, you know, WTF is wrong with her? Why is this happening 15 years after the fact? Why won’t Miley accept her extreme whiteness?, Lil Kim thought it was awesome, especially since Miley is one of her besties. That leads me to ask one question: How many drugs is Lil Kim on these days?

From MTV News:

“How awesome was that! Put it this way, she did me very well. I think she looked gorgeous. I love her; she’s one of my besties,” she said. “She’s like my bestie-slash-wifey. You know what’s so funny? As soon as she tweeted the picture, she texted me and was like she was like, ‘Happy Halloween, babe!’ … I think she did me well.”

While you might end up seeing a lot of people dressing up like Miley from the 2013 VMAs, very few people are going to be able to pull off Kim’s vintage look the way Miley did. “She’s so outrageous. She’s fun. She’s gorgeous. She’s just living her life.”

Yes, Kim. We are all out here “living our lives”, you know. That’s not something that deserves praise (though sometimes it feels like it, amirite?).

Also, how often do you REALLY think these two talk? My guess is that Miley’s Happy Halloween message was the first and only text they’ve ever exchanged (if it even happened).

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How About No of the Day: Miley Cyrus Is Just Like Lil Kim Inside

miley cyrus

Miley is going through some shit right now, so I’ve tried to remain patient until she gets it out of her system. Let her twerk, pop molly, smoke weed until she can’t see straight, whatever. It’s not hurting anyone (besides the entire culture she’s appropriating, but we won’t go there), so no harm done. Except she just keeps getting more and more ridiculous and now she’s trying to claim that she’s actually like Lil Kim on the inside. Uh…………………………………… no.

From Billboard:

“In my past life, I feel like that was me. I feel like Lil Kim is who I am on the inside. She just makes me happy… I just love her and I can’t help that I love her.”

WHAT? But before we discuss this, there’s more:

“I have to put Nicki as [my fourth favorite] because I had Kim,” she said. “You can’t choose one, so if you say Kim, then you’ve got to say Nicki. And Nicki is now the Lil Kim of my generation.”

Okay, there are so many things wrong with all of this.

1. Your little white ass – who had never so much as heard a single Jay-Z song when singing about him in ‘Party In the USA’ is nothing like Lil Kim, who in 1996 at the age of 22, released one of the most AMAZING female rap albums that was also one of the most lewd, raw shit you will ever hear (and that’s a compliment). Seriously, as a 12-year-old I had no business listening to songs that had ‘I don’t want d*ck tonight/eat my p*ssy right’ as a chorus, but best believe I LOVED it. Miley was 4 when that album came out, which is not to say that you can’t like things that are before your time, but SERIOUSLY HOW IS SHE ANYTHING LIKE LIL KIM?

2. Nicki is definitely not this generation’s Lil Kim. I mean, she is insofar as the fact that she’s the most prominent female rapper in the game right now, but their careers are literally nothing alike, side from the fact that they’re both from NYC and came up through mix tapes and a larger crew (Nicki with Wayne, Kim with Junior Mafia/BIG).

I get that I’m thinking about this way too much and this is not a rap theory blog, but my brain is going to spontaneously combust if Miley keeps this shit up.