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Kelly Clarkson

Love It Or Leave It?


Kelly Clarkson appeared on Late Show with David Letterman last night wearing dark denim flare leg jeans, a floral tunic and horizontal stripe cardigan.  Thoughts?

Do we just love Clarkson for her “I don’t care” attitude or would it be nice to see her in some garment, any garment, with structure?

Lady Gaga Suffers From Heartburn


Poor Lady Gaga’s chest exploded whilst performing at the 20th Annual MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada.

Also there was Audrina Patridge in a cheap and ill-fitting dress, my fiance Bradley Cooper and the pure Jonas Brothers.  Oh, and I’m totally willing to support Kelly Clarkson in this whole body-acceptance thing she’s got going on, but there must be compromise.  No.  More.  Scarf.  Tops.

Rumer Willis appeared with her chin and Tila Tequila was positively stumped over the one-button operation of the Flip Mino HD camera.

Finally, in an admirable effort of frugality, Kim Kardashian fashioned her dress out of one of the extra costumes used by Fergie’s backup dancers.

Kelly Clarkson’s Look: Love It or Leave It?


Kelly’s in Australia doing some promotional work, and this is the outfit she selected to do a television appearance.

Our Lives Would Suck Without Kelly Clarkson


America has spoken, people, and Kelly is #1 on the charts once again this week with her new album, All I Ever Wanted. I, for one, love the album, but I’m one of the rare people who actually loved My December, too, which flopped because it lacked strong singles. At the time, Kelly insisted on sticking with material she’d written herself, even though her label begged her not to release the album without some more radio-friendly material. I still think it was a damn good album. But I’m glad to see Kelly back on top, one way or another. I voted for you, Kelly!

Kelly’s #1!!!


Congrats to Kelly Clarkson, who’s dethroned Taylor Swift as the reigning queen of the charts. Kelly’s latest album, All I Ever Wanted, sold 255,000 copies this week and landed her the top spot. Taylor’s slipped to the #5 spot, which is totally understandable, because she’s been at the top of the charts for the past geological era.

Meanwhile, Taylor Hicks, another Idol winner, sold a totally embarrassing 9,000 copies of his second album, The Distance. Tickets for his performance tonight at The Roxy have been reduced to zero dollars — that’s right, free — and the show still hasn’t sold out. Simon Cowell must be doing a happy dance right now. I have no idea how that guy won American Idol. It’s probably why they’re fixing the results now and allowing for a judge’s save. They want cash cows, not old gray-haired cows.



“Oh, my God, I have no desire. I would not be a good mother. I mean, I love being an aunt to my niece and nephew. And I used to want to, like, adopt 10 kids — because I had friends who were adopted, and I thought that was the coolest thing, to be chosen. But again, my job is too selfish”

Kelly Clarkson in a USA Today interview speaking about how she doesn’t want kids.

I love Kelly Clarkson.  I’ve already come out of the Clarkson closet, but it cannot be overstated-I think she’s great.

It seems that motherhood is just expected of women and I really respect a woman who is brave enough to be child-free by choice.  Speaking of which, I’d like to be CFBC for, like, a day or two.  Does anyone know of a good kid kennel?

In the interview, she talks about life lived on a ranch and how she hasn’t changed, her attitude about being true to her music, and how she had to change managers to find someone who supports her vision of holding fame at an arms length.  You can read the whole thing here.  I find her so impressive and self-aware.  It makes me not even want to say anything about her dress.  That’s power, folks.