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Katie Holmes

Daddy and Me!

Tom Cruise puts in some quality time with Suri in New York, while Katie puts in some quality time with her beloved rolled denim.

What’s with Tom Cruise looking sexy again?

Am I the only one who’s noticed this? Anyone else feel the same way?

Katie Holmes Knows Better Than to Wear Those Ridiculous Jeans Around Tom

Tom’s back in NYC with Katie Holmes, so she’s back to wearing normal pants, because you know he bitch-slapped some fashion sense into her, then took out her awful old jeans and his sewing machine, made a pair of Daisy Dukes, and put on a fashion show for his dolls.

So now Katie has to wear the kind of pants that normal people wear.

Also: I like those sunglasses on Tom, and I hate that about myself.

Standing by Her Man!

Katie Holmes and her new haircut flew back from New York so that they could be two feet taller than Tom Cruise at the LA premiere of Tropic Thunder.

Also there: Alicia Silverstone (remember her?), John Krasinski and Jodie Foster, along with cast members Matthew McConaughey, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor (who’s Ben’s wife, but also has a cameo in the film).

Katie Holmes Jeans Watch

Now she’s just fucking with us.

She sits at home in her cage at night like “How can I take ugly jeans to the next level?”

It’s the only hobby she has left, you guys. Tom won’t even let her watch reruns of Dawson’s Creek anymore. So maybe we should go easy on her.


The Suri Cruise Photo Shoot

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise did a little photo shoot for the paparazzi in Manhattan the other day.

This little girl, I must admit, is becoming quite adorable. When she was younger, she didn’t quite know what to make of the paparazzi, but I think she’s starting to understand what they are and how to pose for them. It’s about time. Shiloh knew how to do that when she was six months old.