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Preview: LeAnn Rimes Opens Up to Katie Couric

Boy, LeAnn Rimes. That trooper. That trooping trooper, LeAnn Rimes. Remember how she was talking about how deathly ill she was this past weekend, but we found her out and about and looking quite well on her way to Katie Couric’s studio for some Big Exclusive Interview? Well that’s what happened, and we have a preview of the show, which is to air this Thursday.

In the clip, LeAnn talks about how “hard” it was to go through the affair (and by “affair,” I mean that time she cheated on her husband with an also-marred man), and what it was like thereafter (read: her life has never been the same). She also discusses what it was like growing up in Hollywood, and what makes her hurt nowadays, even though she claims most people just don’t get why she hurts like she hurts.

Here’s a photo from the set:

photo of leann rimes and katie couric pictures photos
Also, she’s Tweeting self-righteous (?) things like this now:

All that I hope and pray for in this life is that my soul and my journey blends with another’s and my pain and hardships help them. #life

Will you guys be tuning in to ‘Katie’ the day after tomorrow to watch this business?

Stars Without Makeup: OK, OK. It’s LeAnn Rimes, I’m Forewarning You.

photo of leann rimes pictures
So here’s LeAnn, checking into the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, and I have a few things I want to address. One? LeAnn lives in the Beverly Hills area—why’s she checking into a hotel? Trouble in paradise? Someone give Kim Smiley a ring and ring out what the deal is here.

Second, I was under the impression that LeAnn was deathly ill, or was, at least according to her Twitter feed, brought to my attention by one of our readers who always has the best LeAnn dirt, the aptly-named ‘Guest’. Guest said:

Just when you think the famewhore that is Leann Rimes can’t possibly stoop any lower… This morning she tweeted that she was going to be spending 24 hours in bed because she is oh so sick, but now she is tweeting about how she is picking out outfits to wear for the interview that she set up with Katie Couric for tonight. Funny how her illnesses always have a way of clearing up like that. So in addition to filming for HGTV, she and her BFF were rearranging her home because it’s going to be featured in a special Katie Couric and 20/20 interview. Which is odd, why would Leann allow ABC, 20/20, and Katie Couric to film her home, Eddie, and Brandi’s kids when she is suing someone for invasion of privacy?

Why is Katie Couric even interviewing Leann anyway? That’s right because Katie C, 20/20, and ABC made the mistake of excluding Leann from their All Access Nashville 20/20 special. In the article it mentions Taylor, Reba, Miranda, and Carrie, but NO Leann. How dare ABC, 20/20, and Katie exclude Leann from their All Access Nashville special. She will show them. With one phone call from Leann’s lawyer, Leann has a “special” interview with Katie to showcase her home because that is what people do when they have a case pending on invasion of privacy.

So. In light of all this, again, here’s LeAnn checking into a swanky Beverly Hills hotel. Looking, might I add, completely “well” and fit and definitely not sick (flu-sick, at any rate) in the least.

Let’s Check in on that Kim Smiley Person Again, Shall We?

In case you’ve been caught unawares this morning and have no idea what I’m on about, Kim Smiley is the name of the California-based schoolteacher that’s partially responsible for LeAnn Rimes‘ check-in to a treatment facility for Twitter-related compulsions. And general looniness.

After Twitter (and telephone) conversations were leaked to the media, presumably by Smiley herself, LeAnn not only went to rehab, but she began the proceedings for a nice, hefty lawsuit against Smiley for defamation and recording private conversations (which, suffice it to say, is still an illegal thing, last I checked).

Now that you’re updated, here’s the deal, from Radar Online:

In an impassioned new interview, Kim Smiley said she had thought about the possibility of trying to settle the lawsuit and then rejected the idea.

“My husband and I talked (about settling the suit) and we both feel that it’s important to clear our names. If it was just about recording the call, that’d be different, but she’s claiming harassment, and that I caused her to go to ‘rehab,’” Smiley told Radar exclusively.

What’s more, Rimes will be in for some unpleasant surprises in litigation, claims Smiley who adds that one high-powered lawyer she spoke to said that Rimes “has no case, as did all of the other attorneys I spoke with. They said she’s not going to like or want what’s going to come out.”

But Rimes is not at all concerned about that, a source close to her told Radar. “She’s obviously decided to go ahead with the lawsuit and if she was worried about what was going to come out she wouldn’t have filed the lawsuit.”

“Her actions, beyond the affair (with Cibrian), have created all of the negativity & she will have to accept that at some point, or start ignoring it all.”

But the source close to Rimes point out other negative comments about LeAnn do not provide justification for more.

Smiley still has not retained a lawyer and was granted a two week extension by Rimes’ powerhouse attorney Larry Stein. Smiley was reacting to Radar questions asking if she would consider settling this suit. No settlement has been offered.

Despite the fact that she is struggling to raise funds to fight the lawsuit, Smiley is incensed by Rimes’ actions.

“I think that she is using her status and money to try and shut us up,” Smiley told Radar. “She knew about the recording in March, she could’ve sent a cease and desist (letter), but instead she chose to plan a ‘rehab’ stunt and lawsuit, a day after celebrating her birthday for an entire month.

“She gave exclusives of her birthday party to People magazine. She didn’t seem stressed. She saw this as an opportunity to get those who she thinks are close to Brandi. Funny thing, I’ve never talked to Brandi, never DMd (direct messaged), never texted, emailed (or sent a) FB message, smoke signals….nothing.”
Asked if the narrow scope of the lawsuit, focusing on the allegedly taped phone call concerned her, Smiley told Radar it did not.

“It (the suit) also alleges harassment and conspiring! She had NO expectation of privacy calling me from a restaurant in Malibu Country Mart with two Twitter friends listening,” Smiley said.

But the source in Rimes’ camp says that simply is not true and points out that lawsuit is for only two things: invasion of privacy and recording a phone call without Rimes’ consent.

“It’s funny that her rep said it was absurd (to allege) that she kept a list of enemies, yet she knew very private details about my life, she chose to call me, and she’s randomly tweeted me,” Smiley told Radar.

“She had (name withheld) follow me and send her all of my tweets, DMs, and texts that I sent (name withheld) at first.” That person told Rimes she would no longer continue to do that at some point, Smiley says. Ericka said she told her no after a while.

And whose idea was the phone call that led to the lawsuit? Was it LeAnn’s or the Twitter pals who were with her?

“I believe it was LeAnn’s idea,” Smiley said. “She thought I’d be ‘charmed’ by her and just come ‘hang with her!’ She never expected I’d stand my ground. In fact (name withheld) said, she said ‘I wouldn’t have called her if you told me she would say those things!’ (Name withheld) said she was mad and even crying at one point.”

So. Are you wondering what LeAnn’s been up to, then, lately? Well, her grandmother died over the last few days, which is always sad news. And also, guys, she’s “so proud” of the cheese, apple, and mustard breakfast sandwiches that she made yesterday morning, so there’s that.

Ruh-Roh: Why Isn’t Eddie Cibrian Wearing His Wedding Ring?

photo of eddie cibrian no wedding ring pictures
Well hell, girl. I don’t know. But I figured the best way to quash this “Eddie‘s leaving LeAnn” rumor would be to go directly to the source—and I don’t mean Eddie’s rep (if he’s got one). I mean LeAnn’s Twitter, because we all know that all will be revealed there, guys. These are her latest Tweets from her feed:

photo of leann rimes twitter pictures
Yeah. So, completely irrelevant, right? And how unlike LeAnn is that? In fact, LeAnn hasn’t posted anything non-automatically generated since October 9th—two whole days ago, and it was this:

Sweats, pork roast w/ veggies, my hubby…. Heaven! I love when he comes home from and I’ve got dinner ready. It feels so Lucy and Ricky :)

Now, I have a few questions. My first, of course, is what in hell is LeAnn doing eating pork roast if she’s got this massive dental emergency that required a whole ton of anesthesia and what not? Second, Eddie’s rep’s actual statement? Is this:

“He went boxing at the gym and he doesn’t wear his ring at the gym, who wears their ring at the gym? Not many people do.”

Which sounds kind of rambly and scrambly to me, quite honestly. Also, we’ve seen Eddie going to/leaving the gym before. He’s never not had his ring on then, so what’s so different now? Don’t know, guys, but I feel like *something’s* brewing.

LeAnn Rimes Has a “Massive Infection,” Cancels Show

photo of leann rimes pictures post-rehab pic
Guys, I have to say—aside from that scary-skinny thing that she had going on over the last year (at which point, she’s still not out of the woods, to be honest)—this is probably the worst that LeAnn‘s looked since she married that asshat, Eddie Cibrian. It’s amazing how someone can so totally and wholly help ruin your entire outlook on life.

What’s LeAnn been up to lately, you wonder, though? Well, she cancelled a circuit of tours last night, citing a “massive infection.” Yes, apparently LeAnn’s dental woes (?) are ongoing, though she reported them to be over prior to checking herself into rehab. About her massive infection, LeAnn said:

“I feel like I got hit in my right side of my face with a baseball bat. Not a good feeling when I am getting on a plane. For all my fans at Wendover last night, the show will be rescheduled, not a cancelled show. Worst way ever to kick off a tour… under anaesthesia and a massive infection. Well, onward and upward. It can only get better from here!!!”

Don’t know, guys. Am I buying this? I can’t be sure yet. Yeah, she’s had the dental things for so long, but can she still carry canceling a show on the backs of dental problems? It might just be another tired-ass excuse, covering up for the fact that LeAnn’s just not up to doing this anymore. And if she decided to quit music altogether? Boy, can you imagine how Eddie’d react? He’d leave her in a heartbeat, which is probably why she’s been hanging onto this sinking ship she calls a career for as long as she’s been (and as long as she can). What a mess, guys. Honestly speaking, I can only muster up pity for this poor woman lately, and nothing else.

LeAnn Rimes: “It’s Really Hard to Deal with Twitter”

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

Wow, you guys! LeAnn Rimes just did her first interview since she’s been “out” of “rehab,” isn’t that great? She talks about a lot of important stuff, like turning 30, being in therapy, and how hard Twitter can be. Let’s just go ahead and hear what she has to say, all right?

On therapy: “I’ve been in therapy my whole life. I like going. I like being able to have that third-party input and someone to listen that has nothing to do with your life. Everyone has an opinion of how I am and how I should be, and now I’m focusing on how I want to be.”

On her age: “I had some wonderful times in my 20s, but your 20s are hard. It was a lot of learning experiences … and a lot were thrown at me publicly. I was ready to embrace 30.”

On social networking: “I think it’s really hard to deal with Twitter and Facebook and all these social media outlets. And it’s hard to take it day after day of reading and seeing things that someone you don’t even know says about you. As much as you said you don’t want it to penetrate, it does, because you’re human.”

On tape: “I have felt like I’ve had a piece of tape over my mouth the last four years. I wanted to start the next 30 years of my life on a great foot.”

“It’s really hard to deal with Twitter,” LeAnn actually said those words with her mouth. You know how you make Twitter easier? You stop using Twitter. Because no one needs to use Twitter. But do you know how many tweets LeAnn has made in the past day? Eighteen. Eighteen whole tweets. That’s more tweets than I’ve tweeted all year. If it’s hard, and you don’t need to do it, then don’t do it. Why do I even have to explain this?

Also, what’s she talking about with the “I have felt like I’ve had a piece of tape over my mouth the last four years”? Obviously, I thought she was talking about Eddie Cibrian, but they only started hooking up in 2009. OR DID THEY?

LeAnn Rimes Has “Successfully Completed” Rehab

A photo of LeAnn Rimes

Let’s see, LeAnn Rimes went into rehab at the very end of August. She spent about a week giving lots of quotes about being in rehab, but by September 7th, she was out doing concerts. A couple of weeks later, she was still doing shows outside of rehab, and just yesterday, she tweeted this picture of her face looking pretty different than it used to look.

But you guys, in the middle of all that business, she managed to complete rehab! Yay, LeAnn!

LeAnn Rimes walked the red carpet with her family Thursday night and RadarOnline.comhas exclusively learned that she has completed her treatment for “stress” and “anxiety.”

The 30-year-old singer entered a treatment facility in August to cope with her issues, many of which she claimed stemmed from her on-line Twitter battles with people critical of her marriage to Eddie Cibrian.

Her rep told that her stint at the center was complete, saying “Yes she has finished her stay at the treatment facility.”

During her stay at the facility LeAnn was permitted to leave on several occasions for work engagements and recently attended the VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s Songwriter’s Music Series in Napa, Calif.

As has been reporting, the country singer became so angry at one of her Twitter followers, she phoned her to give her a piece of her mind.

The call was allegedly recorded and subsequently ended up online, and now LeAnn is suing the woman, a teacher, for invasion of privacy.

And even though we’ve also reported that LeAnn’s husband Eddie “hates Twitter and doesn’t want LeAnn to be on there and writing so much,” she has been sporadically writing on the social media site since beginning treatment.

“Family time!” she wrote on her Twitter page on Friday.

What was even the point of the whole “rehab” storyline in LeAnn’s life? It didn’t gain her any sympathy, like, at all. It doesn’t really make sense that it was just an excuse for her to be hidden away while getting plastic surgery, because she never really went away. I think we can all agree that LeAnn’s rehab is bullshit, but for what reason?