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Lea Michele

Lea Michele steps out with her ex-gigolo boyfriend

lea michele boyfriend

Lea Michele has been dating ex-gigolo life coach Matthew Paetz for a few months now, but we’d never seen them out in public together… until now! They took a stroll in a Los Angeles park earlier this week, as you do (??) and looked pretty happy together, I guess… although this looks staged as hell.

How long do you give them? I say another 90 days max.

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Naya Rivera thinks it’s hilarious that Lea Michele’s dating a gigolo

lea michele naya rivera

You know Lea Michele and Naya Rivera are mortal enemies, right? So of course Naya is going to be loving the fact that Lea had no idea she’s currently dating a former gigolo-turned-dating coach. Of course! Even I do – who doesn’t love a good scandal?

From Radar Online:

“The feud between the two is still fresh and Naya is aware of the guy that Lea is dating – and what he has been involved in – and she thinks that its hilarious that Lea is in this situation,” a source tells the site. “It’s funny to her that Lea has a man that people usually pay for his affections, since that is exactly the kind of person who Naya thinks can handle her.”

Ladies, ladies… I don’t think anyone here is in a position to be casting stones when it comes to the choice of partners. Lest we forget the Big Sean drama. Not cute, girl.

That being said, Lea sucks and so does Naya, but Naya’s still the winner here because she’s crazy, but slightly more bearable.

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Oops! Lea Michele didn’t realize her boyfriend’s a gigolo

lea michele matthew paetz

Lea Michele has a new boyfriend, Matthew Paetz, who just so happens to have worked as a male escort for nearly a year. No biggie, right? The problem is, Lea apparently didn’t know about this and just thought he was a dating coach… and still does think that, thanks to his lies.

From TMZ:

Lea Michele is standing by her man … TMZ has learned the “Glee” actress has decided to keep dating new BF Matthew Paetz because she’s convinced he’s no gigolo — he just coaches ‘em.

Sources close to the couple tell us … Lea was PISSED after we broke the story about Paetz’s involvement with Cowboys4Angels — a website that offers male “companionship” — and confronted him about it.

We’re told Matthew copped to going on a few dates with female clients … but told Lea he only did it as research — so he could understand what the gigolos go through and coach them through it.

This guy is good … ’cause we’re told Lea actually bought it, and Matt promised he’d never do it again.

Our sources tell us Lea’s not getting the full story … because Paetz has had more than just “a few” dates while working as a gigolo for almost a year.

First of all, how do you NOT KNOW THESE THINGS about the person you’re dating? Sure, if you’re just an average Joe, it might be easy to hide. However, Lea is a celebrity who presumably has a team of PR people constantly watching her every move to assure a) no one is fucking her over in any way and b) nothing is going to damage her career/stop their flow of money. WHO DROPPED THE BALL HERE?

Also, of course this special snowflake got uptight about his past as a gigolo. Pretty princess would NEVER condone such dirty, disgusting work, would she?

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