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Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson Is Pregnant, Y’all!

2013 CMA Music Festival

Kelly Clarkson is pregnant, y’all! Let’s say it: that was fast. She just got married. Congrats, Kelly and your husband who no one really cares about all that much compared to you but we care because he makes you happy so yay! It looks like she got her wish.

She tweeted the good news:


This “Christmas present” is definitely better than Jane Austen’s ring.


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Kelly Clarkson Won’t Be Telling You When She’s Pregnant

kelly clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has pretty much been shouting from the mountaintops about how desperate she is for her new husband, Brandon Blackstock, to get her pregnant in time for Christmas. She’s desperate for a baby, she wants to be a mother, she wants to be pregnant, she wants a baby in her, she can’t wait to have kids, she loves being a stepmother, blah blah fucking blah. However, while she used every press outlet that would listen to tell about her baby wishes, there’s one thing she isn’t going to do: tell you when she’s actually pregnant. Uh…

As she coyly responded to questioning on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

“We are not announcing anything right now. We’re not, no.”

Now, I don’t for one second think she IS pregnant, but I wish to hell she’d shut up about it until she is, or until she gets a big enough “baby bump” that the press picks up on it anyway and she can’t really deny it anymore. We get it, you are having fun having sex *giggle giggle* and trying for a baby. Whoopdidoo, Kelly. I like you – please don’t make it so difficult to continue.

Here’s Kelly’s full interview with Jay, if you care:

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Seriously, You Guys, Kelly Clarkson Wants A Baby For Christmas


Hot on the heels of her gorgeous, Pinterest-friendly Tennessee wedding, Kelly Clarkson is ready to get back to business… the business of baby making, that is! She has said before that she’d love to have a baby for Christmas, but apparently the universe didn’t get the message because she’s said it again. Are you listening, world? Kelly Clarkson wants to be knocked up by the time Santa slides down her chimney on December 24… and no, that’s not a euphemism (OR IS IT?).

From Elvis Duran and the Morning Show (via DS):

“I want babies, yep! I do. Everybody keeps saying, ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ And I’m like, ‘I want to be pregnant’.”
Clarkson also spoke about becoming a stepmum to Blackstock’s two children.

“I honestly never ever used to want to have kids because I’m kind of selfish with my career, but going to soccer games with Seth and doing homework with Savannah – I just really love it y’all. It’s so cool. It sounds so cheesy but it’s such a bigger point to life.”

She added: “I really lucked out with the whole kid situation. They’re amazing.”

Well, that’s nice, I suppose.  It’s good when kids have parents who actually want to be parents instead of those who accidentally had kids and are just sorta dealing with it. Then again, she does already have two stepkids now… is it seriously that important that you get knocked up in the next two months?

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