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Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Is Getting MTV’s Video Vanguard Award

justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake has contributed some cool stuff to pop music, I guess, and all the young, hip folks seem to like him. I think he’s got some good songs, but he’s no messiah. Still, MTV has decided to honour him with their Michael Jackson ‘Video Vanguard’ award during next Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, which is going to turn parts of my borough into an obnoxious deathtrap. Residents of Brooklyn, you’ll need to hit up the Brooklyn Junction Target instead of the Atlantic Center… unless of course you’re going purposely in hopes of catching a glimpse of Selena Gomez‘s butt or whatever people wait outside events for.

Anyway, Justin! He’ll join such luminaries as Britney Spears, Madonna, Beastie Boys, REM, David Bowie, Bon Jovi and The Rolling Stones in receiving the award, which is a pretty big deal. He’ll also be performing that night, as will Katy Perry (LUV U, GURL), Lady Blah-Blah, Miley Cyrus and Yeezus himself. Should be a fun evening.

For the record, Justin has already won 14 VMAs during his career. Do you think he deserves such a prestigious accolade, though?

Oopsies! Justin Timberlake Sorry About That Whole ‘Take Back The Night’ Thing

justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake‘s new single is called ‘Take Back the Night’, which, if you live under a rock, you may not know is also the name of an anti-domestic violence/rape organisation who are none too happy with the whole “coincidence” (Justin’s words). In fact, the group has threatened potential legal action as they feel Justin used the phrase “without permission”.

Now Justin has spoken out about the whole fiasco, insisting that it totally wasn’t on purpose and now that he knows about the ACTUAL Take Back the Night, he’s working towards stopping violence against women. Uh, in the span of a week, dude? Okay…

From Radar Online:

“Upon the release of my new single ‘Take Back The Night’, I was made aware of an organization of the same name called The Take Back The Night Foundation.

“I wanted to take this opportunity to let all know that neither my song nor its lyrics have any association with the organization. As I’ve learned more about The Take Back The Night Foundation, I’m moved by its efforts to stop violence against women, create safe communities and encourage respectful relationships for women — Something we all should rally around.

“It is my hope that this coincidence will bring more awareness to this cause.”

So… is he still just gonna let the song drop and hope for the best, or…? I mean, to be fair – and y’all know I’m a “Feminazi”, LOLZ – but I think this is a bit much, and I do think it was coincidental. When I’m sitting down to write, I don’t think to myself, “Huh, I wonder if any women’s advocacy groups share a name with any of the phraseology I’m using here?” Like, it sucks and now that he knows he should “correct it”, but I don’t think he’s taking anything away from the organisation by naming his song ‘Take Back the Night’. Eh, whatever.

Justin Timberlake Has A New Video That’s Very NSFW

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Justin Timberlake thinks of himself as THE MAN when it comes to laying down smooth beats for the ladies. Sure, he’s married and in luv with Jessica Biel, but you can’t tell me he doesn’t think his shit smells like roses. That being said, I like him, and I like his music, but what in the hell is going on with his video for ‘Tunnel Vision’?

The concept is simple: Justin sings alone as silhouettes (and then actual full blown shots) of naked women dance in what I think is meant to be a seductive way. There’s a lot of titty action, and while I feel I shouldn’t blaspheme and ask this, I just must: WHY? It makes no sense. I know it’s supposed to be ~artistic~ and sensual but I just kinda feel like… yeah, we get it, you write sex music. I don’t need to see naked ladies to get that.

What do you think of the ‘Tunnel Vision’ video? Also, has anyone else noticed that Justin Timberlake finally looks like a grown ass man in his 30s? It’s kinda bugging me out. He’s giving me major professor vibes.

Justin Timberlake Ain’t Trying to Procreate Right Now

justin timberlake jessica biel

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel tied the knot last year, so the next logical question would be: “When are you having BABIESSSSSSSSSSS?” We all love babies! They’re so cute and squishy and before she have them, we can talk major shit in the press about how fat Jessica Biel has gotten with impunity! Hurrah all around! (And for the dumbos, yes, that was sarcasm.)

In any case, you can kiss that opportunity goodbye for the immediate future, as Justin has no plans of having kids anytime soon. Awww.

From Now:

‘I’m not against the idea at all, but I think I still have some time ahead of me,’ says Justin, 32.

‘Let’s leave it to fate!’

Justin, who recently released his third solo album The 20/20 Experience after several years working on his acting career, has praised his wife for giving him strength.

‘She’s brought me stability and an inner force,’ the singer says.

‘The most important thing for me is that we’re able to communicate so well and talk about absolutely everything.

‘It’s beautiful to have that kind of closeness and understanding.’

Ain’t shit wrong with that, Justin. I have a feeling he just digs being selfish with his time, money and energy and doesn’t want to have to deal with a kid in there. Plus, he probably needs to work out those anger issues before coming a father.

Justin Timberlake Punches Pillows to Relieve Stress

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Justin Timberlake has a lot on his mind at all times, and because of it, he’s known to get stressed out. But hey, don’t you go getting all upset for him now, because it’s not as bad as it seems. He’s figured out a way to deal with life’s pressures, and it includes boring sports and pillow punching.

From Star magazine (via 4Music):

The actor-and-singer has revealed how he maintains a sense of calm and serenity in his life. Justin admits he is prone to the odd outburst though.

“I use everything as therapy. I play golf, write songs, punch pillows,” he smiled in an interview with British magazine Star. “We’ve all done it. You get so mad that you punch a wall and then you break your hand or something. It’s like the dumbest thing we do as humans.”

Actually, Justin, I’ve never done that. When I get really stressed and/or angry, I have a nice, long profanity-laced rant. Or a nice long nap. Anyway, FACES are for punching, not walls? (I kid, I kid.)

Come on, prove Justin right – how many of you have punched walls before?

Well, That’s Nice, I Suppose: Justin Timberlake Calls His Marriage to Jessica Biel a “Good Decision”

justin timberlake jessica biel

You would hope any married person would consider getting hitched to his or her spouse a “good decision”, but apparently Justin Timberlake feels this is a talking point that needs clarification, as he told Ellen DeGeneres on her show that he’s reminded when he’s with wife Jessica Biel sometimes that making her his wife was a pretty smart move.

“Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of her when she doesn’t see me looking, and I have this moment where I’m like, ‘If you never make a good decision – if you only make bad decisions for the rest of your life – you’ve made one really good decision.”

“It’s nice to marry your friend. It’s nice to marry your best friend. It suits me.”

Aw, isn’t that sweet? I do actually think Jussica (I’m making that up as I go along, so just go with it) make a cute couple and it’s promising that their relationship hasn’t spent too much time in the public eye, so it just may work long term. Plus, friendship is an important base to ANY relationship, so they’ve got that going for them. She’s his ‘Mirror’! It’s all so sweet!

Anyway, here’s Justin talking about marriage on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

Justin Timberlake Says Jimmy Fallon Interrupted His Wedding Speech, But It’s Okay Because They Then Did Improv Together

justin timberlake jimmy fallon

Justin Timberlake is funny, I’ll give him that – mostly all of his appearances on Saturday Night Live have been above par and he seems like he has a pretty good sense of humour, though they need to switch it up a bit and give him some new original sketches instead of rehashing the singing, costume-wearing salesman nonsense. I can’t complain about the Festrunk Brothers, because they’re hilarious.

But that’s neither here nor there. Justin is good pals with former SNL star Jimmy Fallon in real life, and the latter was one of the esteemed guests at Justin’s wedding to Jessica Biel, where he decided to start telling jokes in the middle of Justin’s wedding speech. In general, this would have been obnoxious and pretty rude, but because Jimmy’s a comedian and Justin thinks he’s one, too, they just started doing an improv bit together and everyone loved it! Hurrah!

Writing about Fallon for TIME Magazine‘s 100 Most Influential People article, Timberlake said:

Picture this: I’m in the heart of an impromptu speech at my wedding reception in front of 150 guests, pouring it out to my lovely new bride. You could hear a pin drop. I paused for just a moment in between thoughts. And then there was Jimmy, shouting a joke from his seat, sparking an improv between the two of us that went on for a good five or 10 minutes and had all our guests roaring with laughter. Interrupting the groom’s speech at the wedding reception? Cracking jokes when your buddy is looking desperately for the words to say that he hopes his wife will remember forever? It turned into a moment that everyone there will remember forever. Anyone else would have bombed on that stage. And then I would have kicked their ass.

But this was Jimmy Fallon.

He just can’t help himself. And neither can we.

I mean, I get it – I love jokes and Jimmy Fallon is pretty great, but if I was Jessica Biel and my husband was making a really emotional speech about our love or whatever bullshit happens at weddings, I’d be pretty pissed if someone started making jokes and starting a comedy bit. Then again, I like to be the center of attention, so maybe that’s just me.

“Real People, Fake Arms” is great, though (as is Steve Carell, who is a really nice guy, to boot):