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Kristen Stewart is the New Face of Chanel

kristen stewart chanel

Kristen Stewart has somehow become somewhat of a “fashion darling” in that designers totally aren’t put off by her constant sourpuss face and actually think it works and is very, I dunno, haute couture or something. Chanel must’ve felt the same, because they’ve hired her to be the new face of the brand.

Karl Lagerfeld apparently hand-picked Stewart for his Métiers d’Art Paris-Dallas collection which is expected to launch in May 2014. In fact, Kristen actually showed up to Chanel’s Coco Chanel Métiers d’Art Fashion Show in Dallas on Tuesday night, when the news was announced. Well, this should be interesting.

Here’s what a “friend” of Stewart’s told Hollywood Life:

“Kristen is a huge fan of Mr. Lagerfeld and was honored to be invited to such an extraordinary fashion event. She loves his style and quirky sense of humor. He gets her and she loves him for that.”

And I bet she loves the massive paycheck the brand will be giving her. That sorta helps too, eh?

I will say that I think Kristen suits doing some modeling work. However, Chanel wouldn’t be even in the top ten design houses I’d have expected her to join up with. She’s more Rodarte, McQueen, something a bit edgier. Poor Coco, she’s probably rolling over in her grave.

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Kristen Stewart Spent 15 Minutes with a Middle Eastern Prince For $500,000

kristen stewart

I… don’t know how to feel about this. Apparently a Middle Eastern prince was willing to pay $500,000 to spend 15 minutes with Kristen Stewart. She had Harvey Weinstein broker the deal and the proceeds went to Hurricane Sandy relief, but… what?!

Apparently the unnamed prince paid the sum up front and the pair met up at Madison Square Garden, but what in the hell did he want 15 minutes with her for? What did they do during that 15 minutes? It all just seems very, very bizarre. I mean, good for Harvey Weinstein for being a pimp and raising $30 million for the relief efforts (via performances for his 12.12.12 documentary), but I’m just so weirded out by this.

I don’t mind KStew, but I think we all know she isn’t winning any Personality of the Year awards, which makes it all the more confusing that this guy wanted to spend 15 minutes with her. I would imagine 5 minutes with Kristen Stewart feels like an eternity. What could they have talked about? Going back to college? Before you all start saying she was basically a high-end escort, stop. Everyone else was already thinking it, I’m pretty sure.

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Kristen Stewart Is Going to College!

kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart has been doing some soul searching since breaking up with Rob Pattinson for the final time, and what better place to learn more about yourself and the world around you than in university? That’s right – she’s going to college!

According to reports, KStew enrolled at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to do a degree in English Literature since she never got a chance to do so earlier in life because, you know, she was busy making movies and stuff. Who knows if she’ll get fed up after a year and then take a “leave of absence” (read: quit) like a lot of other stars do, but eh, whatever. She’s going to college, education is paramount, etc.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to add – she’s not actually GOING to college and attending classes on campus. She’s doing a correspondence course and will continue working on movies simultaneously. So there’s that.

Rob Pattinson Stopped By Kristen Stewart’s House Last Week

robert pattinson kristen stewart twilight

Full disclosure, I do not care about the Kristen Stewart/Rob Pattinson drama at all. He’s nice, she’s whatever, he’s 27, she’s 23, he’s gotta move on. But apparently he went to her house last week, and stayed for a few hours. Who knows what went on. Maybe he just forgot some things last time he packed his sad truck and drove off into the Los Feliz sunset.

Here’s more from Us:

X17 posted exclusive photos of the 27-year-old Twilight hunk parking outside his former love’s house. Pattinson apparently attempted to keep a low profile by driving a white Durango with an out of state license plate. “Rob looked nervous on his way to visit Kristen,” the photographer told X17. “He was trying to be discreet so no one would see him.”

They broke up in May because she infamously cheated on him with her crappy Snow White film director. He is currently not dating Katy Perry, probably because she’s always farting around him.

Kristen Stewart’s Finally Embracing Her Butch Side


Sure, it’s for a movie role, but it’s good to see Kristen Stewart spending some quality time with her butch side. She’s currently in Los Angeles filming some indie drama called Camp X-Ray, in which she plays a female soldier who is abused by her fellow officers while stationed in Guantanamo Bay but then strikes up an “unlikely friendship” (plotline of every movie ever) with a prisoner. If this sounds like a storyline for the porn of your dreams, sorry to dash your hopes. This is a Very Serious Film with Big Statements to make.

Check out KStew in her sweet army uniform and also her time between shots, during which she puts on a pretty horrendous combination of clothing items (socks and sandals? Homegirl, no…) and drinks beer on a boat with her co-star Tara Holt. Better not let your new boyfriend see you like that, Kristen!

Is Kristen Stewart Dating Michael Pitt?

kristen stewart michael pitt

Another day, another “Kristen Stewart‘s totally not gay and is definitely dating a man” story. LOL, I kid (except not really). While KStew was apparently devastated that Robert Pattinson has moved on from her den of adultery, she’s said to have moved on now with Boardwalk Empire actor Michael Pitt.

If you’re not familiar with Michael Pitt, he’s the creepazoid who starred in Funny Games and basically looks like a serial killer to me now because of it. Also, as if these two are an actual couple. I mean, I hate to quote Mugatu, but I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

From The Sun:

A source said: “Kristen’s not over Rob but she’s getting there and Michael’s helping her through it.

“She vowed to throw herself into work and be single this summer. But when she met Michael last week, they hit it off.

“They both hate the spotlight and are smart bookworm types.”

Uh, really? “Smart bookworm types”? Oh man… okay. I would go with “stoner types”, but that’s just me. This coupling is not real, though, so let’s all move on.