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Kourtney Kardashian

Shut the Hell Up, Scott Disick

Scott Disick is the Worst

Kourtney Kardashian’s babby daddy Scott Disick is a douchebag. I really hate him. After watching him on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and seeing that he’s just a bottom-feeding nobody who happened to impregnate one of those amazing Kardashian sisters and “strike rich” so to speak,  I can’t stand him. I think that he’s as bad as Spencer Pratt for playing into his role as the villain and for treating Kourtney in a humiliating and degrading way in order to maintain that character. If Scott had half a brain, he could probably figure out a way to paint himself as the bad guy without also painting himself as a chauvinistic alcoholic. Why couldn’t have Scott gotten in trouble for embezzling QuickTrim money instead of getting wasted and trashing a hotel room when Kourtney was in her third trimester of pregnancy? That’s all I wanna know.

So that rant came off the heels of me reading something Scott said to digitalspy while trying to defend his honor:

“I don’t mind being portrayed as the villain on TV, but nobody knows the real me. I’m a great guy. All the haters are just jealous, so they’re trying to bring me down. I’m young, handsome, successful, wealthy. You could say I’m a role model – I’m the American dream!”

Ugh. Yeah. We’ve got another Spencer Pratt on our hands and the only way to destroy him will be to ignore him. This is the last time I will talk about Scott Disick on the Internet if I can help it. It will be hard because I truly, truly love those Kardashian girls, but it has to be done. Scott Disick must be stopped.

Kourtney Kardashian Finally Gave That Loser The Boot

New mom Kourtney Kardashian had finally had it with her dumb-ass baby daddy, Scott Disick. Things have been going south with these two for quite some time, but now with their new baby, Scott’s problem’s were getting harder and harder to deal with. InTouch reports that most of Kourtney’s issue with him was that he was unhelpful with the baby and quick to argue with her. One of Scott’s friends told the magazine that he had regularly been harassing Kourtney for not losing her baby weight, and has even told people that he’s no longer attracted to her because of her post-baby figure.

Good riddance! I don’t care what argument you have for a two parent home. Kourtney Kardashian has more than enough money to raise a kid and that Scott character sounds like bad news.

Photos Released of Kourtney Kardashian’s Kute Kid … and Some Other Guy, Too

kourtney-kardashian-baby-photosA mere two weeks after Mason Dash Disick is born, Kourtney is releasing the photos to Life & Style magazine.

Mom looks great, natch, and the baby is absolutely adorable — looks like he inherited the sweet olive-skinned goodness that his mother and aunts all have.

But I have to ask … Who the fuck is this Scott Disick dude? The only thing I can find about him online is that he’s a (snort, snort, chuff) television personality who also happens to be Kourtney’s baby daddy. Dude’s not even important enough to have a Wiki, for shit’s sake.

When I do see this guy, all I can think about is Fonzie.  Yes, Happy Days-era Fonzie.  The Fonzie that’s all thumbs and teeth and ‘Eyyyy’. And that makes me laugh.  Yet, I’m saddened by my own laughing because this guy’s last name is ‘Disick’, which can be transposed into ‘Dickis’, ‘Dickii’ and ‘Sick Dick’ which is also sad for him. But then I have to laugh again because of that whole Fonzie thing.


Kourtney Kardashian Named Her Baby After Her Store

Kourtney Kardashian

Wow! What a crazy, magical nine months it’s been! I can hardly believe that I’m reporting the news to you that Kourtney Kardashian has finally given birth to her little Prince of Calabasas, Mason Dash Disick. Yeah, Dash. You know, as in the name of her clothing boutique or the second syllable of her last name.

I don’t want to call her dumb. I am trying hard not to call her dumb. I feel like I’ve heard her say intelligent things before. Molls, even if it kills you, do not call the new mother dumb. You’ll feel bad about it for the rest of the day.

Here’s what I don’t understand: What is the deal with her and this Scott dude? They were dating for awhile, they broke up, they kept hooking up after they were broken up, she got pregnant and now they can make it work? I say if you’re going to have a baby with a man you don’t want to marry and you’re wealthy, then just go balls-out and do it yourself. I seriously doubt this clown is going to be around past the child’s second birthday, so why live under what seems like a pressured situation to have a “normal” family? He looks like a sponge and if he’s already been dumped once, way before there was another human life involved, then it’s going to happen again.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Kid Kould be Koming Soon

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick

A super pregnant Kourtney was spotted at lunch with her fiance Scott Disick on Friday afternoon in L.A.

I thought Kourtney Kardashian got pregnant, like, a week ago. How is she already this big? TV timelines have got me all messed up. Kourtney is actually due sometime in late December.

In most of the pics, she looks pretty annoyed and uncomfortable. And that makes me happy. As a woman whose sister had the first grandkid in the family, I get some kind of vindictive satisfaction out of pregnant women looking miserable. Yeah, I have issues.

Celebrity Burglar Is In It For The Clothes


Rachel J. Lee, a 19 year old from Calabasas, CA, along with several of her girlfriends, has been arrested for breaking in to and then looting the closets of several celebrity homes in the past year. Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Paris Hilton , Orlando Bloom and Kourtney Kardashian have all had similar break-ins occur at their houses– there were no electronics stolen (which is usually the first thing a burglar would grab), mainly clothing, jewelry and handbags. Not exactly the most lucrative loot jobs, basically.

This isn’t the first time Lee’s been motivated to break the law for vanity sake either. A couple years ago she was caught shoplifting from Sephora. OK, so that’s a little different than finding someone’s home via star maps and the internet and then checking their appearance schedule to best guess what time they’d be out of the house and then breaking in and stealing all their clothes, but there’s a theme here. Also, it probably doesn’t do Rachel a whole lot of good that she’s high school pals with the man formally charged with the Lohan and Patridge burglaries.

It kinda makes me sad to think about these girls so desperate to dress like a celebrity that they actually steal their clothing. The materialism disgusts me. What’s wrong with some $24 shoes from T.J. Maxx and a Hanes v-neck and the jeans with the tiny hole ripped in the ass because you’ve had them for so long? These girls are 18 and 19 years old, they should be running around topless, celebrating their young bodies and free minds. But no! They’re taking the easy way out and breaking in to multi-million dollar homes owned by celebrities they admire and stealing their t-shirts and headbands. Teenagers are so bad these days, you guys. I can’t handle it. They should be at the beach.