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Keri Russell

Keri Russell in Details Magazine

Not bad, but I liked it better when it was called Fiona Apple.

Does this mean Keri will get really, really wasted at the VMAs next year and go up on stage and be all like “This world is bullshit. And you shouldn’t model your life — wait a second — you shouldn’t model your life about what you think that we think is cool and what we’re wearing and what we’re saying and everything. Go with yourself. Go with yourself” and then stumble off?*


Then I don’t care.

Oh, and the pic where she’s wearing the big black hat?

Total nipple peekage.

* How the fuck is that clip not on YouTube? Life is totes unfair.

Update: Evil Beet readers rock!!! Thanks Natalie for sending this! The fun starts around the 2 minute mark.