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Love It or Leave It: Lady Gaga’s Casual Look

When we’ve mentioned that we’d like to see Lady Gaga in a more casual look (rockstar-meets-high-school-bully?), I don’t know that this is what we were thinking.

The singer stepped out in Texas yesterday wearing the above outfit, and while it seems to be her tribute to the Southern state, it’s also bizarre to see her in a regular ol’ pair of blue jeans. Of course she went and complimented the pants with a pair of platform cowboy boots, because God forbid the woman give her disgusting, tired feet a break.

Do you like the way Gaga looks dressed down or do you prefer her in her full blown idiot costume?

Lady Gaga Does More Weird Stuff for Another Magazine

photo of lady gaga pictures i-d magazine photos

Oh Gaga, how I tire of you. I know that you’re, like, a big superstar and everything, and your music has got a cult-like following, but I just don’t see the appeal. I don’t understand the weird costumes, the pseudo-controversial, passive-aggressive music, or the idea that you’d fry your hair so badly that it’d start falling out. Just. does not. compute.

So anyway, for all of you Gaga-lovers out there (um, Mom), here’s some more photos of the Lady posing in weird poses, wearing odd clothing, and rocking those odd points in her face that you all seem to love so much.


Lady Gaga Now Owns The Ruby Slippers From ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Lady Gaga was given an extra special birthday present by her manager’s before her show last night at Los Angeles’ Staples Center. The singer was gifted one of five pairs of ruby slippers made for Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, which are valued at over forty thousand dollars.

Gaga told the audience that the gift represented more than one of the most iconic movies of all time. When she was in high school, she tried out for the role of Dorothy in the school play and wound up losing it to a school bully. She explained, “I wanted to be Dorothy so bad. I was in 8th grade and she was a senior. I definitely deserved to get it, but I didn’t get it. I was one of the people in the chorus, the worst role. On behalf of myself and all of those bullied around the world, now these ruby slippers are mine. When you don’t feel like Dorothy today, maybe you feel like someone on the chorus or the Scarecrow – just know you will have opportunities in your real life to change things and maybe someone will hand you a pair of ruby slippers.”

Pretty heartwarming story, I guess, but damn! Gaga needs to let go of high school. She’s performing on stage at the Staples Center while also explaining that she’s upset she didn’t get a big enough role in the school musical. She gets to be Lady Gaga and the girl from her high school is probably living in Pennsylvania and popping out some dude’s kids. Time to move on.

Adam Lambert is Way Embarrassing

photo of lady gaga and adam lambert pictures

So earlier this week, Lady Gaga had a big old birthday party for herself at an upscale LA club, and hoards of celebrities were in attendance, including Adam Lambert. I guess it’s no surprise that Adam and Gaga would get along notoriously, as their music is kind of similar and both Adam and Gaga idolize Elton John, so if worse came to worst, they could skip the party altogether and do killer renditions of ‘Rocket Man’ at some random burlesque-karaoke digs, right?

Well, not really: Adam was actually a plus-one of the Scissor Sisters, who were legitimately invited to the party, and according to sources inside and outside of the club, Adam was way embarrassing in his drunkenness, fist-pumping a la Jersey Shore to the music, accidentally punching a hole in the club’s ceiling, and later trying to smush birthday cake in Lady Gaga’s face. After all that business, Gaga had security remove Lambert from the premises.

OK, first of all, I absolutely abhor That Friend. The one who mucks everything up on a good night out because you either have to take care of their drunken, sloppy ass after they puke or get busted in the face by some stranger, and then? The rest of your night is shot in the ass. I guess I could see Adam Lambert being like that, but come on. Have a little more self-control and, by virtue, self-respect. No one thinks that being around that kind of shit is funny – or cute.

Katy Perry: Super Edgy, Totally Original

A photo of Katy Perry

These are stills from Katy’s newest music video, “E.T.”  The video comes out next Thursday, but these stills already found their way out to the public, and far be it from me to refuse to share them with you guys.  Can you dig it?  These pictures look like we’ll be seeing something totally new from Katy, which is nice because I’m not sure how much longer I could stand the nonsense she usually wears.

But listen: is it just me or has Katy Perry been more noticeably ripping off Lady Gaga these days?  Because Gaga’s been real into aliens lately, and for the past few months hasn’t it sort of felt like Katy’s been all “look at me, you guys, I am totally weird too!”  Is that fair to say?  I think that regardless of who’s copying who, both ladies need to give up the alien business, because let’s be real, it’s been done, and it’s been done to perfection.  Time for something new, girls.

What do you guys think?
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Images courtesy of Idolator

Lady Gaga Goes Country

So um, wow. That was different.

I’m not a huge Gaga fan when it comes to her music – chintzy club anthems just aren’t really my thing – but I’m not going to deny that girfriend’s got a pretty killer voice, and she did some interesting things with this song.

In this rendition of ‘Born This Way,’ which almost sounds like something that you’d hear on Roseanne (but that’s probably just the raunchy-awesome harmonica urging me to say that), Gaga’s voice sounds stronger than ever, and the song – as far as I’m concerned – is much easier to digest.

But I still wouldn’t consider myself a fan of the song.

What do you guys think? Are you loving the Country Road version of ‘Born This Way‘?

Lady Gaga Loves Rebecca Black

Ok, guys?  Are we done making fun of Rebecca Black yet?  Can we all just accept Lady Gaga’s words as gospel and welcome young Rebecca into our hearts as the genius that she is?

I’m joking, of course.  Wouldn’t it be so weird if I felt that way?

How are you guys feeling about this whole thing, now that we’ve had a good week or so to think it over?  Are you falling in line with people like Lady Gaga and Simon Cowell, or are you like me and absolutely dreading but kind of masochistically looking forward to tomorrow when all your lame Facebook friends post statuses like “Friday, Friday, gettin’ down on Friday!” and “FUN FUN FUN FUN”?