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Martin Short Endures The Most Awkward Interview That Ever Happened

A photo of Martin Short

I don’t want to be presumptuous here or anything, but I think I speak for most of us when I say that Martin Short seems like an incredibly adorable, charming, talented, funny, and lovable man. I love everything he’s ever done, and I think he’s just incredible. We’re all lucky that there’s never much gossip about him, or I’d be rambling on about him for days. I love Martin Short. Love. Him.

In case you didn’t know this story, Martin was married to a woman named Nancy for several years. They met in 1972 when they were in the same production of Godspell, and they got married in 1980. They had three children together, two sons and a daughter, but in August of 2010, Nancy died after suffering from ovarian cancer.

Let me repeat that last bit: Martin’s wife died two years ago.

Now watch this interview he did with Kathie Lee:

If you can think of any interviews that are more uncomfortable than this one, then let me know, because it might be the only thing that can get poor Martin Short’s face out of my head. Because, really, Kathie Lee, you know how great this woman is but you didn’t know that she’s been dead for two years? It might be time to call it a day on this whole journalism thing.

I Am Thankful For 2010′s Celebrities Without Makeup

photo of ali larter no makeup pictures photographs

If you overindulged in anything this past weekend whether it be food, drink, ham hocks or heavy cream, I’ve got just the thing that will take the edge – and the guilt- off: otherwise hot celebrity women with no makeup.

A lot of times we’ll get the obligatory shots of a dilapidated Pamela Anderson or Courtney Love leaving the house without being airbrushed, and it doesn’t fail to surprise us because they’re kind of trashy and drugged-out-looking anyway.  I mean, you can only keep up the facade for so long before tiny little cracks begin to form in its foundation and in its cheap makuep, so it goes hand in hand often times.

But I, personally, like makeup.  I think it’s fun to play with and it’s handy for a night out, but I often leave the house without it. Going to the grocery store? You’ll find me at Whole Foods in yoga pants, a hooded sweatshirt, hard-soled bedroom slippers and a makeup-free face. No one gives a crap about what I look like without makeup, and for good reason: I’m not a celebrity. But when these women head out of the house all fresh-faced and bed-headed, people pay attention.  It’s just fascinating to look through photos of famous women without their faces on because it gives us a glimpse into the fact that these people look exactly.  like.  us.  And in some cases?  We’re even better looking. So go ahead – do just what you’ve been dying to do since you ate that last fruitcake in its entirety and validate your good looks in these photos.  You know you want to.

Most shocking makeup-free face? You decide.

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