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Lady Gaga Analyzes Her Own Song On Twitter

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Lady Gaga, it’s like you actively seek to make people dislike you. Your latest attempt is to analyze your own song, Applause, through a series of tweets. Why? Who knows. But here are your 5 tweets in a row on your #8 iTunes hit. Ohhhh, I get what you’re doing now. You’re trying to get that song higher up on the charts. Oh, girl. From earliest to most recent:

‘Applause’ is a very meaningful song to me, because it addresses what many think of ‘celebrities’ today, that we ‘do it’ for the attention.

But some of us are ‘artists’ in this group called ‘celebrity,’ & what we create doesn’t live on unless theres an audience to remember it.

So I may need your attention at first, so I can sing you my song. But its the ‘Applause’ after that let me know if I’ve entertained you.

Entertainment makes people happy, I live for the ‘Applause,’ to know I’ve spread that. I live to hear you cheer, to just be a part of that.

I believe in show business. The ‘Applause’ is what breeds that thing that I love. When I know i’ve made you happy. When I know it was good.

And then, to really drive it on home, an hour later you tweeted,


And then I guess you thought maybe you should bring yourself back down to the people with this tweet:


Oh, you!

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Did Lady Gaga REALLY Say These Things About Her Assistant?

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Lady Gaga is being sued by her former assistant, Jennifer O’Neill. Ms. O’Neill claims Gaga owes her for unpaid work, about 7,168 hours which equals to $393,000, according to Radar. Some of O’Neill’s grievances, that Gaga insisted she sleep in bed with her and change her DVDs in the middle of the night, seemed ridiculous but other claims O’Neill cited as unfair sounded like typical personal assistant duties. However, according to The Daily Mail (so, brace yourselves), court documents were obtained of Gaga’s witness statement — and she sounds like a total pain in the ass to work for. She sounds outright delusional. Here’s what Gaga allegedly said about her former assistant and her duties (from The Daily Mail via Radar):

Yes, I woke her up in the middle of the night because I can’t get anyone to help me. I wouldn’t know how to call a doctor…if I am sick and need someone to arrange a doctor or put a cold compress on my head, I view that as work, sure.

We had the best time [in Paris].  Jennifer was there.  She hung out all night with me and Terry Richardson and tons of socialites from Paris, and she had the time of her life.  I am quite wonderful to everybody who works for me, and I am completely aghast to what a disgusting human being that you have become to sue me like this.

SHE thinks she’s just like the Queen of the Universe.  And, you know what?  She didn’t want to be a slave to one, because in my work and what I do, I’m the Queen of the Universe every day.

I hope hope hope Gaga didn’t say these things. If she did, this goes beyond Beyoncé divadom. This is just insane. You “wouldn’t know how to call a doctor”? You let your assistant go with you to a party with Terry Richardson and French socialites and you think that’s a perk? You think your assistant is the disgusting one? You couldn’t pay me to get within 3 feet of Terry Richardson. Or you could, at $1 million per foot. That’s my price for being near Terry Richardson. So, please. Please let none of this be true, because I am just starting to like Gaga again.

Sad face.


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Gaga Says Her Boyfriend Is Like A Lesbian

lady gaga andy cohen watch what happens live

Lady Gaga went on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live (you know, the show where Jillian Michaels is persona non grata) and said a lot of stuff that is sure to induce eye rolling, but she’s well aware of that possible side effect.

Two words for you: lady pond. Gaga likes to refer to being with women as “dipping into the lady pond.” Here’s more from the Lady’s lips, via Daily News:

I like girls. I’ve said that [before]. I know people think I just say things to be shocking, but I actually do like p—y. It just depends on whose p—y it is. It’s similar to how I feel about guys. I like them because I find lesbians to be way more daring than straight men, when it comes to coming on to you. And I really like that. And it wasn’t until I found a guy that could come onto me as strong as a lesbian that I fell in love.

“The guy” is Taylor Kinney, for those not aware. He’s on a show called Chicago Fire and they met on the set of her “You And I” music video.

Look, if someone says they’re bisexual, I’m not going to argue with them. That’s not my place.

She also took time to clear up the fake-ass feud Perez Hilton created between her and Christina Aguilera. Via E Online:

I’m a very big fan of Christina Aguilera. From the very beginning of when my career started, there was all this controversy about the two of us. I always felt that it was very unfair. All I know is that people were talking about Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga in the same sentence, and I was nobody! I just think it’s very unfair of anyone to pit another woman against another woman, especially in the space of music when we are all just trying to be taken seriously.Christina is an incredible vocalist and an incredible artist.

From me to her, I’m so sorry for anything that anyone ever said to her because of my existence. And I hope that she never felt any way about it, because when I was 15, I was singing ‘I Turn to You’ at the top of my lungs trying to hit all her notes. So she was an inspiration to me to have a wider vocal range, and I just think it’s all total nonsense the way that they do that.

I’m with her on that bolded part! Overall it was a good interview in that she was super, super drunk fun.

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