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Leann Rimes

5LeAnn Rimes is “Swingin’” on America’s Got Talent

Aw, that’s funny. I thought that show died.

At any rate, the show is not dead, and LeAnn Rimes actually performed as a guest star this past week, debuting her latest single, Swingin’. So, ah, appropriate, LeAnn! Did Eddie co-write this for you? Produce it? Inspire it? No, I’m kidding. I have no idea what this song is actually about. It could be about, you know, swangin’ from rope swings into the local crick. It could be about swangin’ on the swangs at the muni park — the one that three counties share.

Who knows. Who cares.

The video? I care about. So much. And you should, too, because it’s LeAnn clumsily stumping around the stage with her flat feet and boyshorts bikini, sounding not too awful.  Really.

August 20, 2010 at 8:00 am by Sarah

18Do You Really Think Eddie Cibrian Would Be Stupid Enough to Cheat on LeAnn Rimes?

Uh, no? ‘Cause she’d probably go all Fatal Attraction on him or something and he’d wake up in a seedy motel room on the side of Route 14 in a bathtub full of ice, missing three or four fingers and toes, and with his anus feeling rather full.

Naturally, the pot-stirrers are surfacing since there’s been no Eddie/LeAnn/Brandi drama for the past eighteen days or so, and Exclusive! Sources! spoke recently to Star, a magazine I tend to believe and disbelieve along with the lunar cycles. The Exclusive! Sources! claim that Eddie’s gone back to Brandi, but only for the sex, and LeAnn is in the dark (probably hiding with a knife and strapped up with some C4). However, Eddie caught wind of the vicious, vicious lies being spread through such reputable literary publications and went — where else? — to his Twitter account to refute the magazine’s claims:

Once again my ex has stooped to a new low attempting to sabotage my beautiful relationship with LeAnn. Not surprisingly the ONLY magazine that decided to run the story shares the same credibility and delusion as my ex. They should be ashamed of themselves.

So, yeah. Slam bang, Brandi, and back the fuck off. No one’s gonna mess with little Eddie’s little lady, LeAnn, and especially not you, hoss.

Oh, and buddy Ed?  You might come across as a little more convincing if you weren’t going after Star magazine for crying out loud. It’s not as if this shit was published in People or on TMZ. Get your “celebrity” gossip rags straight for fuck’s sake.  You might look like the bigger person one of these days.

August 6, 2010 at 8:27 am by Sarah

2LeAnn Couldn’t Stay Away From Twitter For More Than a Week, You Guys

That’s pretty bad.  I mean, it might not mean much coming from me, as I check my Twitter intermittently and only use it to stalk John Cusack, but come on, LeAnn.  A week?

Last week, LeAnn told the public that she was taking a break from Twitter, because she couldn’t hack the scrutiny that a homewrecking celebrity with a Twitter account is sometimes subjected to:

“taking a break from twitter for a while…It’s unhealthy for me and my family to have to read negative comments from people who’s [sic] opinions have no bearing on my life.”

But though she wants to be emotionally healthy and spiritually rich, she’s back at the keyboard again, assailing her followers with affection for those who admire her:

“Hi twitter land! Miss u all and thought I’d just say hello! I have so many darling fans and want you all to know how much u r appreciated…Hugs to all! Can’t stay away for too long :)”

Yeah. I was totally heartbroken … for that week … that I couldn’t be subjected to LeAnn fighting with her followers over kissing co-cheater Eddie Cibrian in public. I just knew there was something missing from my life, though I wasn’t sure what it was at the time.

All is right with the world today.

July 16, 2010 at 7:24 am by Sarah
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43Brandi Glanville is Still Publicly Pissed at Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes

Though the divorce hasn’t even been finalized, it hasn’t stopped Eddie Cibrian’s estranged wife from continually speaking out about her husband’s affair with country star, Leann Rimes. Brandi’s latest interview emerges from the depths of In Touch, where she calls Eddie and Leann both cheaters. Again. She also insinuates that they both need professional help, but she wants to be friends with the new couple, too:

“They’re both cheaters,” Eddie Cibrian’s soon-to-be-ex, Brandi Glanville, tells In Touch exclusively. “I hope he gets help, but if he’s a cheater, he’s going to cheat forever.”

When Eddie Cibrian left his wife, Brandi Glanville, for singer Leann Rimes, it took her a long time to forgive. But she’ll never forget what he did to her — and thinks Leann shouldn’t, either.

“I don’t know how she deals with it, that he was lying to both of us,” Brandi, 36, tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. Brandi, who still lived with her husband for three months after his affair was exposed, adds that until the scandal broke, “there was no lull in our sex life.”

“They’re both cheaters,” she says. “I hope he gets help, but if he’s a cheater, he’s going to cheat forever. The great thing is, it doesn’t affect me anymore. I’m done.”

Indeed, though Brandi has definitely moved on and has a new boyfriend, she’s confident that she and her ex can have a civil relationship.

“I know Eddie loves me — I’m the mother of his children. But it’s a different kind of love now,” she says. “I do have resentment toward him, but I still wish him well. I hope we can all be friends one day, to be honest.”

What do you think? Will this unlikely trio be sitting down for anything more than a good, old-fashioned hair-pulling anytime soon?

… Nah, me either.

July 7, 2010 at 8:21 am by Sarah

13Damn, LeAnn

picture of country singer leann rimes in a black two piece bathing suit looking hot

These photos were snapped of LeAnn Rimes — the quasi-kind-of-not-really-Hester Prynne formerly known as a country singer — in a two-piece a few days ago and I have to say: she looks way more amazing than I’ve ever given her credit for.

I mean, remember when she was just a young, chubbed-out adolescent with a funky-looking grill? Now she’s an older, full-blown hottie-fab-body, with an almost normal looking grill.

You go, girl!

Look out wives of husbands that dig Lifetime movies and country music … LeAnn’s on her way, and no marital vows are gonna stop the itch to twitch all over that fine-assed bod.

July 6, 2010 at 9:15 am by Sarah
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19The Chick That Beet Wants to Beat is Going Naked For TV

photo of actress emmy rossum singing wearing a checked shirt and jeans at an event in boston, massachusetts

Emmy Rossum, better known as the girl who stole Adam Duritz away from our very own Evil Beet, is starring in a new, up-and-coming Showtime series called Shameless.

Rossum, who I most vividly remember from The Day After Tomorrow — since, you know, it’s on the goddamned television every three days like clockwork — was most recently linked to Counting Crows frontman, Adam Duritz, and claims that she wants to get into the “artsy” side of acting. Read: her movies have pretty much bombed (with the exception of Phantom of the Opera, of course), not a lot of people know who she is, Broadway doesn’t want her and if this Showtime thing doesn’t work, Lifetime’s next on the slate. And you see what Lifetime did for Leann Rimes’ career. Ahem.

Rossum also has a very Enya-esque musical project under her proverbial belt — she’ll be taking her real one off (and much, much more) in the upcoming season of Shameless.

Oh, and just because it’s that ridiculous, I’ve embedded a video for Rossum’s “hit” song, “Falling.” And if any of you say that the song — or the video — is genuis, I’m going to go all biological warfare and bitch-slap you with Snooki’s half-eaten, herp-infested pickle.

June 24, 2010 at 9:16 am by Sarah