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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Wanna Talk About It


Seems that Twilight star Kristen Stewart is having a little issue with adjusting to fame.  First it was the smoking on her front steps.  Now a reporter from Chicago Sun-Times says he overheard her complaining about how she hates press junkets and her PR people apparently have to beg her to do interviews.  Even Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke told Entertainment Weekly that Stewart ”had a lot of trouble [with interviews]. She knows it’s important, but it’s not her favorite part of the job.”  The Sun-Times article implies that Kristen might be medicated when making public appearances but I think it’s just insolence.

I’m conflicted on this.  If you are an actor, doesn’t promoting your projects kind of come with the territory?  I hate sulky actors.  Appreciate the fame now because you’ll probably be doing Lifetime movies in six years. 

I do accept the possibility that she may have a social phobia issue or something.  In which case, she should make another Twilight move, take her $12M plus and run.

Above, a clip of Stewart appearing this week on Live with Regis & Kelly.  Right in the beginning, she looks pissed when Regis calls her “the hottest thing in Hollywood.”  Like…pissed.  Also, at 3:08, she expresses major disdain over a clip of Twilight being shown.  She didn’t know that was coming?  It’s kind of the textbook layout for all morning shows.  Intro, synopsis of project, clip, wrap-up.  And I’m sorry but you cannot, cannot hate Reege.  Yet somehow she seems to.

Unrelated, I need someone to email me and let me know how to get arms that look like Kelly Ripa’s.

Kristen Stewart Lights Up

Twilight hottie Kristen Stewart has the early makings of a gossip column mainstay — photogs caught her smoking a bowl on her stoop in broad daylight.

You’re gonna have to get smarter about this stuff, Kristen! You’re famous now.

Twilight Stars Are Now Going to Be Super-Rich

Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson were each paid $2M to star in the hugely successful first Twilight film, based on a series of teen-vampire novels by Stephanie Meyer (who makes a kind of cute cameo in the film). But for the sequel? It looks like they’re each getting at least a $10M raise, plus a cut of the next film’s box-office take. Not bad at all, kids.

I saw the flick this weekend, and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. And I thought both Kristen and Rob were great in it, despite some of the shit Kristen’s taken from critics. I thought she was endearing and convincing and perfect for the role, and she’s ever so adorable. And Rob Pattinson? If you’re ever having trouble finding someone to have sex with, seriously, I’m just a phone call away. I love you. I was never too impressed with the dude in all the red-carpet photos I’d seen of him, but, on screen? He’s sex personified. It’s awesome.