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New BFF Alert: Kim Kardashian and LeAnn Rimes

A photo of LeAnn Rimes and Kim Kardashian

Before you start asking, yes, this is real life. This picture was not Photoshopped, and Kim Kardashian and LeAnn Rimes really hung out together. At church. Because they go to the same church. Because this is a crazy, f*cked up world.

From E!:

On Sunday, the duo attended Life Change Community Church service in Agoura Hills, Calif.

Kardashian, 31, and Rimes, 29, are also both fans of Brad Johnson, the church’s esteemed pastor…

But the E! reality icon and the hit-making country star weren’t the only ones singing from the hymn book. Kourtney Kardashian, Mason Disick and Kris Jenner joined Kim at the service, and Rimes’ hubby Eddie Cibrianjoined her for worship.

“Great seeing you and the fam,” LeAnn tweeted to Kim. “See you soon! Xoxo”

Kim, who described her churchgoing Sunday as the “perfect day,” echoed Rimes’ enthusiasm. “You too babe!” she replied. “See you soon! Xoxo”

In addition to going to church together, these two lovable girls also had lunch together on Friday.

Where do I even go with this one? Am I supposed to be able to imagine a world where the likes of Kim Kardashian and LeAnn Rimes, two of the biggest famewhores out there, team up to take over the world? Where Kim and LeAnn tweet each other constantly, and make horrible fashion choices together and get accused of homewrecking together and practice deep-throating together? Because I can’t do that. My mind simply cannot take it.

How do you guys feel on this one? Is this a match made in heaven, or is it just too much for this world to handle?

Image courtesy of E!

Breaking: Kim Kardashian Did Something I Actually Respect

A photo of Kim Kardashian

Are you shocked? Because I certainly am. When one thinks of adjectives to describe Kim Kardashian, I’m pretty sure “respectable” isn’t one that comes up too terribly often. I think when the thing that launches your career is performing oral sex on a man who is famous because he has a sister who is famous for doing the best duet in the history of pop music, then, in general, respect isn’t really something that comes into the picture too easily. No, if I had to pick adjectives to describe Kim, I would probably pick conceited, vain, and self-important. Oh wait, those are synonyms, aren’t they? Ok, I’ll add selfish. Does that work?

But you guys! This isn’t about Kim’s faults! This is about how she did something that I think is pretty cool, something that I can really get behind. She made fun of herself! Can you believe it?!

A couple of days ago, Kim posted a blog entry titled “OK, I Do Not Look Cute Crying.” Which, of course, is one of the truest truths. Sadly, the text was a little short: “Ok, I have to admit I do not look cute crying! LOL! And I do cry a lot. These pics are so ugly I just had to share.” But she supplemented it with a gallery of photos of herself in tears, which you can see below, and she even linked to “more gorgeous crying pics” from Bossip. After the link, she even did a “LOL,” isn’t that wonderful?

In the past, I think little Kimmy would have cried over all the giggles we’ve been having over her sadface. I think she might have even tried to get some of the photos taken down. But she’s not! She’s laughing at herself, and I think that’s just such a great sign that she can do that. Do you think … could she have actually grown from everything? Is that possible?

Speaking of possible, I suppose it’s entirely possible that she’s trying to put on a brave face, and that really this little blog was put together while she was crying and licking up some melted ice cream off her laptop. She probably has a number of people telling her what to do to get people to like her again, and self-deprecating humor would be something on that list. So maybe she hasn’t grown. Maybe she’s just fooling me.

What do you guys think? Does this make you like Kim Kardashian just a teensy tiny little bit more, or are you going to just hate her forever? Either way, I totally understand.

Did You Guys Watch Kourtney and Kim Take New York Last Night?

A photo of Kim Kardashian

Because it was so good. Kim spent the entire episode going back and forth between bawling her eyes out and being a total bitch. It was a wild and crazy adventure, and if you love to trash talk the Kardashians, then it was something you must see.

If you didn’t see it though, it’s not a big deal. Not only did I watch it, but I watched and took notes so I could go over some of the highlights from the episode with you guys. Are you ready for this?

If you haven’t been watching, last night’s episode was the second part of the season finale. In the first part, which aired last Sunday, Kim met with psychic John Edward to try and get in touch with her deceased father. Both Kris (her husband, not her mom) and Kourtney were against this for religious reasons, but Kourtney ended up sitting in on the meeting. John Edward made both Kardashians cry by bringing up memories of their dad, but then he asked Kim if she was divorced. When Kim said that she had gotten a divorce, but that she was currently married again, John kept asking her, for her father, “did you learn from what this is?” And then Kim had a little break down. And now that we’re caught up, let’s jump into a recap of last night, shall we?

Kim tells Kourtney that she was crying so hard after the meeting with the psychic because “when he was talking about like, like the divorce stuff,” it made her realize that she’s not happy in her marriage. She says “I honestly feel like I can’t do this anymore with Kris.” Kourtney suggests that maybe she should give it time, maybe they should go home and actually live together like a married couple and not with another couple in a suite in a hotel. Kim insists that she can’t do it anymore.

Then Kim and Kris have a talk and discuss their issues. They agree that they need to spend more time together than they had been, and that during their last few days in New York, they should hang out and have fun. At one point, Kim says to Kris “I don’t know, sometimes I just feel so like dead inside.” Great sign, right?

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Snoop Dogg Tells it Like it Is, Calls Kim Kardashian a Ho

Video is pretty NSFW for language – so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Here’s the transcript from the video, in case some of you couldn’t (or wouldn’t) watch the clip, based on what it actually is:

[Dolphin screams "Bitch!"]

Advice for Kris Humphries and her, uh, Kim Kardashian: the first advice is, you dumb ass n-gga, you shouldn’t have tried to wife the bitch, man. She’s not that type of a ho. She gets around, man, you see when Reggie [Bush] took the bitch to Africa, she was looking at the Africans ’cause they had bigger dicks than him. He didn’t know how to act afterwards, they sent his ass to Miami. Ray-J the only n-gga that bounced back from the bitch, man. She’s cold-blooded. I’m pretty sure she have a book in a month, talking about all the n-ggas she got and how she played ‘em. My advice is, look. You can’t make a ho a housewife. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Let her do what she was born to do. HO. Yeah. HO. Punk bitch.

[Dolphin screams "Bitch!" again]

That should pretty much sum up what Snoop Dogg here thinks of Kim Kardashian. Or rather, what the entire world probably thinks of her. The funny thing, however, is that, given the chance, Snoop would still probably hit it. With another brother’s dick, all triple-wrapped and stuff, but he’d still be all about it, more than likely. If you take all of the nasty away from Kim Kardashian and her conniving ways and her beat-up kitty cat, she’s still a pretty alluring chick, but then again, if you take all that stuff away, then she wouldn’t be Kim Kardashian – she’d be, like, Princess f-cking Jasmine or something, you know?

Kim Kardashian Planned Her Own Proposal

A photo of Kim Kardashian

I know, right? Ugh. But before we get into things, can we take a real quick moment to discuss why women with bigger hips probably should reconsider wearing high waisted pants? Because it looks absurd. It’s not cute, it’s not fashionable, it’s just silly. Has Kim always made these awful choices in clothing, or am I just starting to notice it now because I’m just now starting to actively dislike her?

Ok, now that we have that quick fashion chat out of the way, let me fill you guys in on how Kim Kardashian is such a control freak that she told Kris Humphries exactly how he needed to propose to her:

Kris Humphries has told his inner circle of trusted friends and family that his soon-to-be ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, planned his weddingproposal to her, which was filmed for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, is exclusively reporting.

In the latest example of staging, cameras captured Humphries proposing to Kardashian in the bedroom of her mansion. Kris had wanted to propose to Kim in Minnesota, but he had absolutely no control over how it all went down.

“Kim told Kris how, where and when to propose, it was absolutely no surprise to her whatsoever”, a source close to the situation tells exclusively.

“First of all, Kris proposed in the middle of the day, and he had to do that because it would create better lighting to capture the moment. Kim looked so surprised but she knew it was happening,” the source says. “She was in full hair and make-up, as she always is on the show. Kris wanted it to be very intimate and romantic, but all of his ideas were shot down by production officials and Kim.

“Kim told him the paparazzi would ruin the special moment if it were to take place in a public setting, like the beach, which he had also considered. How romantic could it be with three camera crews?”

Now, usually if there was some regular old story where “a source close to the situation” was making all these claims, I’d be a little hesitant to sign on so quickly. But how completely believable is this? It’s so believable that I bet many of you probably just assumed that this is how it happened anyway, right? Poor Kris Humphries. Sure, he seems like kind of a douche, but at least he seems like a genuine douche, which, to me, is better than a fake sweetheart any day.

Speaking of being a fake sweetheart, have you guys been watching Kourtney and Kim Take New York? Because I have, and knowing that many of you guys have not, I’ll catch you up. See, last week’s episode showed Kim going to Dubai with her mom, Kris Jenner. This happened in mid-October, presumably a couple of weeks before the divorce. There’s a scene where Kim and Kris are riding in a car, and Kris is like “are you excited to get home to Kris?” and Kim is like “ummmm….” Kim asks if it’s normal to feel relieved about being away from your new husband, and Kris tells her it’s not. Kimmy is troubled.

But she’s not! Because that wasn’t even real!

As previously reported, Kim and Kris Jenner had an emotional heart-to-heart chat about the breakdown of Kim’s marriage in a recent episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York which was set when the women were in Dubai.

Only it wasn’t! The women were in Dubai in October, and the “heart to heart” scene was actually shot in December and edited into the episode!

In photos taken of the pair on December 6, as they exited a TV studio, Kim is dressed in the exact outfit, with the same hair style and earrings, as she is seen wearing in the scene supposedly shot in mid-October in Dubai. And mom Kris was followed out of the studio by an assistant carrying the purple kaftan-style dress she is seen wearing in the back of the limo.

Before last week’s episode aired, Humphries sent out a cryptic tweet: “I can’t wait for the truth to come out! People will be surprised or maybe they won’t. #FCC.”

Man.  I know the word is that they’re editing the show to make Kris Humphries look like the bad guy, but I don’t think it’s working, do you?

Quotables: Amber Rose Says Kim Kardashian’s a Ho, Clarifies Those Homewrecker Allegations

photo of amber rose and kanye west pictures photos pics dating 2011 pic
“Kim is the home wrecker, I’m not the home wrecker. I don’t date men in relationships; I don’t do that to other women. I got frustrated and I said it, [OK?]. I feel like Kim and her family, they manipulate the media and they want people to believe what they want them to believe. I just had to put the truth out there and I had to get it off my chest.”

Wow. This is practically, like, the first time I’ve ever really had anything good to say about Amber Rose and her beat-looking vulva.

Anyway, if you’re completely in the dark about what Amber’s talking about, it’s the fact that Kim Kardashian allegedly horned in on Amber and Kanye’s relationship and made the move to hook up with him despite the fact that he had a long-term girlfriend at the time. If that’s what you can call Amber Rose, I don’t know. I don’t remember much of their relationship other than a bunch of unsuitable-for-work photos of the two of them, like, practically getting it on in public and how she was this veritable nobody ’til Kanye did his rescue bit and brought her into the spotlight or whatever. Then there were those unbelievable nudes (whose variety of angles you’ll recognize if you’ve ever seen a minute of porn, but generally not when it comes to those Classy Celebrity Nudes).

So right. Back topic here, of course. Remember earlier in the month Emily told you that Amber made those crazy “Kim Kardashian broke up my relationship with Yeezy?” and people were all like, “Amber Rose, shut up, you’re just as big of a ho”? Well, Amber’s not backing down from her original comments calling Kim a ho-bag, and even now, after being questioned on her original Kim-bashing motives, she sticks to her guns and it turns out that she really IS kind of the first “celebrity” to fully speak out about the ridiculousness that happens whenever Kim tries to get her way (hint: she gets her way). Unless, of course, you count Michael Buble, who was pretty vague in his insults, simply calling Kim a “bitch.” Amber Rose don’t play that shit, fool.

So, woo! Amber Rose, go you. Even though you’re a total troll in your own right, I’d still rather see you publicity’d out everywhere instead of … well, you know. Her.

Which Celebrity Would You Like to Have as A Neighbor?

A photo of Courtney Stodden

Me, I picked Courtney Stodden. Not only is she a true American, as you can see in the classy photo above, but we could trade makeup tips, she could show me where to get cool and stylish arm bands, and I could figure out the best, most tactful way to tell her that none of her shoes fit and it looks gross. Yes, Courtney Stodden would make a fine, fine neighbor.

But you know what? Apparently this real estate blog called Zillow does this survey every year in which they ask people which celebrity they would most like to have as a neighbor and which celebrity would be the absolute worst neighbor. And you know who was named the most desirable neighbor? The person who most people would want to have next door? Tim Tebow. Ugh, can you imagine? How boring. I’d be like “Tim, if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times, if you’re going to kneel and pray again, do it in your own damn yard.”

Still, good ol’ Tebow managed to bring in 11% of votes. Brad and Angelina weren’t far behind though: they got 10%. Following Brangelina was Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at 9%, Jennifer Lopez with 6%, Beyonce and Jay-Z with 5%, and for whatever reason, Nancy Grace and Kim Kardashian tied with 4% of the votes. The remainder of the vote was split between “other” and “none of the above,” though I can’t figure out why the survey would have both of those choices.

But what about the survey for the least desirable neighbor? How would that vote turn out? For me, my neighbors in real life have had loud screaming matches that I can hear every word of from my apartment (it’s two couples living in a two bedroom apartment, and one of the dudes has a lady on the side that his lady in the apartment has a pretty good idea about), they do laundry for 40 hours straight (I counted), and they left dog feces wrapped in a napkin in front of our window, and that was just this week! So I can’t really think of any celebrity worse than that, so … wait. Courtney Love sets things on fire in her home. That might be worse.

According to America, however, the cast of Jersey Shore win the highest honors with 28% of voters naming them the worst neighbors. Next is Charlie Sheen with 21%, Lindsay Lohan with 14%, Kim Kardashian with 13%, Nancy Grace and Brad and Angelina are tied at 3%, Anthony Weiner had 2% of votes, and the rest, again, were either “other” or “none of the above.”

But what about you, friends? Is there any celebrity that you think would be a delight to have as a neighbor, or any that would be absolutely horrible? Are you still trying to figure out why any number of people would want to live next to Jennifer Lopez? Because I’m there too. We don’t have to be alone in this.