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Kendall Jenner

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner get naked (and Photoshopped) for LOVE mag

kim kardashian love

Another day, another naked picture of a Kardashian/Jenner. This time around, it’s Kim (as usual) and Kendall (sorta as usual, but in a ~serious model~ way) who have stripped down and let Photoshop work its magic for the new issue of LOVE magazine. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Kris was the CEO of LOVE, since this family is featured in like, every single issue.

The shots are, as per usual, NSFW, so I’ll throw them behind a cut. I only have 2 questions here:

1. What’s with the Photoshopping of Kendall’s boobs? Why add like, 3 cup sizes to the girl?

2. Isn’t everyone sick of seeing Kim’s tits/vag? I know I sure am.

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What the hell is wrong with Kylie Jenner?

kylie jenner

Oh, little Kylie Jenner. At just 17, she’s ready to make her own name in the Kardashian/Jenner family and she’s sick and tired of being underage and not really being able to do it. That won’t stop her from posting awful selfies on Instagram at every given opportunity, like the one above.

This shot is from New Year’s Day and was captioned simply: “1/1/15″.  No wonder Kylie’s fed up – she’s got to take care of a dog and she can’t even go clubbing with her adult man, Tyga. Oh yeah, and she’s even in big sister Kendall‘s shadow now, too. Kendall posted her own New Year’s selfie, and here it is:

kendall jenner


I certainly wish the women in this family knew how to do anything other than contort their bodies to take flattering half-naked (or sometimes entirely naked) pictures for social media. Like, is there anything wrong with loving your body and flaunting it if that’s what you want to do? Of course not. The problem is, every female in the Kardashian/Jenner clan seems to think that’s all they’re worth and it’s a bit pathetic.

What the hell is that pose Kylie is doing? Like, honestly? God help us all.

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Kris Jenner strips with Kendall around the Christmas tree

kendall jenner

I don’t even really know where to begin (or end) with this one. You know that Love Magazine shoot/video with Kendall Jenner being all sultry and dancing around a Christmas tree in lingerie? Well, it just got a whole lot better (worse?) because Kris Jenner was there for her daughter’s big day and decided to get in on the naughty fun.

They smashed Christmas ornaments!

They wore reindeer antlers!


They “danced”!


Oh, man. I really need Kris to stop, like, yesterday. The whole “I’m a cool mom” routine has just gotten to be beyond creepy. Stay out of your daughter’s lingerie shoots and get your own life instead of pimping your daughters out so you can live vicariously. I mean, come on!


Anyhow, if you really want to torture yourself with the full video, here you go!

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Kendall Jenner awkwardly dances around in lingerie

kendall jenner

Sure, Kendall Jenner is a fantastic model and looks great in still photographs, but does her allure hold up in live motion? Eh, that’s debatable. You’ll remember the oh-so seasonal Love Magazine shoot in which she stripped down to lingerie and donned a Santa hat to spread the Christmas spirit, but now we have video from that shoot and it’s… real special.

Video is posted below (and if you are at work in a place where 19-year-olds dancing in lingerie is not really accepted, I’d wait til you get home on this one), so I’ll just let you enjoy… but wow, she’s awkward as shit. Gorgeous, yes, but awkward. Ah well, make that money, girl.

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Kendall Jenner strips down for Christmas, stays clothed for ‘Vogue’

kendall jenner vogue

It seems like you can’t shit for Kendall Jenner lately, right? She’s in every fashion magazine, every campaign, every other supermodel’s Instagram feed, yada yada. She’s having her Big Moment, and I suppose we’ll just have to let her. She’s vaguely less insufferable than Kim Kardashian, anyway. Her newest shoot is for Vogue, and she certainly fits in better than her older sister there. The pictures aren’t anything special, but they’re not too bad.

I mean, those are sorta… okay, I guess? But let’s get to the good stuff (if you consider Kendall Jenner following in the family footsteps of stripping off to be “good stuff”)  – Kendall for Love Magazine. I’m going to put this behind a cut as it’s sorta NSFW… enjoy!

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Reminder: Kendall Jenner is a real model now

kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner has absolutely taken the modeling world by storm this year. She went from being a bit of a joke to being the most sought-after and well-employed model in the business, arguably. With success has come stories that her family history – you know, the fact that she’s part of the tasteless Kardashian clan – caused her to be bullied by other, more successful women. That rumour is untrue, says Kendall.

From Dazed:

“That has never happened, ever,” she says. “I would see rumours of girls bullying me backstage and putting cigarettes out in my drink, and none of that has happened. Everyone’s been really cool to me. I’ve never had one girl be mean… so far.”

Well, that’s good to know. Either way, I kinda dig this shoot (Dazed does some good ones) and I actually think Kendall is a really good model. I don’t know why, but she’s come a long way and is actually doing more with her life than anyone in her family is. Not that modeling takes “talent”, per se, but you know what I mean.

kendall jenner

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Kendall Jenner is the new face of Estée Lauder

kendall jenner

We all know that 2014 was the year Kendall Jenner came into her own and became a serious model, beloved by the fashion industry. She’s walked in fancy runway shows, done ~avant garde~ photo shoots with la-di-da high end brands and now, things have got even better for her: Kendall is the new face of Estée Lauder!

If you’re like me (and most of the world), you probably think Estée Lauder is… not really a young person’s brand. They’ve revamped their image over the past couple of years to try and draw in the younger crowd, and this seems like the latest move in that campaign. Will it work? Who knows. That being said, Estée Lauder does make some GREAT products for any age if you can get past the somewhat dowdy vibe – the Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Foundation, for example, is BEYOND amazing… just, you know, in case you wanted a recommendation.

In any case, yeah, this is great for Kendall and all, but it is a rather perplexing choice. By making her the face of the brand, they’re obviously making a move to COMPLETELY overhaul their image and I’m not sure how that will go over, especially to those who have been faithful to Estée Lauder for years.

Over at the EL website, Kendall shares some of her “favourites” from the brand – i.e. someone curated a collection of items that feasibly she could maybe wear, at least when they’re doing a photo shoot for the campaign. Sorry, I just don’t buy that she wears this shit.

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