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Kimora Lee

Kimora Lee Simmons Welcomes Phabulous Baby Boy

Kimora Lee Simmons in the Delivery Room

Baby Phat CEO and reality TV star Kimora Lee Simmons and husband Djimon Hounsou welcomed a newborn baby boy to the brood this Saturday morning.

Kimora chronicled the events leading up to the delivery via her twitter account, typing, “Having contractions now! Ooo- wee! It’s like WHOA!” and posting the above picture of herself in the delivery room.

The couple later announced that the new baby was a boy, but have not yet announced the name. The baby boy joins Kimora’s two daughters from her previous marriage to Russell Simmons– Ming Lee and Aoki Lee– as the newest addition the happy, fabulous family.

Can We Just Talk About How Everyone Looks?


I’m in that kind of a mood and I’m feeling more than my usual disturbed.

Am I off base, or does Dakota Fanning look way too adult for fourteen?  When I look at these pictures of her at the Push premeire in LA, she looks like a woman.  She’s even doing that Annie Leibowitz/Miley Cyrus over the shoulder glance thingy.  Her face looks young and thankfully she hasn’t had her teeth capped or whitened; it just seems like so much skin for a ninth grader.  As the senior citizen here at The Beet, I’m willing to accept that I’m probably just a prude.

Also there was Kimora Lee Simmons.  She’s knocked up by Djimon Hounsou who has been in Spielberg movies and shit, but will always be the hot guy from the Janet Jackson “Love Will Never Do(Without You)” video. Fugged up Rumer Willis appeared with red hair and Camilla Belle has solidified her position as my new girl crush.  If I was Joe Jonas, I totally would have picked her over Taylor Swift, too.  Okay, I gotta duck out of here before I get the “beet down” for bashing Tay.

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