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Leann Rimes

Love It or Leave It: LeAnn Rimes Wore This for Her 30th Birthday

[images removed on request] So, do we dislike this girl enough that I can come right out and say that she looks like a bag of smashed shit without getting any flak for it? Because even though yesterday was girlfriend’s 30th birthday, I’m going to go ahead and say that she looks like a bag of smashed shit. This, folks, is what happens when you let your smarmy husband dictate your facial and body choices and have a debilitating lack of self-esteem. And when you can’t stop changing your teeth around; that, too.

I want LeAnn to have a happy 30th birthday, really I do, but all I can see is her lion-head in these pictures and I cannot get past it. Seriously, whether it’s the weight loss or some kind of surgery or injectible, she’s starting to resemble the Cowardly Lion (albeit a really skinny Cowardly Lion).

Happy Belated Birthday, LeAnn, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Something else I mean from the bottom of my heart? This:

photo of the cowardly lion pictures


LeAnn Rimes Re-Launches Personal (Bikini) Website, Calls Worst Part of it Spitfire Social Club

photo of leann rimes bikini pictures
Because there’s one thing that the world is short on (duh—LeAnn Rimes bikini pics), LeAnn Rimes has gone and launched her old fansite,

Here’s what she had to say to her “exclusive members” of the Spitfire Social Club (an all-access group to see LeAnn the way we see her every three days—bikini clad):

Hey everybody! Today has been a great day and we have so much more to come for all of the Spitfire Social Club members. For all of you that signed up today, thank you so much! Below is a little personal thank you video that I shot today. You can see more videos like this in the future by becoming a member of the SSC. Today is the first day of this next chapter and I am so excited to share this time with you all. – Lele

So, OK. Let’s think of things that SSC could stand for OTHER than Spitfire Social Club*. Because that’s way, way lame. How about Sad Sociopathic Cadavers? Scuzzy Social Climbers? There’s just so many choices.

Here’s another little blurb from her site, and I think it’s probably the best of all:

Thursday (Aug. 23) is a big day for LeAnn Rimes, and for her fans. At noon CT, her official website will go into Spitfire mode. Named for her upcoming album, the new site will open up Spitfire Social Club, which Rimes describes as “one very positive, solid place for my fans to go to.” She said she looks forward to having more one-on-one interaction with her hardcore fans, as opposed to Twitter, where you never know who is following you and/or why. “It’s a whole new chapter of my life,” she told me Wednesday night. “I’m leaving a lot stuff behind and moving on. And I think I’m a little bit more open now than I was when I had a fan club in the past.” Fans will be able to read her blogs, get access to concert tickets, and she promises she’ll be sharing more pictures on her own website than she does on Twitter.

“… And she promises she’ll be sharing more pictures on her own website than she does on Twitter.” So does that mean that she’s finally giving up her day job of posting self-portraits on Twitter to … what, post self-portraits of herself on her new website? Because that’s what I’m getting from all of this.

*Not to be a buzzkill or anything, but ‘Spitfire’ is LeAnn’s next album. So you know.

LeAnn Rimes Got in A Twitter Fight, Because Of Course She Did

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

From Radar:

LeAnn Rimes is on the defense!

The social media savvy singer got engulfed in a nasty Twitter battle with a follower on Wednesday, after they slammed her for her homewrecking ways – and RadarOnline.comhas the details.

After Laura James mentioned Rimes in a Tweet, noting that she “cheated with Ed & broke up her marriage and his,” the country star immediately rushed to defend herself and her marriage to Eddie Cibrian.

“correction…we broke up our own marriages,” she responded, also stating that “people have nothing better to do than judge something they know nothing about.”

“Well, then u better prove to others what u did was right by staying together so u can get ur fan base back. Otherwise the breakups & your marriage were all for nothing,” James spat back at LeAnn.

“And u might not want to believe this but ur fans hate u & ur career is in the shitter. while Ed smells like a rose through all of this! Hope ya have a prenup bc that is all he wanted is ur money. Good luck to you.”

“excuse me? I have nothing to ‘prove’ we are happy and my fans are wonderful and no one is perfect. All I need to speak to about me and my sins is the good lord,” responded LeAnn.

“Remember you can’t break what’s already broken. I’m not anything like what you read about. It’s all lies and anything you’ve read about no matter who or where it comes from….well, let’s just say its a game for so many to hurt others. Time to move on, everyone else has.”

I agree with LeAnn‘s “we broke up our own marriages” point – she didn’t single-handedly swoop in and destroy all the marriages, it takes two people to cheat and you can only steal someone’s man if you kidnap him – but that doesn’t mean that she and Eddie weren’t assholes for it. But I didn’t want to talk about all that. I wanted to talk specifically about LeAnn.

Is this really where her life is right now? Getting into heated arguments with strangers on Twitter? Didn’t she used to be a big important country singer or something? Oh, that’s right, as the knowledgeable Laura James said on Twitter, LeAnn’s career “is in the shitter.” My, how the thirteen-year-old country superstar has fallen.