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Leona Lewis

Uh, Beet? You May Want To Think About That “Successful Author” Goal


Holy shit!  Today, 2006 X Factor winner and singer Leona Lewis was in central London signing copies of her autobiography — how does she have a life story yet?  She’s 24! — when a man came up from the line and punched Lewis in the face.

The singer is okay and her assailant was apprehended and arrested at Waterstone’s bookstore.  No word yet on a motive, but the nation is astounded that no such similar assault has been committed against “author” Lauren Conrad.  Or “author” Paris Hilton.  Or “author” Nicole Richie.  Need I go on?

Hot Pic of the Day: Leona Lewis’s Free-Balling Friend



So we have these neat pictures of Leona Lewis going to the airport today, after getting head-butted or something by a horse last week. I dunno. I didn’t follow that story too closely, and I’m not sure if people were referring to an actual horse or if Leona just punched herself in the face. It’s a close species call with this girl. (I know, I know. She’s a very talented young woman. Your diatribes go in the comments.)

But the FUN part of these photos is that the friend who saw her off at the airport was wearing a teensy tiny loose skirt and no underwear, and she bent over to get something out of the car and gave the photogs got a STELLAR look at her tush. It’s actually quite an adorable little butt. Normally I would go easy on the friend-of-a-celeb, but what on earth would motivate someone to wear such a little dress out in public with no underwear DURING THE DAY? Seriously. You deserve to have consequences for that shiz.

That pic is after the jump. You may or may not want to view it at work, depending on what you do. It’s a butt.

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Let’s Talk About the Dresses: Leona Lewis


This isn’t absolutely the worst she could have done, but I don’t think it was the right dress for her. It would have been fan-freakin-tastic on a Beyonce, but Leona’s breasts are small compared to her hips, and this dress just emphasizes that asymmetry. If it had been looser around the bottom, or if she had a larger top, it would be stellar, but I don’t think it’s particularly flattering on her body.

I also don’t think it’s the right color of nail polish for the dress and makeup.