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Kendra Wilkinson

2Kendra Wilkinson Is My New Hero

A photo of Kendra Wilkinson

Yes, that Kendra Wilkinson: former Playboy bunny and former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. The reality star with the infamous sex tape who thinks that we’re all strippers on the inside is one of my new favorite people.

“But how did this happen?” you might be wondering. It’s ok, it’s a fair thing to wonder. I’ve never seen a minute of any of Kendra’s shows, and I’ve never seen any of her more adult work. There’s no real reason why I should find her interesting at all, much less someone to look up to. That is, until I read this little thing she had to say to People:

The most talented people in the world go to Las Vegas to perform, play and party. But Kendra Wilkinson is not one of them.

“I never ever see myself as a celebrity or famous so I poke fun at that,” the reality star told PEOPLE while hosting MGM Grand’s Wet Republic pool party on Friday. “I just say what I do. I have no talent. I have nothing to offer.

Wilkinson, who pranced around her VIP cabana in a white bikini and blue see-through cover-up, said she appreciates her status as a reality star on Kendrabut doesn’t take it for granted.

“I live my life on TV – it’s like a home video,” Wilkinson, 26, says of the show, which documents her life with husband Hank Baskett and their son Hank IV. “I’m very aware of what I do and I’m very aware of how quickly my career could end. Every season I cross my fingers and hope the show gets picked up but it’s out of my hands and in my fans’ hands.”

You caught the most important part of that, didn’t you? I bolded it to make it pop out a little more, but let me repeat it just in case: “I have no talent. I have nothing to offer.”

What an unbelievably refreshing thing to say, right? In a world where Paris Hilton pretends to be a real musician and refers to herself as “very musically talented,” and in a world where Kim Kardashian claims she is someone who “runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates,” Kendra’s comment is the most charming thing anyone has ever said. Imagine if that kind of attitude was embraced. Instead of the cast of Jersey Shore continually trying to tell us that they’re actually really smart people who just get shown in the wrong light on their show, what if they were like “yeah, we just party all the time and get paid ridiculous amounts of money to do it, isn’t that awesome?”

I like a handful of reality shows, and if this kind of attitude was more prevalent, I think reality stars would be so much more popular. If Kim Kardashian just admitted that yeah, she is kind of a f*cking idiot, but her stupidity is entertaining to watch, then I think people would actually start liking her. Wouldn’t that be crazy?

March 27, 2012 at 5:30 pm by Emily
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1Kendra Wilkinson’s Slamming Down Booze to Make Baby #2

Kendra Wilkinson Drunk and Getting Pregnant [PICS]

Kendra Wilkinson is thinking about having her second child with husband Hank Baskett (guess those break-up rumors are as false as her titties,) but she’s not doing all of the traditional mommy prep that we normally hear about. Nope, the girl’s just getting wasted with her husband, going at it and hoping that a baby comes out of it.

When asked about her plans for getting pregnant again, Kendra told People, “Hank and I need a couple more drunken nights. We need to get drunk and have crazy sex a couple more times.”

Totally, Kendra. Just slam back those Malibu Bay Breezes until you can’t feel anything and then have at it.

May 27, 2011 at 3:30 pm by Molls
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6Kendra Wilkinson Wants You to Believe She’s a Size 0

photo of kendra wilkinson pictures photos skinny size 0 life and style magazine

“I feel like I look so much better than I used to! I was a size 2 or 4 before Dancing With the Stars and now I’m a size 0. My waist is still shrinking! When you work out, you produce so much lactic acid, so my body always looks thicker and more muscular. Now that I’ve had a couple of weeks off, my body is fuller and looks better. I hope I’ll look like this forever. But to be honest, I will never be satisfied!”

That’s Kendra right up there, telling our buddies, Life & Style, that she’s a size zero. And honestly? I couldn’t give a shit less as to what her dress size is. What the hell is the deal with people feeling the need to broadcast their size all over the damn Internets? Is this, like, the New Thing or something? Because I’m totally not getting it. The photo of Kendra above is supposed to be her at a size 0. OK. I’m not saying that it’s not, but what I AM saying is that Kendra and I aren’t built too differently (except that she’s got HELLA boobs, whereas I have, um, NONE) but I am nowhere near even flirting with a size 0.

I suppose that is all.

Photo courtesy of Life & Style

May 25, 2011 at 5:30 pm by Sarah
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5Quotables: Kendra Wilkinson Thinks We’re All Strippers Inside

A photo of Kendra Wilkinson

“Every woman has that stripper inside of themselves. It just takes confidence to be able to show it. I’m not saying really going out and stripping in front of people. I’m saying that everyone has that confidence inside. People are taking pole-dancing lessons. It’s for women to break out of their shell, explore who they are, explore their sensuality. I think people need to find their inner stripper.”

- Kendra Wilkinson puts a positive spin on stripping.

How do we feel about this, ladies?  I think I’m going to have to disagree with Kendra on this one.  Not that I think there’s anything wrong with strippers – on the contrary, I’ve been begging friends to take me to the local strip club so I can toss back some margaritas and make friends in low places for a couple years now – it’s just that there’s a good amount of women who strip to support drug habits or because of some monstrous self esteem issue, and that’s sad.  I mean, I get what she’s saying, but I think there are better ways to explore sensuality, and if that makes me a prude, then that’s fine by me.

April 6, 2011 at 11:30 am by Emily
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5Love It or Leave It: Kendra Wilkinson Wears Short Shorts

picture of kendra wilkinson dancing with the stars photos

And this is what Kendra’s been wearing to Dancing With the Stars rehearsals. And if you didn’t know that she’s in the upcoming DWTS sesh, well, hey. You do now.

As for our girl, Kendra’s got a banging body, and she looks even better than ever now that she’s squeezed a baby out, but MAN that OUTFIT. It is just AWFUL. Honestly, I don’t care who you are, what your legs look like, or just how tanned and toned you are – stay away from the 1960′s (striped!) gym shorts, kids. They are just plain EVIL.

March 8, 2011 at 2:30 pm by Sarah
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6Kendra Wilkinson Has Another Sex Tape… And This One is With a Lady

Remember that “one time thing, horrible mistake” Kendra Wilkinson sex tape that was released last year? We’re getting another one this year. And it’s heavy on the girl-on-girl action.

RadarOnline had all the details about the tape, which we’re guessing was shot in her pre-Playboy days, although that wasn’t specified. The source who spoke to them described the tape and said, “Kendra has sex in the video with Taryn Ryan. They were friends and were hanging out together, with their boyfriends. It’s a long tape, about 45 minutes. And there is nothing left to the imagination.”

Apparently the tape takes a turn for the Paris at one point and the rest of the tape is shot with night-vision, but is totally clear and very graphic.

As a huge Kendra fan, I’mma let this slide, but I will not hesitate to put her on my shit list if I find out she was behind the leak. While she didn’t want the first sex tape leaked (or made, it seemed), she certainly profited from it. If she starts declaring “uncovered sex tape residuals” on her taxes every year, that will not be cute.

And P.S. How pissed do you think Hank is about this? The dude’s been looking mortified half the time on their show lately.

January 27, 2011 at 2:57 pm by Molls
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