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Kris Allen

Wives Crawl Up Their Husbands’ Asses in Light of Tiger Woods Scandal

Katy and Kris Allen

The Tiger Woods scandal has gotten pretty out of hand (I know! I know! I am a part of the problem! This is the last mention of Tiger today unless something completely amazing breaks), and lots of people out there are questioning their spouses faith in light of the news that even the most seemingly boring dude in the world was caught having fourteen mistresses. Last night former American Idol contestant Kris Allen told TMZ that his wife Katy has been “all over him” ever since she read up on Tiger.

I barely even trust my own dog, so I can imagine that this story is being brought up a lot between couples out there. TMZ is calling it “Tiger Woods Syndrome” and I think for once, they are pretty accurate. It’s not as if we didn’t know before that people cheated on each other, but now we’re all reminded that even “the nice guy” could be banging chicks from reality shows condomless behind their wife’s back. Kind of scary, right?

Kris Allen’s Album Drops Today, So It’s Important He Throw Its Producers Under the Bus as Quickly as Possible

Seriously, dude? The American Idol winner’s album comes out today, and so he’s running around MTV studios talking about how he dislikes the cover of Kanye’s “Heartless” he put on the album, and it’s all the producer’s fault. The album version (and the interview) is above. I quite like this version, to be honest. I almost like it better than Kanye’s version. But whatever, I’m just waiting patiently for Adam Lambert’s album to come out.

Love It or Leave It?

American Idol winner Kris Allen performed at Seton High School in Ohio to recognize their accomplishment of raising $5,000 for breast cancer research.  He did an unplugged, acoustical version of Britney’s “Baby One More Time”.  Here’s the question:  Who did it better?