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Justin Bieber

8Here’s a video of Justin Bieber telling a racist joke

justin bieber

Justin Bieber wants desperately to be black now, but it seems he wasn’t always so kind to anyone with darker skin (and perhaps he still isn’t – he’s an ignorant idiot, so I wouldn’t be surprised). A video has surfaced showing a 17-year-old JB sitting with a group of friends and someone who appears to be his mother (??) as he tells an awful racist joke (not that there any non-awful ones). I won’t even print what it is here, but here’s the clip and you can watch for yourself:

And there you have it. Apparently Bieber’s camp was forking out big bucks trying to keep this tape from being leaked, but here we are anyway. As The Sun has it (via Metro):

A source said: ‘This video is Justin Bieber and his camp’s worst nightmare. Even after the year he’s had – when he’s never been far from controversy – this tops the lot.

‘Justin has been taken under his wing by some of the best in the industry and they won’t stand by him after this.

‘This will be a real kick in the teeth – showing his true colours on film.’

Well, I didn’t need to see his true colours on film to know what they were, but whatever. He’s an arrogant, ignorant little piece of shit. Fuck this kid – he needs to go away forever.

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June 1, 2014 at 6:00 am by Jennifer

0Justin Bieber still thinks he’s a rapper

justin bieber

Why, God, why does Justin Bieber continue to torture the world with his presence? Just when you think he couldn’t be any more obnoxious, he goes and proves you wrong by… I don’t know, being himself, which is just THE WORST. He really took things to the next level last night when he decided to hop on stage during a Rick Ross concert at Gotha Club in Cannes and “rapped” over a Tupac song. Yep, you read that right:

I don’t really remember the last time I felt so awkward. Maybe earlier this morning when I watched Kendall Jenner try to do a Slut Drop (which is apparently what they call that move)? Justin Bieber needs to seriously go away forever. Also, can he please put on a shirt immediately?

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May 21, 2014 at 10:00 am by Jennifer
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3Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton nearly hooked up (???)

justin bieber paris hilton

Sometimes weird things happen in life and we end up blindsided by occurrences which we just never saw coming. One of those things is the possibility that Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton slept together. In what universe could this have been allowed to happen? Has the world gone too far? So many questions come to mind (the main one being “???????????????”), but luckily, we don’t really need any answers here because things stopped short of real romance between the pair.

From TMZ:

Paris and Justin partied in Cannes Sunday night at Gotha Nightclub.  There are reports that the 2 got cozy … with the 33-year-old climbing into Justin’s 20-year-old lap … then leaving for his house.

But here’s the deal.  We’re told 50 people went back to Justin’s house — Paris was never alone with him.  And something else we were told … she said the party was lame and couldn’t stand the fact that Justin was playing his own songs … so she left after half an hour.

LOL, I love that this kid thinks his music is good enough to rock for women (or at all). Talk about delusional. Also, I love that Paris Hilton has standards all of a sudden. She’s just gone about ten levels up in my books because of it. Seems like she really missed out, considering that Justin clearly knows how to treat women right.

May 20, 2014 at 10:00 am by Jennifer
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0Praise be! Justin Bieber is off the Sizzurp!

justin bieber sizzurp

Justin Bieber has long been a fan of the Sizzurp – you know, that thick, codeine syrup drink that royally fucks people up and apparently makes you a ~true thug~ in little JB’s eyes. He’s been getting high on the shit for a long time, but no longer! He’s giving it up for good, at least according to TMZ. The reason? It’s interfering with his steroid-assisted workout sessions, apparently.

We’re told he’s been clean for a month, largely because he’s become obsessed with working out and it’s just really hard to do when you’re high.

We’re told it’s no coincidence Justin has been spending more time with Scooter Braun and his mom over the last month … J.B. kept his distance during his sizzurp binges.

Detoxing from sizzurp isn’t easy, especially when you use it all the time.  You’ll recall … during the Sheriff’s search of Justin’s Calabasas home, deputies found 4 or 5 empty codeine bottles and various styrofoam double cups.

Well, okay, so they didn’t say he’s on steroids… but I did. This kid’s scrawny ass did not get built like that without them – I just don’t believe it. And considering he’s such a fan of substances, why WOULDN’T he take performance/body enhancers? Just makes sense to me.

By the way, that’s TMZ’s photo above, but it was too good not to use.

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May 19, 2014 at 10:00 am by Jennifer
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7Justin Bieber calls woman a bitch, tweets about being misunderstood

justin bieber horseback 2

Isn’t it sad/hilarious when people have so little self-awareness that it almost seems like they’ve actually managed to convince themselves that they’re totally innocent/everything is everyone else’s fault but their own? That definitely seems to be the case with Justin Bieber, who acts like an utter prick at every opportunity and then whines that he’s misunderstood and that people are always starting “rumours” about him. Fuck off, kid.

Justin’s latest adventure involves calling a woman a bitch for trying to take his picture during his shirtless horseback riding expedition, just hours before he tried to steal another woman’s phone at a mini golf course.

From TMZ:

Melinda Giel-Murray tells TMZ, she and her horse were at the Circle K Stables in Burbank, CA when Bieber pulled up to go horseback riding.

Giel-Murray says she whipped out her camera, but Bieber immediately freaked — and in the video you hear him say, “that bitch over there” … as he points out Melinda to his posse.

Giel-Murray claims 4 security goons surrounded her and tried to intimidate her, but she stood her ground … telling them there’s no law against taking pictures.

She feels Bieber was acting “very strange and nervous.” His crew eventually drove to a different part of the stable to mount up … shirtless.

Well, isn’t that special? Justin Bieber definitely sounds like a super great human that anyone would love spending time around and be proud to call their friend/cousin/son/etc.

But of course, it’s everyone else lying about him that caused all of these incidents that were caught on tape/legally documented. Totally untrue!

justin bieber tweet 1

justin bieber tweet 2

Oh, fuck off.

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May 15, 2014 at 9:00 am by Jennifer
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1Justin Bieber is being investigated for attempted robbery

justin bieber

Another day, another instance of Justin Bieber being an asshole – and potentially a criminal (again). This time around, he’s the subject of a potential attempted robbery case. Basically, he tried to steal a woman’s phone once he saw her taking video on her phone of him getting in a major fight with some dudes at a batting cage.

From TMZ:

The woman tells TMZ … Monday night she was at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park — a complex with miniature golf and a batting cage — when she spotted Justin and his entourage playing a little mini golf and then hitting balls.

The woman says Justin and his crew got into an altercation with some guys at the batting cage when J.B. noticed she was going for her cellphone to take pictures.  She says Justin demanded to see her phone so he could erase any photos.  She says she refused to fork over the phone so he then went into her purse and grabbed it.

The woman says she began wrestling with Bieber, trying to get her phone back.  She says he ripped it out of her hands but couldn’t accomplish his mission because the phone was locked.

We reached out to Bieber’s camp before posting this story … so far, no word back.

She says Justin gave her the phone back and demanded that she unlock it to see if she took photos.  She obliged and showed Justin she had taken none.  She says she told Justin she and her 13-year-old daughter just wanted to say hi, and Justin screamed, “You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter.  Why don’t you just get out of here.”  Her daughter started crying.

She says at that point Justin turned and started screaming at someone else.

The woman later complained to police and the LAPD are now investigating. Is this actually an attempted robbery? Eh, I suppose within the confines of the law it might be, but I don’t think I’m a good judge of this situation because I just want this kid to be punished for being an absolute dick.

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May 14, 2014 at 9:00 am by Jennifer
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