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Oh, Snap – Rob Kardashian goes for Kim Kardashian on Instagram

kim kardashian rob kardashian

Rob Kardashian has been the fat black sheep of the Kardashian family for a while now (which is a shame b/c he’s probably the only vaguely decent one), and it seems relations have not improved in recent months, particularly between Rob and big sister Kim Kardashian. While Rob has been absent from Instagram for a long ass time now, he made his comeback by basically comparing Kim to the psycho from Gone Girl. Oh shit.

rob kardashian kim kardashian instagram

OMG, I love it. He’s already deleted the picture (thank god for screencaps), of course, and he’ll probably come out and say he was hacked, if he addresses it at all, but this is a wig snatch and a half coming from Rob. The last big public drama they had, of course, was when Rob flew back to LA before Kim & Kanye’s wedding. Looks like things have only gone from bad to worse since then. Damn.

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Kanye West won’t stop posting naked pics of Kim Kardashian on Twitter

kim kardashian kanye west

No matter how rich she is and how many expensive outfits she can afford, Kim Kardashian just can’t seem to keep her clothes on. I think I can speak for us all when I say that we’ve seen her naked far, far too many times. It’s too much. It’s over-the-top. I just want the woman to WEAR SOME FRIGGIN’ CLOTHES. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

Kanye West is like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to the fact that he gets to have sex with a perfect surgical specimen, it seems, as he took to Twitter yesterday to unveil a whole slew of naked photos of his wife and simultaneously try to make “SWISH!” a thing. Not gonna happen.

Step behind the cut if you dare…

No. Just no.

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Is Kim Kardashian jealous of Kylie Jenner?

kylie jenner kim kardashian

Kylie Jenner is well on her way to becoming her older sister’s Jr. She’s virtually transforming into Kim Kardashian and she’s only 17 – imagine where she’ll be in five years! This thought is apparently what’s been bothering Kim, and she’s seriously worried about Kylie becoming a better looking version of herself!

From XPosé Entertainment (whatever!):

A source shared: ”Kim’s been moaning to her mom for months now that Kylie’s slowly morphing into a better-looking version of her – and she’s not happy about it.”

She was so upset she even confronted the 17-year-old television personality about stealing her style but Kylie completely ”denied” it.

The source added to US’ OK! magazine: ”She fronted up Kylie and tore into her for copying her style and her look. Kylie denied it, of course, but she really does look more like Kim every day…

”Kim’s got a huge ego and thinks Kylie’s a threat to her brand… It’s because Kylie’s a much better looking version of her – and she knows it.”

This comes just days after it was reported that Kylie is looking to outshine her older half-sister by going into the music business.

The insider shared: ”If Kylie feels competitive with anyone it’s Kim. She feels they have similar body types and looks. Kim is doing modelling, fashion, television and much more which is exactly what Kylie wants. She doesn’t want to be put in a box and only do one thing.

”She wants to be like Kim, but even bigger and more diverse – getting into music and producing as well.”

Oh, dear. Obviously this whole quote is bullshit, but I actually can see this being true. Kylie is hot on Kim’s heels, and Kim’s desperate to stay relevant (much like her husband), so I can see why she’s feeling a bit concerned. The entire family is a hot mess, but bless ‘em.

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Kim Kardashian Gets Naked Again


Kim Kardashian is like, super fashion conscious you guys, and yet, for someone so into fashion, she doesn’t actually wear clothes a whole lot. She got naked for LOVE magazine, and “broke the Internet” with her shoot for Paper. You’d think that would be enough for now (or, you know, forever), but nay; that is not enough for our dear Kim. She’s gotta get naked again, this time for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Why? Why do this again? Kim explains, via E!,

If I get pregnant again soon, my body is going to totally transform. So, I’m doing this photo shoot today naked.

I just want to capture my body and have these photos to last forever.

Uh, okay, cannot you not just refer to the bazillions of other photo shoots you’ve done in which you are naked/nearly naked? Do you really need to do this again? Can you not just be honest and say, “It’s for the publicity, I crave the publicity, here’s my naked bod.” I would respect you a million times more if you actually said that. Why am I referring to her as though she’s reading this?

You guys get what I’m saying, right? Like I have no problem with nudity and with women showing off their bods, but I think I’ve just about had it with this woman. I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it, why do you keep showing us? I just don’t get it.

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Kim Kardashian is a blonde now

kim kardashian blonde

To be honest, I really don’t even know what Kanye West is trying to do to Kim Kardashian anymore. Obviously he takes himself rather seriously when it comes to fashion, but he also seems to think he’s qualified to be a personal stylist, given the shit he’s forced Kim Kardashian to encase herself in over the past few years. Now it seems Kanye has moved beyond clothes and is looking to make his wife over in a more obvious way: Kim’s now a bleach blonde. Yikes.

There’s also the fact that she seems to have had more surgery/injections/whatever, because yet again her face and more particularly her lips look pumped up like fucking bike tires and it’s awful. What is the point of everything this woman is doing to her face/body? If that’s what she legit wants to do, fair enough. But… Is she legitimately trying not to look human anymore? That’s not even me being an asshole – it’s a serious question.

kim kardashian blonde

Kim debuted her hair all over Paris, and even wore a fishnet dress with no bra at the Lanvin show yesterday – anticipate some nip if you make any of the gallery photos bigger.

What do you guys think about this mess?


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Kim Kardashian pays assistant $100,000 to Photoshop her pics

kim kardashian

I feel like this is a day of completely obvious news, but whatever, here we are. Kim Kardashian has really upped her Photoshop game lately – no more warped backgrounds! This isn’t dumb luck, it’s business. Kim has apparently hired a professional Photoshop assistant that she pays $100k to make her look… well, the way she looks.

A source tells exclusively, “Kim used to ask a friend to fix up photos, but it would take hours. She finally decided to hire a pro who can be on call 24/7.”

And having your pictures edited does not come cheap! Kim “reportedly pays the pro $100,000 a year.” And the expert “has to keep a phone on all night, in case she’s traveling.”

But what about the original shots? In order to make sure the original photos never see the light of day, “She had the expert sign a nondisclosure agreement promising to destroy all the originals.”

I mean, I guess we can’t really shade Kim – after all, she’s never been a fan of “natural beauty” and doesn’t really get off on the whole “self-empowerment via acceptance of the way you actually look” thing, so of course she Photoshops the shit out of her selfies. Of course she finds it worthwhile to spend $100,000 on vanity instead of giving it to charities or any number of causes that are less narcissistic. Of course.

What do you think, guys? Worth the investment?

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Kardashian Family In Car Accident


Bruce Jenner was just in a major car wreck that killed someone, and yesterday, on Saturday — two weeks to the day, in fact — Kim KardashianNorth WestKhloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner were in a car accident of their very own. Um, yikes. Khloe was driving and there was apparently no serious damage done to the car. Here’s the story, from TMZ:

Khloe Kardashian skidded on an ice-covered Montana road and dangerously crossed into oncoming traffic, eventually landing in a ditch with Kim, North West and Kylie on board.

We’re told the girls were driving in Bozeman, MT Saturday morning when a semi-truck drove by their car and kicked up a ton of snow, hitting their windshield and apparently blinding Khloe.

Apparently Khloe couldn’t see and began swerving, right into a patch of black ice. The car then spun out of control, crossing oncoming traffic and ending up in a ditch.


Cops tell us there was no damage to the Kardashian’s vehicle — a black Yukon GMC — and a motor carrier service called the slide-off into police.

We’re told the incident was part of a number of similar accidents that happened today due to the icy roads … and the family was calm when cops arrived. No citations were issued.

Okay, so this sounds like a true accident, but what is with this family and the car problems?? Get it together, guys.

Of COURSE, Kim had to share a post-car-accident photo on Instagram:


Thank you God for watching over us and keeping us safe ????

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Bitch, please.

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