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Kristen Stewart

10Kristen Stewart Talks Books, Acting, And Her “F-cking Boyfriend”

A photo of Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is really pumping out the interviews, huh? It makes sense, because Snow White and the Huntsman is just around the corner, but it’s a little overwhelming, especially when you know that she’d much rather just be chilling at home with Robert Pattinson, smoking weed and not bathing. But she’s being a good sport, and she’s not whining or anything, so that’s nice of her.

Here are some excerpts from her latest interview with Elle, which was done inside a bookstore, for whatever reason:

On her most desired role: “Have you ever read Lie Down in Darkness?” Stewart asks excitedly. “I want to play Peyton more than anything I can possibly taste or touch in my life. I want to play her so bad.” Peyton is bright, beautiful, suicidal narcissist, preyed upon by her father. But Stewart, 22, sees it as more complicated than that. “Oh, dude, she f-ckin’ loves it! She’s in love with him. I mean, I think she’s in love with him. It’s not his fault. They’re the most f-cked-up family! There’s a script adaptation I’ve read and it’s good,” she says, continuing down the aisle. “Two people vying for the part of the father are Daniel Day-Lewis and Colin Firth. Daniel would be perfect.”

On her highfalutin taste: Stewart stops suddenly and smiles, picking up an autobiography. “Let’s not be pretentious – let’s buy Snooki.” (She doesn’t.)

On The Virgin Suicides: “I f-cking love that movie so much. I love teenage girls.”

She reads while she poops: “Oooh, Martin Amis.” Stewart plucks Money from the shelf. “My copy just got soaked – my toilet overflowed.”

On Robert Pattinson: “Oh my God, my f-cking boyfriend just did this movie,” she says, referring to Robert Pattinson while pulling down a copy of Bel Ami. “The French, they’re up in arms that he did it.”

On wearing brown contacts for Twilight: “It’s like I always have sunglasses on – soulless, googly-eyed sunglasses. You can’t feel your eyeballs. They ruined me.”)

On riding horses in Snow White: “I hated it,” she admits of riding. “I didn’t take to the whole mentality of f-cking ordering that thing around – ‘Go now!’ You have to be an asshole, basically. Not to say that horse people are assholes to their horses. But you have to basically tell that thing who’s boss, and I didn’t want to do that. I was like, ‘No, do your thing. I don’t even want to be up here.’”

On her perfect life: “Because I didn’t go to f-cking school, I feel I would have had a bit something extra if I had,” she says. “Maybe because my life is so perfect, when I see the other side of life, it just seems like, almost like I want…” Stewart struggles for words. “You can learn so much from bad things. I feel boring. I feel like, Why is everything so easy for me? I can’t wait for something crazy to f-cking happen to me. Just life. I want someone to f-ck me over! Do you know what I mean?” That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? “Exactly. It’s one of the reasons I want to act. I love living in different worlds, because a lot of times mine is pretty nice and easy.”

Her gross car: She unlocks a nondescript rental car (she can’t drive her Mini Cooper without being followed by paparazzi), drops the books in back, slides into the driver’s seat, starts the engine and offers up a Camel. Pushing the cigarette-lighter button, she says, laughing, “I went for the high-class rental. This car’s got all the fixin’s!” Scattered on the passenger side floor are a pair of plaid Van sneakers, an empty protein drink, a Coca-Cola can, and a plastic to-go container with a half eaten sandwich covered in mold. A nearly empty Snapple sits in the cup holder, cigarette buds floating in it.

On her public persona: “Laurence Olivier was asked, ‘Actors, what’s the impulse? Why?’ And he was just like, ‘Look at me, look at me, look at me, …’ That was his answer. But at the same time, it’s like, ‘Nooo, don’t look at me. Look at some version that I’m going to present to you. Let me control it.”

I was so close to making a comment about how it might be sort of neat to be friends with Kristen Stewart, but then I read that part about her car, and, well, no, it wouldn’t be neat at all. She’s pulled it together so much, but sandwiches covered in mold? Total deal breaker.

May 14, 2012 at 7:30 am by Emily
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0Kristen Stewart Does Another Semi-Endearing Interview

A photo of Kristen Stewart

I don’t want to come out and say that I’m a Kristen Stewart sympathizer, but I feel like I might be becoming sort of a Kristen Stewart sympathizer. I still think she’s a bad actor, but I don’t hate her in interviews so much anymore. Maybe I’ve made an attempt to consider the possibility that she’s not the whiny brat she seems to be sometimes, or maybe I’m getting soft in my old age (I turn 24 next month!). I don’t know, but I can actually stand her these days.

Here are some excerpts from Kristen’s not entirely annoying appearance on The Graham Norton Show:

It was possibly one of the most talked-about movie sex scenes of all time. But now Kristen Stewart has come forward to admit that her passionate encounter with real-life boyfriend Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, was actually edited because it was too sexy.

Kristen made the admission as she was interviewed on The Graham Norton Show in scenes to be shown on the programme tonight.

Talking about the intimate scenes, Kristen said: “It is a bit full on but it’s edited. I see scenes and I think why is music playing over that, I was definitely making sounds and it could be so sexy and it’s not. The ratings’ board breaks it down so technically and apparently, thrusting is a huge problem for the children.”

Kristen, who was seen leaving her London hotel with boyfriend Pattinson this morning, also spoke about how she deals with the more enthusiastic Twilight fans, or ‘Twi-hards’ as they are nicknamed.

She added to Norton: “I don’t have to deal with as much as you might think.  People don’t scream at me on the street. That really doesn’t happen. I am getting better at spotting them. Their characteristics give them away. I really like them.”

But for now, Kristen is busy promoting her latest movie, Snow White And The Huntsman, in which she has one particularly violent scene which saw her ‘rough up’ co-star Chris Hemsworth.

Talking about injuring Hemsworth, Kristen said: “He’s a huge sex symbol so he needed a bit of roughing up!  It wasn’t too bad, I left a mark but he was able to keep working. I punched him right out of his close up. It’s funny now but when it happened I thought, ‘I have just ruined the movie and I love this thing and we are going to have to stop filming.’”

I don’t think I’m ever going to love Kristen Stewart. I don’t even think I’m ever going to really like her. But I think I’m starting to be able to stand her. And that’s a lot of growth on my part.

May 12, 2012 at 1:00 pm by Emily
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2Quotables: Kristen Stewart Talks Snow White, Is Confusing About It

A photo of Kristen Stewart

“I think that I related to Snowy because … I love her. She feels such strong things and sort of can’t say exactly why she feels those things … and I can completely relate to that and I also can relate to feeling arrogant about it a little bit. Sort of like ‘It’s not about being who you are; it’s sort of not saying what everyone thinks I’m going to say because I’m uncomfortable’ … She’s like very instinctive and sort of awesome in that way. I mean she’s such a child in the beginning and has such a strong sense of self in a way that sort of isn’t normal, like supernaturally almost. She’s got this connection to the Earth and to her people that makes her like so truly empathetic and not sympathetic. She’s not putting herself in a position and going, ‘Oh, how horrible would that be for me.’ She’s truly bleeding for other people. It’s a different feeling. It’s something I want to get to if I can be a better person. She’s a great girl. She’s a good person.”


No, ok, I understand some of what Kristen Stewart is trying to say here. She thinks Snow White is a wonderful person. That’s cool, I guess, and I get what she’s saying towards the end there, where she goes on about Show White’s connection to her people. But what is all that mess in the middle, that talk about arrogance? This bit in particular:

“She feels such strong things and sort of can’t say exactly why she feels those things … and I can completely relate to that and I also can relate to feeling arrogant about it a little bit. Sort of like ‘It’s not about being who you are; it’s sort of not saying what everyone thinks I’m going to say because I’m uncomfortable.’”

Seriously, what does that even mean? Is she trying to say that she feels arrogant about not being able to express herself? Is she arrogant about having feelings that are so strong that they are hard to express? Then how does being uncomfortable come into it? Does she feel superior because she’s awkward and passionate? I don’t understand.

And listen, I’m not trying to come down on her for this. It’s not because I’m a Kristen Stewart fan or anything, it’s just because I don’t think it’s fair to criticize someone when you have no clue what the hell she’s trying to say. And actually, this makes me feel a bit closer to Kristen, because I’m really bad at talking too. I had to make a doctor’s appointment this morning, and I spent five minutes thinking about what exactly I would say, and how to answer any questions I might be asked. I took time to be like “should I say that I need to make an appointment or should I ask if I can make an appointment,” that’s how awkward I am with talking. I feel like Kristen and I are, in some ways, on a similar level when it comes to socializing, so I can’t really dislike her too much for the stupid shit she says in interviews anymore.

But still, no clue what she’s trying to communicate here. No clue at all.

May 9, 2012 at 9:30 am by Emily
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2Love It or Leave It: Kristen Stewart’s Grungy Look

photo of kristen stewart smoking 2012 pics
How is it possible that someone so dirty-looking can be so hot at the same time? If I’ve told you guys once, I’ve told you a dozen times, with just minor variations: Kristen Stewart looks like she smells like stale smoke, oily scalp, and maybe leftover soft-shell crab (I don’t know about that last one; maybe she has a shellfish allergy, who knows). But for whatever reason, I’m always completely drawn in to whatever she’s doing in the photos that I find. She said in a recent interview that she “repels” people, but I don’t know. I don’t think so:

“I don’t say ‘I’m not magnetic’ to try and sound self-deprecating. I’m just not. I’m pretty good at…” Repelling people? “yeah. Though I actually love people. I would like to meet more people. I know no one.”

Girl, I’m not one bit repelled. I’m actually pretty satisfied with who you really seem to be, and if I were, like, a Hollywood actress or a famous musician or something, you’re definitely someone that I’d seek out in friendship, and not because your boyfriend is way hot (because one, I just don’t get down like that, and two, he looks like he smells just like you, but add about three weeks’ worth of shower avoidance and—you guessed it—I just don’t get down like that), either.

Check out Kristen working her best “repelling” thing in the gallery.

May 7, 2012 at 12:30 pm by Sarah
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0I’m Still Too Excited for Snow White and the Huntsman

A photo of Charlize Theron

I don’t know if it’s just me and the movies I choose to go see, but it seems like every single time I go to the movies I see the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman. I saw it both times I went to see The Hunger Games, and I saw it yesterday when I saw Titanic (which was amazing, by the way. We were alone in the theater, so my boyfriend and I reached up to grab Kate Winslet‘s 3D boobs, and I didn’t have to try to be quiet when I sobbed through the last hour of the movie). I’m not complaining at all, except … ok, I am complaining about one thing. I am already far too excited about this movie, and seeing the same trailer over and over again does nothing but to make the wait even more upsetting.

But listen, we’ve just got 30 days until this movie comes out. Or, if you’re like me, more like 34 or 35 days, because I don’t like dealing with crowds and I like to go to the movies during the day. We can totally make it. Unless none of you are excited about this film. Then man, don’t I feel like a dunce?

To hold us (me?) over, here are some fancy character posters to look at! You can see Charlize Theron up there, and here’s Kristen Stewart:

A photo of Kristen Stewart

Not to be super catty or anything, but that poster right there is the first time that I ever thought that Kristen Stewart could match Charlize Theron in the beauty department. I was always like “I thought the queen wanted to kill Snow White because she’s prettier than her, not because she’s some lip-biting hipster.” And I know, I know, Kristen is a beautiful girl in her own right, but … Charlize Theron. Come on.

And here’s a bonus for us all: it’s a new spot for the movie! Check it out, and see if you can figure out what’s so incredibly awesome about it.

That’s a Florence and the Machine song, that’s the incredibly awesome part. Oh, and also Kristen Stewart gives a full out smile. This movie is magic!

May 2, 2012 at 12:30 pm by Emily

3Kristen Stewart Named “World’s Best Dressed Woman”

A photo of Kristen Stewart

And look, there’s the world’s best dressed woman right there, wearing what looks to be a Baltimore Orioles cap and a belly shirt that says “White Trash.” The world of fashion has set such incredibly high standards.

But really, Glamour somehow decided that Kristen Stewart is the best dressed woman in the whole entire world. Emma Watson came in second, and Victoria Beckham was third on the list. Other fashionable ladies include Florence of Florence and the Machine, Michelle Williams, and Blake Lively.

What I want to know is how Glamour came up with this list. I’m sure they didn’t count what Kristen wears when she’s not working, but looking solely at her red carpet appearances, I still don’t get it. I can’t remember anyone looking at what Kristen wore to the Kids Choice Awards or whatever and saying “wow, she looks absolutely stunning.” I’m not saying that I hate everything she’s ever worn, because I definitely don’t, but my reaction is always “oh, that’s nice” or “that’s adequate.” I don’t understand how she beat out all these other women for this title, especially when Emma Watson has been looking so awesome lately.

I went ahead and made a little gallery for you guys to check out. They’re pictures of Kristen from the past year at various award shows and premieres and such. Let me know if I’m missing out what makes her the best dressed woman in the world, ok? Because she’s just not cutting it for me.

Oh, wait, I just saw that Glamour listed Rihanna as number 10, so this list is clearly nonsense. You can go ahead and look through those pictures though!

April 30, 2012 at 9:30 am by Emily
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