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Katie Holmes

They’re Still Letting Tom Cruise Ruin Things

Tom Cruise has just signed on to make a fourth installment in the Mission: Impossible series and I could not be any less underwhelmed by this news. Who, may I ask, is still seeing Tom Cruise movies? I can’t even look at the dude without being like, “OMG, YOU’RE SO CRAZY.” Because he is so crazy. In fact, I think he ruins everything he comes in contact with. Look at what he did to Joey from Dawson’s Creek:

I think that’s pretty much all the proof you need.

Did Cameron Diaz Get Laid at Katie Holmes’ Birthday Party?

Birthday Party for Katie Holmes

Cameron Diaz was flirting her face off with some dude last night at Katie Holmes’ 31st birthday party in Seville and the paparazzi caught some really low-quality photos of it. TomKat (can we still say stuff like that?) were in town with Connor, Isabella and Suri while Tom was filming Knight & Day with Cameron. The Holmes-Cruise fam left last night to head back to the states after the party, but Cameron decided to hang back and chill in Spain for a little bit. I don’t know guys, from the looks of these pictures, she’s cruising for a little bit of a European fling. Maybe she’s feeling like that chick in that movie Under The Tuscan Sun? I never saw that movie, but I remember the trailer and I got the jist. What if Cameron Diaz and that dude fall in lust and have a crazy four and a half month affair that’s completely driven by their sexual desires and ends when they realize that they don’t really have much in common, it’s was just one of those weird physical chemistry things? That’d be pretty deep. I’d allow that.

Katie Holmes’ Well-Heeled Explanation


Sunday night, as Katie Holmes attended the Dizzy Feet Foundation charity event, she finally answered the question that all of America has been asking:  Why does three-year-old Suri wear high heels?  Katie explained that Suri loves her mother’s high heels, so Holmes researched and found ballroom dancing shoes for toddlers.

I guess this is supposed to put everyone’s concerns at rest.  If they are ballroom dancing shoes, I reckon that means that they aren’t damaging to little, developing feet?  They cost about a hundred bucks a pair so that must mean that they are more acceptable.

Personally, it’s still a preschooler in high heels which just doesn’t look to me, but that’s not my call.  As long as Tom and Katie have money socked away for a therapist who can explain to Suri why being allowed to wear whatever she wants despite climate or age appropriateness isn’t necessarily the best parenting strategy, who am I to judge?