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Kellie PIckler

Quotables: Kellie Pickler is a Lush

No, I’m just kidding. She could be a perfectly nice young girl for all I know. Not that, you know, lushes are bad people. I’ve met my share of drunkards that were quite lovely, in fact.

But I just read a partial interview with former American Idol fame, Kellie Pickler. She of super-hot “Red High Heels” fame spoke to OK! magazine for their September issue and discussed how vast the difference is between her and Carrie Underwood, the “other” country-sangin’ blonde of American Idol, and her affinity for beer and not food:

Last thing I bought
I have an obsession with koozies [a fabric sleeve to keep beverages cold]. So I bought me a “Grand Ole Opry” koozie for my beer. I like my beer. I’d rather drink beer than eat.

Last thing I Googled
Dalmation adoption centers. I was looking for a local rescue center that has Dalmation puppies.

Last time I was mistaken for another celebrity
A lot of people confuse Carrie Underwood and me – we’re blonde, country and both from American Idol. I get called “Carrie Pickler” and she gets “Kellie Underwood.” But we’re totally different – night and day. I’m crazy and she’s a lady.

Last date night
Kyle [her fiance, songwriter Kyle Jacobs] and I will usually go down to Green Hills to watch a movie at the theater, or we’ll sit home and order one On Demand.

Good for you for being normal, Kellie. I know that not a lot of people know who you are, and even less dig country as much as they dig Carrie Underwood, but hey. You’re cute, you’re real, and you supposedly messed around with Kid Rock. And that makes you clutch in my book.

Wait. Kellie Pickler Dates Kid Rock?


Where have I been and how did I not know this?  Despite it being “the worst-kept secret in Nashville”, I was completely unaware that these two were dating.  And they’ve reportedly been dating for a year

Pickler, on a radio interview, referred to being involved in a year-long relationship.  Now other Nashville sources have stated that “the guy” is actually the ex-Mr. Pamela Anderson.  He does like them blond and low on the bell curve, doesn’t he?

What do we think of Rockler?  Cute couple or creepy?  I vote “kinda cute.”

New Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift Video

The virtually unrecognizable Kellie Pickler has a new video out for her song Best Days Of Your Life.  The video features Beet’s fave, Taylor Swift, who you just know was thinking about her lost Jonas the whole time they filmed this.

I could totally see this crossing over to Top 40 music which is a good thing.  I’ve been struggling lately because I can’t stand country music, but I find myself liking it and sometimes even seeking it.  This cannot be happening.