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LeAnn Rimes says she and Eddie Cibrian are “a gay man’s wet dream”

leann rimes eddie cibrian

I almost don’t even know where to begin with this bullshit. You know when people say SUCH stupid things that you kinda can’t even believe they’re serious, let alone begin to dissect those stupid things? That’s where I am right now with this. LeAnn Rimes literally said that she and husband Eddie Cibrian are a “gay man’s wet dream” (her exact words) because he’s hot and she can sing. Like, what?

From PrideSource:

“I’ve always said that Eddie and I are a gay man’s wet dream. I sing, you can look at him, and it’s perfect.

I’ve definitely watched him get looked up and down in every way, shape or form … so yeah, basically hit on. It’s hysterical seeing these guys freak out over him. For me, I laugh so hard, because Eddie is really pretty cool about it all, but sometimes he can be shy and uncomfortable, and I love to see him in that element. It’s completely not his element, but he knows how to work it.”

I suppose it’s supposed to be slightly better since she’s doing this interview with a gay publication, but… no. Stick to making your bikinis, girl.

Here’s the thing: I’m sure LeAnn Rimes DOES have a ton of gay fans, but it’s just like Cher and Madonna – they’re loved by the gays because they’re over the top and ridiculous. LeAnn takes herself too seriously to be laughed with, so homegirl is being laughed AT. And as for her being able to sing? Girl, this is not the ’90s.  I don’t think I need to remind everybody what happened the last time she “sang” in public:

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Would you wear a LeAnn Rimes bikini?

leann rimes

LeAnn Rimes doesn’t seem to be up to much these days besides trying to make people like her (#FAIL) with a VH1 reality show and walking around in bikinis all the time. Speaking of bikinis, you know, LeAnn would actually like to create her own range of them for you to buy and wear yourself. Oh, no.

From Fox 411:

FOX411: Have you thought about launching your own bikini line?
Rimes: Yes, I have! And I’ve been researching that a little bit more as we speak.

FOX411: Will you be hands-on with designing the bikinis?
Rimes: Oh, yeah! I mean, I’ve worn so many bikinis that I know what works and what doesn’t. I know what I like and I know what’s missing in the marketplace. We shall see! I hope that it comes to fruition.

FOX411: What kind of bikinis do you envision for your line?
Rimes: I don’t know. I’m an earthly girl. I love very natural colors– nudes and golds. Beautiful, feminine and classy.

FOX411: How many bikinis do you own?
Rimes: Oh, a lot! The other day, I said I had 80 pairs of shoes and Eddie was like, “No way. You have at least 140 pairs of shoes.” So, I started counting and I told him, “Babe, I stopped counting at 200.” So, that’s pretty much the same thing with bikinis. I’d like to say that I don’t have a ton, but I know I do.

FOX411: Any advice on how to rock a bikini like LeAnn Rimes?
Rimes: I think the biggest misconception about bikinis is that if you’re heavier, that you need to wear more coverage on your butt. It looks horrible on any woman. The skimpier the bottoms, the better your butt looks! If you look at pictures of women with bikinis that cover the whole butt, it just looks frumpy. Flaunt what you’ve got!

So basically, get next to naked and be earthy and you, too, can look like LeAnn Rimes. No thanks.

I don’t think this will ever actually happen, but who can say? If the money starts running low (and I can’t imagine it isn’t already), she might be forced to “work” again.

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LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian wanted to do a reality show to take their lives back

leann rimes eddie cibrian

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have their own VH1 reality show at the moment, and it’s completely shit. It’s more banal moments from the lives of two C-list (at best) celebrities who are desperate to be seen while pretending that they’re totally put out by what little attention they actually still receive.

While appearing at the TCA fall previews, these idiots said a lot of stupid shit that I will now share with you:

“Everyone’s used our lives as entertainment and so we wanted to actually kind of take our life back,” Rimes told reporters Friday at VH1′s Television Critics Association fall previews.

“We definitely hit on the tabloid fodder because that’s what surrounded our lives so much in the past five years,” Rimes said. “I think we’re really kidding ourselves with the illusion of a private life because it’s very hard.”

“If [the tabloids] want to stop writing about us, then we won’t have to set the record straight anymore,” he said. “[It] gave us an opportunity to do something fun, work together and at the same time, what’s really real about the show is our relationship. You’ll see how we interact with one another.”

“We’ve both gone through a lot of private things with the public eyes watching. … Eddie and I really have coped with it all by laughing,” Rimes said. “People think we take ourselves super seriously and we don’t.”

“Ultimately, this is a comedy. That’s kind of how we go about our life as well; we laugh, and it really helps,” Cibrian added. “It’s a show not about real dysfunction or exploitation. It’s a fun show to watch and you laugh and that’s kind of the area we wanted to explore.”

“We thought we were going to be more protective of the final cut but we kind of let the final product breathe on its own,” Cibrian said. “There are some things that are kind of embarrassing that we left on the show because we thought it was funny. We really didn’t censor ourselves that much.”

Please stop trying to convince us that you’re so cool and awesome, because it will never happen. No one cares (or believes) that you’re so down-to-earth and don’t take yourselves seriously or anything like that. You’re walking disasters. Ugh.

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