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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Are Engaged! (For Real This Time)

photo of leann rimes and eddie cibrian engaged pictures

And you know what? Despite prior claims that LeAnn was a homewrecker, and Eddie is still lurking in the closet somewhere, I’m happy for these two crazy assholes. HAPPY, do you hear? I don’t know if it’s from the excess alcohol over the holidays, or if that damned Mrs. Claus get-up finally won me over, but I’m rooting for these guys today, and I’m rooting for them hard.

LeAnn’s rep came forward last night and confirmed that boyfriend Eddie had popped the question over the holidays:

“Yes, they were engaged over the holidays and are very happy.”

And you know what? Despite the fact that both of them apparently have a fat lot of baggage from previous relationships (what with Cibrian being married to that shrew for so long and LeAnn getting married when she was fourteen or whatever), they do seem both super happy and in love.

The ring, of course, is a stunner – it’s a 5 carat oval diamond in a gold fleur-de-lis setting. Insiders say that the couple designed the ring together, so they both knew this day would come, it was just a matter of time.  (What, you think this couple would keep anything from each other, EVER?  Come on.) Check the honker of a ring out here:

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Love It or Leave It: LeAnn Rimes Dresses Up as Sexy Mrs. Claus

photo of leann rimes sexy mrs. claus twitter photos pictures christmas

Love it. It’s cute, you can tell she’s totally into Christmas, much like I am (no, seriously, I am probably the most into-Christmas-person you’ll ever meet – carols, volunteering for the local live Nativity, cookie baking weeks, wrapping presents, planning dinner menus, going to see lights, you name it – I’VE DONE IT ALL IN THE PAST THREE AND A HALF WEEKS, BITCHES). LeAnn took to her Twitter, naturally, to post the above photo for something Christmas-related in which she dressed up one of Mrs. Claus’s sexy alter-egos.

So yeah, apparently this is the post in which I brag about my mad Christmasing skills, but also the one in which I start a LeAnn Rimes pregnancy rumor.  Super!  Though girlfriend doesn’t look heavy by any means whatsoever, she sure is looking pretty sexy-curvy in that bust-and-hips area – and all first-time moms know that their bodies are smoking hot in the early months, what with all those crazy hormones filling out all the right places. Plus, she’s got that fabulous gleam in her eyes that doesn’t just have to do with Christmas.  Calling it now, guys.

I know I’ve said it before, but … Damn, LeAnn.

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LeAnn Rimes’ Ex-Husband Dean Sheremet is Engaged

photo of dean sheremet and fiance sarah silver pictures

OK, apparently? This fall is the summer of revenge engagements. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo first, then Jessica Simpson announces her engagement to whatever-his-name-is football player boyfriend. Didn’t, you know, seem odd or anything. These are two couples that are so in sync, guys, that they even come to the same rash decisions together. No harm, no foul.

Now, however, we have the engagement of Dean Sheremet, former backup dancer and ex-husband of LeAnn Rimes. Sheremet, who was rumored for the longest time to be gay, is now a New York City chef, and has admitted to popping the question to his photographer girlfriend, Sarah Silver. All of this comes in the wake of ‘Is LeAnn engaged? Is she not engaged? Does anyone actually give a shit?’

Naturally, LeAnn’s come forward to congratulate the couple, and she backtracks left and right, inventing imaginary people who are calling her congratulatory bluff:

Congrats to @deansheremet and @sarah_silver on your engagement! A little birdie told me the happy news last night. Wishes for a life full of happiness.

And later, the other half of Eddie Cibrian tweeted:

my congrats is from my heart. Sorry if you don’t understand it. I do not need the publicity, I get plenty. please stop passing [judgment].

Yeah, guys. Stop passing judgement on LeAnn Rimes. Your words cut her deep, don’t you know. Can’t someone just be happy for someone else without it being for show? Chuff and mutter, for fuck’s sake.

LeAnn Rimes Is Not Engaged (Maybe), Needs to Stop Twittering (Definitely)

A photo of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

On Thursday, E! broke the news that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, those rascally ol’ homewreckers, had gotten engaged.  LeAnn “Get a Damn Blog” Rimes quickly dispelled that “rumor” on her Twitter:

Ok, I’ve about had it with the lack of “reporting” with E News. The fact that our “engagement” has spread so furiously over the past 24 hours off of an E News article that is 150% untrue just shows you the lack of credible “sources” they seem to find and build a story around. When CNN is calling my publicist off of a lie E News has reported, the media world seriously has a problem with their lack of responsibility to the public to actually report the truth. Even though this is positive “news” its not true. Imagine all the negative “true stories” they’ve reported over the last year that aren’t true either. Gina Serpe and especially, Whitney English reporting for E News should be investigated for their lack of “investigative reporting.”Eddie and I are beyond happy and in love and look forward to one day sharing such private news with you all and hopefully will be able to enjoy it privately and share it with our family and friend’s before the world knows (contrary to reports on our intentions). So, nothing has been “exclusively” broken E News except maybe some of your credibility, sorry…I’M PREGNANT TOO!!! LOL Thanks to all of our wonderful fans for the premature congats, but for now, let’s all be happy we’re happy and still and will remain together! Eddie and I felt we couldn’t let this rumor go on any longer.

Way over 140 characters, LeAnn.  And don’t think I didn’t notice that little attempt you made to start a pregnancy rumor.

Anyway, E! wasn’t about to take that lying down.  Apparently, the couple got upset because they were all set to sell the story as an exclusive to another outlet, but since E! went and spilled the beans, they’re out of a paycheck.  This is like some Jets vs. Sharks action getting started right here.  I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a dance fight.

You Should All Rejoice, Because Today is a Day of Engagement News Bliss

photo of newlyweds nick lachey and vanessa minnillo hot tub pictures engaged

And all on a Friday, too. Who sets this shit up, because I want their number.

Jessica Simpson is reportedly saddened by the fact that ex-husband Nick Lachey popped the question to long-term girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo this past weekend. According to Us Weekly, Lachey lavished Minnillo with an Asscher cut diamond ring, which reaffirmed their commitment to one another:

“We’re excited and incredibly happy about our engagement and we look forward to a wonderful future together.”

Nick’s official take on things?:

“I popped the question on bended knee. I do a lot of squats so my knees are very strong.”

Um, congrats, guys. Vanessa, I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into. Jess … well, just take it easy. Don’t do anything rash like shaving your head or eating an entire honey-glazed ham. You’ll get past this, girl.

The other couple set to race down the aisle? Apparently it’s – wait for it, wait for it – LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. Yup. After their schmoopy-sweet interview that I posted yesterday (and even I have to admit … I was kind of touched in an odd sort of way after watching), E! online has confirmed the status change on their relationship:

Though it didn’t happen on Halloween, the recently divorced actor indeed popped the question recently and the duo are engaged, a source tells E! News.

Well hells bells, y’all. Congratulations to both of you, all of you. Some people say that there’s nothing greater than that old institution of marriage, so let’s hope it all works out and you guys can remain as happy as you apparently are in this moment now.

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes Have Moved Past TwitPics, Have Moved Onto Real, Live Interviews

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are in love, y’all. And now they’re appearing on national television – together, talking about their relationship, and not moving more than an inch from one another when they are in the same frame.

Thoughts? Is LeAnn trying to come across as a sympathetic figure, and do you feel differently now after hearing her side of the story – and her history – on camera?

Shape Magazine Throws LeAnn Rimes Under the Bus, Apologizes For Her Mere Presence

photo of leann rimes on the cover of shape magazine in a bikini pictures

So, remember the recent Shape magazine cover where everyone was like, ‘Oh, damn, check out LeAnn’s revenge body,’ though she didn’t need to do the whole revenge thing, ’cause she was the one who cheated, so she kind of had it backwards?

Well, anyway, the dedicated readers of the magazine (I know, I couldn’t believe it either) wrote to the editor-in-chief, claiming how distasteful it was to find LeAnn plastered all over their blessed magazine and how offended they were that a homewrecker like Rimes would be featured in the magazine – not only as a cover girl, but as the main interview – flaunting both her ass and her excuses.

So because of this, it would appear that the editor-in-chief of Shape took its readers’ concerns seriously and decided to write an email apologizing to all of them, obviously under the assumption that the email would remain private, much like the messages sent through a fucking Little Orphan Annie special decoder (Fort Knox, bitches). The apology? Got it here:

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