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Justin Timberlake Is Streaming ‘The 20/20 Experience’ and It’s Really Good

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Justin Timberlake‘s new album, The 20/20 Experience, isn’t due out until next Tuesday (March 19), but oh, what the hell, it’s 2013 and it was going to leak anyway. Therefore, Mr. Suit & Tie himself has decided to stream the album in full on iTunes. The tracks aren’t separated so you don’t really know what you’re listening to, but that sorta doesn’t matter because holy shit, it’s really good. That’s coming from someone who would never describe herself as a JT fan or anything but knows really good R’n’B when she hears it, so take that as you will.

At about 70 minutes long, it’s certainly an “experience”, as he hoped, and it’s full of more cohesive, smoother tracks than it is with big club bangers – in fact, after a full listen, I think there’s only one or two that I can imagine people getting hype about, and even that’s a stretch. Still, it kind of doesn’t matter. For this album, Justin has settled down a bit into his sound and seems comfortable sort of exploring the intricacies of the tracks instead of attacking them. Do I sound like I should write for Pitchfork? I’m a professional music critic, you know. (I’m really not, nor do I want to be.)

Check out The 20/20 Experience on iTunes here and let us know what you think in the comments!

Justin Timberlake Disses Kanye On SNL

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Kanye West let the world know that he isn’t a fan of Justin Timberlake‘s Suit & Tie collaboration with Jay-Z. It looks like Mr. Timberlake hit back with a subtle and smooth jab at dear Mr. West.

The Huffington Post (and many others) pointed out that during Mr. Timberlake’s performance of Suit & Tie last night on Saturday Night Live, he changed the line “Shit so sick got a hit and picked up a habit” to “My hit’s so sick got rappers acting dramatic.”

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Nice job, Justin! A very classy dig. In terms of music though, I still prefer Kanye. Yeah, I went there. It’s Sunday, I don’t care.

Watch it:

And then picture Kanye’s reaction, which was probably something like this:

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Justin Timberlake Dropped a New Track After the Grammys

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Justin Timberlake gave a pretty solid performance at the Grammys last night, but that’s not all. After the festivities were done, he dropped another track from his upcoming comeback album, The 20/20 Experience, for the thirsty ass females who have been desperate for new JT music since he starred in The Social Network and decided to concentrate on his “acting”.

I’m not sure if ‘Mirror’ is better, worse or on the same level as ‘Suit & Tie’, but have a listen below: