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Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries Are Officially Divorced!

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The marriage was a 72-day sham that lasted long enough for the check to clear in the bank, but some idiots still want to convince us that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries‘ love was real and their divorce was an unexpected travesty – even though she didn’t even want to go on her honeymoon with him. Yeah, and I’m the queen of England. In any case, the pair came face to face in court today and someone’s told TMZ (or some TMZ intern has dreamed it up) that Kim was excited to see Kris because she still has a whole lot of love for him. Uh…

Sources very close to Kim tell TMZ … Kim is actually looking forward to seeing him.  She’s saying she does indeed still love him as a person, acknowledging, “We just didn’t work as a couple.”

We’re told Kim has actually reached out to Kris numerous times, but he never responded.

Kim is saying they have “unfinished business” and need to talk things out so they can truly move on.

This is probably complete and utter bullshit, but even if it’s true, I think it’s pretty clear it’s all one-sided and there’s definitely no love lost, from Kris’ perspective.

In any case, we can all celebrate now because the case is closed and they are now officially divorced!

Kim Kardashian is officially a single woman … because the judge dissolved her marriage to Kris Humphries in today’s court hearing … and we’ve learned Kris walked away with NOTHING.

Here’s what sources connected with the case tell TMZ:

– Kris gets NO money from Kim.  As we’ve reported … he had previously demanded $7 mil.

– Kris dropped his demand for an annulment based on fraud.

– Each party will pay their own attorney’s fees.

This is not just a settlement. It’s a WIN for Kim and her lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser.

Sounds good to me, especially if it means we never have to hear about the two of them again. Good riddance!

Kim K Didn’t Want To Go On Her Honeymoon With Kris Humphries And Now He’s Using It Against Her

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are dragging up all kinds of unresolved stuff in their settlement conferences on this long and annoying road to divorce. Humphries is alleging that their wedding was a scam. Which is why he’s bringing up this honeymoon thing. From The Daily Mail:

Kim Kardashian did not want to go on honeymoon with Kris Humphries, it has been reported.

Kris was the one to push for the honeymoon. Kim didn’t want to go on the honeymoon because they were scheduled to move to New York City to begin filming Kourtney & Kim Take New York,’ a source told Radar Online.

‘She also complained she was stressed out from planning the wedding. Kris was stunned and very hurt because it was important to him that they go away. Remember, he wasn’t playing basketball at the time because of the NBA strike, and they wouldn’t be able to take one for a year.’

The insider then claimed that Kim hired a photographer to come and snap photos of the couple while they soaked up the sun.

‘Kim finally relented. Kris was absolutely dumbfounded when a photographer appeared out of nowhere and started taking pics of them by the pool,’ the source said. ‘Kim happily posed, and Kris realised her camp had arranged it.’

At her divorce deposition Kim confessed that she was against going on the holiday, which Kris is allegedly using as part of his case against the 32-year-old reality star, claiming their marriage was fraud.

Kim would of course never fake anything regarding her life or her show (as if there’s a distinction.)

Ray J, you can have her.

Producer Confirms What We All Knew: Kardashian Show Is Fake

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Kim Kardashian is at war with ex Kris Humphries. Humphries is alleging that he’s being screwed over because their wedding was a sham and that Keeping Up With The Kardashians was edited to make him look bad.

Kardashian producer Russell Jay, came clean in court. And it’s soooo good. From Radar Online:

[Jay] says there are at least two scenes that were “scripted, reshot or edited” to make Kris look like the villain after Kim decided she wanted a divorce. Jay said in the court documents that Kim not only knew about Kris’ “surprise” proposal, but insisted producers reshoot the scene because “she didn’t like how her face looked in the first take,” according to Life & Style magazine. The magazine reports Russell reveals that a scene where Kim confesses to her mother, Kris Jenner, that she was having trouble in her marriage with Kris was actually shot after she filed for divorce in 2011. exclusively reported about this scene being shot in December, after the trip to Dubai that took place in October before the spilt.

Jay also said that a scene where Kim is furious because Kris is having a party in their hotel room while she was out of town was faked too, and Kim was actually in the hotel and knew everything that was happening!

These can’t be the only parts of the show that were scripted. What other scenes and Kardashian moments do you think were faked?