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Quotables: Kim Kardashian is a Genuine Person, You Guys

photo of kanye west and kim kardashian pictures

“No … It’s your heart you’re playing with. I couldn’t sacrifice my heart for a publicity stunt. … I have to first get divorced. But to have him in my life this way, I think, says a lot about us.”

Here’s the thing: Kim’s got something 100% right today. It does say a lot about the two of them that they’re in each others’ lives like this.

And Kim could never “sacrifice” her “heart” for a “publicity stunt”? First, Kim doesn’t have a heart, guys. It’s harsh, but it’s just truth. Second? If you don’t have a heart, you can’t sacrifice one. And Kim doesn’t even know the meaning of the word ‘sacrifice’. To even know the definition of the word ‘sacrifice’, one would realize that you get nothing in return for sacrificing something. I don’t think Kim is a shrewd enough to realize that the more you sacrifice, the more you get back in the long run. No, Kim is only concerned with the here and now and what she can get her grubby little hands on.

Finally, Kim saying that she’d never do anything off-the-cuff for the sake of a publicity stunt, and then in the same breath, saying that it says a lot about Kanye in her life at this time in her life (and by “this time in her life,” I mean “before her divorce is even final”). And none of it’s good.

You know, I completely abhor writing different things about Kim Kardashian day in and day out, but guys, it’s so hard not to. So, so hard.

Last, yes, I know that Emily already talked about this interview in a general way this morning, dropping gems on you guys left and right like how Bruce Jenner regrets Kim’s wedding, and how Scott Disick is totally moved by Kourtney’s crying, and of course, Kim telling everyone just how beautiful she is, but I wanted to really, really delve into Kim’s publicity stunt comments, because they just got me so, so much today. Like, right here. Right in the heart.

Kim Kardashian: “I Hate to Talk About Myself”

A photo of the Kardashian family and Oprah Winfrey

Oh wow. This is too rich, it really is. Last night the second part of Oprah‘s interview with the Kardashians aired, and Kim actually said that she hates to talk about herself. Goodness gracious, what a joke.

Let’s break down the interview and see if we can find any other gems, shall we?

- When Kim was asked about Kanye, she said that “I don’t know why it took us so long to get together. I think we’ve always had an attraction to each other…one day it just happened. It took me by surprise.” She also said that Kanye is what she’s looking for in a man, which is hilarious to me, but that she’s “apprehensive” to talk about the relationship.

- Apparently Oprah wanted to talk about Kanye for a while, because she also asked Kim if their relationship was a publicity stunt. Kim’s response? “No. It’s your heart you’re playing with. I couldn’t sacrifice my heart for a publicity stunt.”

- Also, we’re all so totally wrong about what Kim’s all about. She’s not some mindless spoiled brat, ok? “I hardly drink, I go to church on Sundays,” says Kim. “I’m so far removed from my image.”

- Then she said something kind of cryptic about marriage and Kanye: “I’m not thinking about marriage right now,” says Kim. “To have him (Kanye) in my life this way, says a lot about us.”

- But Kim, please, tell us how pretty you are! Oprah asked her if she knew that she was beautiful, which is when Kim said that she hates talking about herself because “I’m so critical.” Since you’re all on pins and needles, Kim admitted that she’s pretty, but she wouldn’t call herself beautiful.

- Khloe and Lamar got some time in with Oprah too, and Khloe told her that they’re “always trying” to get pregnant.

- Oprah asked Scott Disick an amazing question: what’s the hardest thing to watch in the shows? He responded with “I would probably just say maybe Kourtney crying, one, two, maybe a million times.” Good answer, now if he could work on not being a jackass.

- And does Bruce Jenner have any regrets? “The only thing, the whole (Kim and Kris) wedding thing,” says Bruce. “We went so overboard on that. And, the way it turned out and everything. … And, because I mean at the time it was honest, it was love, it was exact, I mean, I was all in, you know? But then it turned so quickly.”

Bless you, Oprah. Bless you for this.

New BFF Alert: Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, For Real This Time

A photo of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian

Nearly a month ago, I told you guys about how Kim Kardashian went to a Beyonce concert, and about how she went backstage afterwards where they were seen “greeting each other with an embrace and dancing together.” I suggested that they were going to become total besties, but nooo. You guys were all “it’s not true, Beyonce would never!” and “show me the pictures then!”


A photo of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce

There’s Kim and Bey in Birmingham last night, watching their men, Kanye and Jay-Z, put on a show. But hey, you can’t really see their faces all that clearly, right?


A photo of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce

I’ll throw a couple more pictures in the gallery, but here’s a video! It’s really terrible quality, and I’d suggest turning your speakers way down, but you can see Kim and Beyonce in the mosh pit in the very beginning with a bodyguard ordering someone to turn their camera off:

It’s not much, but it’ll hold us over until Beyonce makes her debut on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kanye Has A Great Idea for An Album

A photo of Kanye West

Kanye does have a pretty great idea for a new album, but first we need to talk about this picture and how amazing it is. There’s Kanye’s dumb expression, which never fails to make me giggle, but of course your eyes go straight for the man in the background. The man with the shorts that seem just a tiny bit too short. The man with the glorious tank top. The man who stole our hearts.

But anyway, here’s Kanye’s idea:

Rapper Kanye West has a wild idea, as he is attempting to make an album composed of mostly animal noises.

He experimented with the idea on “Watch The Throne”, his album with Jay-Z, but wants to take it to another level, reports

“Kanye’s telling mates this is his next ingenious plan. He’s become so obsessed with roars, barks and jungle noises that he’s experimenting with putting them on a recording,” said a source.

I just love all of Kanye’s crazy ideas, don’t you? Like when he named that one album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and how he wants to knock Kim Kardashian up. Man, what a trip.

And since it’s Friday, and since it’s been four whole days since we last discussed the beautiful relationship between Kim and Kanye, here’s a special quote about Kanye that Kim gave during that second part of the Oprah interview:

“We met maybe almost a decade ago, I’ve known him for a really long time, we’ve been friends for like six or seven years, so it’s very comforting to have someone that knows everything about you that respects you, understands, has gone through similar things,” Kim said. “I can really relate to his mother passing, he can really relate to my father passing. I mean, there’s so many similarities in our life that I feel like I’m at a really happy, good space.”

While the two could have started dating a while ago, Kim said she feels that her experiences, namely her divorce from Kris Humphries, were things she had to go through in order to be ready for this relationship.

“I don’t know why it took so long for us to kind of get together,” Kim said. “But I think I needed to go through all my experiences and some that he’s gone through.”

If this isn’t a match made in heaven, then I just don’t know what is.

Kris Humphries Says Kris Jenner Was in Charge of Kim’s Sex Tape

A photo of Kris Humphries

My goodness, this divorce is going to be serious. There’s about a zillion reasons for that, but the latest one is Kris Humphries‘ girlfriend/special friend/stalker, Fatmire. See, she allegedly has tons of texts from Kris that are relevant to the divorce trial, including ones where Kris calls her the love of his life and ones where he explains that Kris Jenner directed Kim‘s sex tape. It’s official: Fatmire is gossip gold.

From TMZ:

Kris Humphries trashed Kim Kardashian and her family in conversations and text messages to his former girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj [that's Fatmire to you!] … telling her Kris Jenner not only directed Kim to shoot her sex tape, but to re-shoot because Kris J didn’t think the first one was pretty enough.

As TMZ first reported, Kim has subpoenaed Myla in Kim’s divorce case, and we’ve learned Myla has a lot to say about what Kris told her about his relationship with his famous estranged wife.

In addition to the sex tape, sources tell us Myla has numerous text messages in which Kris says she is the love of his life and he wants to get the divorce over with quickly so they can spend the rest of their time on earth together.  In several of the messages, we’re told Kris says specifically that he’s “moved on” from Kim.

The information is extremely damaging to Kris, because he’s alleging in his divorce that Kim has destroyed him emotionally by allegedly defrauding him into believing it was a real marriage.  Turns out, Kris has been banging Myla since mid-January, so his devastation argument may be hard to swallow.

Sources close to the Kardashians tell TMZ … Kris is lying about the sex tape.  They say Kim made it clear at the beginning of their relationship she would not discuss the tape because she didn’t want to be judged by it.  Our sources say the sex tape never came up in any subsequent discussions between Kim and Kris and it just shows he’s delusional.

Myla’s deposition should be interesting.

If this divorce doesn’t air on E!, then I will lose all faith in humankind. There, I said it.

Kim Kardashian Is Totally Sorry About That Whole Marriage Thing

A photo of Kim Kardashian

Hey, do you remember that one time that Kim Kardashian met that one dude, and they hung out for a while and then got engaged so that she could have her super special princess day, but then a couple of months later she was like “I can’t do this anymore LOL” and they broke up? So does she, and she’s totally, totally sorry if she hurt anybody, but she doesn’t have any regrets. Because of course she doesn’t.

Here are a few lovely quotes from that interview she did with Oprah:

Kim Kardashian is known for living every bit of her life on TV, however that could have all changed following the breakdown of her marriage to Kris Humphries after the star admitted that she considered backing away from “everything”.

Appearing on Oprah Winfrey’s show, Oprah’s Next Chapter, the reality TV beauty who is currently loved up with rapper Kanye West, spoke candidly about how she felt following the backlash of her marriage breakdown.

Revealing that she was in a “deep depression”, the Mail Online reported Kim as saying: “You know in your heart. Mum was supportive, so I took that time off afterwards… I would rather have been beaten up in the media than live a life that wasn’t happy.

“I was in such a deep depression I thought I was going to back away from everything. I stayed at home for almost four months and I’m a better person now, as heartbreaking as it was to go through.”

Despite the upset, Kim admitted that she wouldn’t have changed it, adding: “For anyone I hurt, I’m truly sorry, I don’t wish pain on anyone, but the person I am because of that crazy experience, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I loved him, obviously it hurt him, and it hurt me too. It was embarrassing, I don’t want to call it a mistake, it was a lesson.”

Asked how she felt about the rumours that her marriage was for publicity, Kim strongly denied the rumours and revealed that she still has a place for Kris in her heart.

She said: “I was in love, I wanted the life that I always pictured my fairytale life to be. I would’ve had an extravagant wedding anyway, to end that relationship was a risk in itself to lose ratings and I had to take the risk to be honest to myself.

“He’s a good person. I will always have a place in my heart for him. It just wasn’t for me.”

“To end that relationship was a risk in itself to lose ratings.” That’s a thing that Kim actually said. I just wanted to make sure everyone saw that.

Another fun point is that in the interview, Kim expanded on her “fairy tale life” by saying “I want babies, I want my forever, and I want my fairy tale,” and Oprah asked her if Kanye was her new fairy tale. Kim’s answer? I don’t know, we have to wait for the second part that airs next Sunday. Curse you, Oprah!

Quotables: Kim Kardashian is, Like, Totally Growing Up

photo of the kardashians and oprah winfrey pictures interview pic

“I’m totally growing up. A lot of my friends, the people that I love to just sit and talk to and spend my time with, are wiser, a little bit older than me. Before I used to, you know, all my boyfriends were younger. I always dated five years younger. My whole thing was completely different … I love that I’m with someone who is a couple years older than me,” she says of West. “I love that my friends are even sometimes 20, 30 years older than me …Kourtney had this epiphany when she had the baby and she changed into a different person. I feel like I’ve had an epiphany over the last year for what I’ve been through, and I am that changed person just from my own experiences.”

Sigh. Doesn’t she say this kind of stuff every year? “Over the last year [I've completely changed]“? Because I swear, we hear this bit year in and year out. You’d think by now that Kim would be an ENTIRELY different person who’s selfless, thoughtful, charitable, honest, meek, modest, demure, and above all, likable.

Not, you know, still the complete opposite of all of those lovely words above.

Get this interview over with, Oprah, because I’ve just about had it on not being able to keep my breakfast down, OK? Damn.