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Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ Leaks

And here’s Lady Gaga‘s latest leaked single, ‘Judas.’ Coming from someone who’s not a fan of the Lady’s music, I have to say that the song had a pretty good …. start. Seriously. All of that crazy bass in the beginning was actually the hotness, but after that? It kind of all fell apart for me. I didn’t care much for it after the first fifteen seconds, and my stance still remains: Lady Gaga, while she can sure as shit sing her heart out, and definitely tries to be unique, is no different than a modern-day Madonna. Especially with all of the religious innuendos. I’ll pass on this one, I think.

What do you guys have to say about it?

This Girl Wore A Dead Cat to The Lady Gaga Concert, What Are You Wearing?

A photo of Lady Gaga

Nah, I’m just kidding, she didn’t wear a dead cat to a Lady Gaga concert.  She got escorted to a hospital for being unstable enough to kill a cat for fashion.  I think that’s better, don’t you?

Here are the details from Gawker:

According to police, Angelina Barnes drowned the cat, sliced open its belly, mutilated its eyes and removed its liver, which cops later found “in a makeup case on the counter.” An unidentified relative arrived home to find Barnes—who had “cover[ed] light switches with duct tape so she wouldn’t be able to turn on the light”—dressed in a “long coat” with “streaks of what turned out to be cat blood on her face.” This was, it seems, the outfit she planned on wearing to the Lady Gaga concert.

As you might expect, Barnes did not go to the Lady Gaga concert. She went instead to the hospital, “where she threatened a male nurse with a piece of glass”; she’s now “receiving treatment” at a local hospital.

Around these parts, we don’t really care for Lady Gaga, but even those of you who broke down in tears the first time you heard “Born This Way” can probably see that this definitely earns a spot on a list of the creepiest things ever associated with Lady Gaga (right between gross meat dresses and blood and semen perfume, if you’re curious).  People, listen, if you ever feel the need to mutilate a family pet so you can look super hot for your rock concert, please, take a moment of reflection. Then look at these pictures.  That’s all I ask.

If Your Girl’s Still Jamming to “Viva La Vida,” Then You’re Still Not Getting Laid

Here’s a pretty interesting little study done by a dating website.  Have you ever wanted to know if you were going to get lucky on a first date but couldn’t muster up the courage to carelessly toss back your hair and say “Yo, are we bangin’ later or what?”  We’ve all been there, but thanks to these nifty findings, all you have to do is pay attention to her music preferences!

Coldplay fans are the least likely music fans to have sex on a first date! A dating site compared users’ music tastes with responses to the question “how far would you go on a first date?” and found Coldplay fans to be prudes (preferences instead include cuddling, caterwauling, staring into someone’s green eyes, etc.). Other acts whose fans are not likely to have sex on the first date are Adele, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Kings of Leon. Perhaps Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” is being taken as a descriptive warning? Anyway, acts whose fans will totally give it up on a first date include Nirvana, Metallica, Linkin Park, Kanye West, and Gorillaz.

I can totally see the easy people’s taste in music – have you ever met anyone who loved Kanye AND Metallica AND wasn’t DTF? That creature doesn’t exist in nature, friends.  I found the prude music a little more surprising though.  Not the Coldplay part, Coldplay fans are total prudes, but Katy Perry?  I thought Katy Perry fans were super into skintight jeans and boobs and stuff.  And Lady Gaga, that’s got to be wrong.  I can’t even begin to count the number of Little Monsters I’ve seen gyrate around to “Bad Romance” and scream something like “I just want to get fucked!”

What do you guys think?  Do these findings seem accurate? What artists’ music would you classify as prudish or easy?

Lady Gaga Takes a Header Off a Piano

EMBED-Lady Gaga Falls Off Her Piano – Watch more free videos

Is there anything funnier than someone falling in public and trying to play it off like they meant to do it the entire time? Well, yes. When people fall in public and totally don’t expect it and are horrified and embarrassed that people saw them in such a non-graceful position – that’s much funnier. But this is still pretty good.

Lady Gaga, as you can see, decided to work her moves on top of a piano, slipped off, and slithered underneath. I’m really glad she’s OK and all, but damn. There’s a part of me that’s ALSO really glad for this clip, because it shows that I’m not the only one that falls flat on her ass during important events in her life.

Shake it off, girl.

Love It or Leave It: Lady Gaga’s Casual Look

When we’ve mentioned that we’d like to see Lady Gaga in a more casual look (rockstar-meets-high-school-bully?), I don’t know that this is what we were thinking.

The singer stepped out in Texas yesterday wearing the above outfit, and while it seems to be her tribute to the Southern state, it’s also bizarre to see her in a regular ol’ pair of blue jeans. Of course she went and complimented the pants with a pair of platform cowboy boots, because God forbid the woman give her disgusting, tired feet a break.

Do you like the way Gaga looks dressed down or do you prefer her in her full blown idiot costume?

Lady Gaga Does More Weird Stuff for Another Magazine

photo of lady gaga pictures i-d magazine photos

Oh Gaga, how I tire of you. I know that you’re, like, a big superstar and everything, and your music has got a cult-like following, but I just don’t see the appeal. I don’t understand the weird costumes, the pseudo-controversial, passive-aggressive music, or the idea that you’d fry your hair so badly that it’d start falling out. Just. does not. compute.

So anyway, for all of you Gaga-lovers out there (um, Mom), here’s some more photos of the Lady posing in weird poses, wearing odd clothing, and rocking those odd points in her face that you all seem to love so much.


Lady Gaga Now Owns The Ruby Slippers From ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Lady Gaga was given an extra special birthday present by her manager’s before her show last night at Los Angeles’ Staples Center. The singer was gifted one of five pairs of ruby slippers made for Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, which are valued at over forty thousand dollars.

Gaga told the audience that the gift represented more than one of the most iconic movies of all time. When she was in high school, she tried out for the role of Dorothy in the school play and wound up losing it to a school bully. She explained, “I wanted to be Dorothy so bad. I was in 8th grade and she was a senior. I definitely deserved to get it, but I didn’t get it. I was one of the people in the chorus, the worst role. On behalf of myself and all of those bullied around the world, now these ruby slippers are mine. When you don’t feel like Dorothy today, maybe you feel like someone on the chorus or the Scarecrow – just know you will have opportunities in your real life to change things and maybe someone will hand you a pair of ruby slippers.”

Pretty heartwarming story, I guess, but damn! Gaga needs to let go of high school. She’s performing on stage at the Staples Center while also explaining that she’s upset she didn’t get a big enough role in the school musical. She gets to be Lady Gaga and the girl from her high school is probably living in Pennsylvania and popping out some dude’s kids. Time to move on.