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Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Acoustically Cries Us a River

See? Ask and you shall receive. Justin Timberlake, after starring in a crap ton of movies, is eeking his way back into the music scene with little cameos here and there, rapping craziness with Jimmy Fallon, and now he’s taken a full stage in New York City, where he performed this spectacular version (except all the crazy bitches ‘woo!’-ing – I hate that crap when I go to a concert) of ‘Cry Me a River.’ He also did a special rendition of ‘Like I Love You.’ OK, here:

This one wasn’t nearly as awesome as ‘Cry Me a River,’ and not only because I think of the lovely Britney Spears when I hear it, either. ‘Cry Me a River’ is just some GOOD JAMS.

Did this make your Friday?

Quotables: Justin Timberlake Talks Porn

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“It’s [sex scenes] part of your job and we’re both professionals and we definitely pushed it to the end of the shoot. We took two weeks and shot all the scenes in bulk. I think that was wise. But there was nothing really sexy about it. We were in this bed, going, ‘Man I hope people think this is funny.’ For me, personally, watching sex scenes is awkward, so we thought it was a good opportunity for comedy. (They’re awkward) because you watch two people f**k. … I’m joking, I love watching sex – I’m a guy, so I like porn and sex scenes.”

See, boyfriend really had me going there for a second. I was like, “Wow, that’s a really brave, really innovative thing to say, Justin Timberlake,” and Jessica Biel? Well, she’s probably sitting at home, fretfully yanking out fistfuls of her hair saying “I thought he said porn made him uncomfortable!?!”

I mean, I completely have no doubts that’s how this is going today.

Here’s Something A Lot of You’ve Been Waiting For …

See this video? Yeah, I know you’re probably thinking one of two things – a) Oh dude, I know what this is! or, b) What the hell is this? If you’re in the former, don’t ruin it for your fellow readers, just bliss out and listen to it again, and if you’re in the latter, boy, do I have a surprise for you: it’s the return to music for Justin Timberlake!

While I’m not all that impressed, to tell the truth, I am pretty happy that he’s dabbling again. He’s just got it all: the brains, the acting chops, the vocals, and the (sort of) looks. He needs to exercise these things simultaneously, and what better way to start than finally getting back to music?