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Leonardo DiCaprio cheered when Orlando Bloom swung at Justin Bieber

leonardo dicaprio

The story of what went down at an Ibiza nightclub between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber last weekend just keeps getting better and better. We know that Orlando swung and Justin ducked, but more stuff keeps coming out of the woodworks that takes this tale to almost urban legend level. Like, for instance, the fact that Lindsay Lohan was there and tried to break the fight up, and that Leonardo DiCaprio was also there, but he actually cheered Orlando on.

From The Mirror:

Eyewitness Anastasia Skolkova, a former journalist from Spain, was the first person to break the story by posting a video on Facebook and Twitter, showing Bieber and Bloom rowing outside of a restaurant in Ibiza.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror she said: “I went there with friends for dinner. We were on the table next to Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio. There was also Lindsay Lohan, Puff Daddy and Erick Morillo at the restaurant. Justin said something when he came in which was aimed at Orlando, who then jumped onto a sofa to try and get at Justin. It was amazing. Everyone stood up and started watching like it was a show and clapping.

“There were actually two moments when it turned violent, it wasn’t just the one punch thrown. DiCaprio was flipping out and Lindsay Lohan was trying to call them. Justin’s face was amazing. I posted the video on Facebook so people would know about it and it’s a very crazy video. We filmed the fight and took a lot of photographs and have had offers from all over the world. It has just been crazy. I used to work as a journalist so I know how it works but I didn’t expect the response I got.”

LOL, I love how desperate this woman is to act like she’s anyone at all. Girl, no one cares about your video, we care about the actual fight. The “interest” is in the story, not you. Make your money and pipe down.

In any case, thank goodness Leo D. has some sense and was cheering Orlando on. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s immature and violence solves nothing in a wider context, but JB can used being knocked down a few pegs. After all, he’s always threatening to do it to others and acting like a big hard man who loves to fight, so he should be thrilled, right? A quick smack around the face would do him well. Might snap him back to reality.

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Orlando Bloom lives the dream, punches Justin Bieber in the face

justin bieber orlando bloom

Well, sorta. Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber have been rumoured to be at odds for a long while now – Justin has been seen with Miranda Kerr and Orlando has hung out with Selena Gomez a handful of times – and it seems there’s some truth to those reports. Apparently Orlando and JB got into an argument recently in Ibiza which culminated in Orlando throwing a punch straight towards Justin’s face, only Justin ducked before he could make contact. Sucker.

From TMZ:

The eyewitnesses tell TMZ … Orlando was in Cipriani restaurant which was packed with celebs, including Paris Hilton, and Diddy.

You don’t see Orlando swing, but the eyewitnesses tell us that’s exactly what happened. We’re told Justin ducked the punch. That’s where the video starts and you hear Justin scream, “What’s up bitch?”

We’re told when Bieber left the crowd applauded.

I don’t think I’ve ever liked (or cared about) Orlando Bloom more. It’s just unfortunate Justin is such a punk and ran away – how shocking, considering how he’s such a big man who likes to spit in people’s faces and threaten to kill them. You’d think he’d be game for a fight. (Yes, I’m rolling my eyes.)

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Justin Bieber is headed to anger management

justin bieber

Well, the case of Justin Bieber and the Egged Neighbor’s House has finally come to a close and been heard in court. As you probably remember, he was being charged with misdemeanor vandalism and while he didn’t bother to show up in court himself, he had a lawyer enter a no contest plea on his behalf. “No contest” basically means “Yeah, I fuckin’ did it, let’s get this over with” and that’s what the judge did.

From Entertainment Tonight:

“Justin is glad to get this matter resolved and behind him,” Bieber’s team said in a statement issued to ET. “He will continue to move forward focusing on his career and his music.”

Bieber was not present in court on Wednesday, but his attorneys entered the no contest plea on his behalf. Under the terms of his negotiated settlement, Bieber has been ordered to complete five days of community labor and an anger management program. He was also instructed to pay $80,900 in restitution and to stay away from the victim and his family for two years. Additionally, Bieber has been placed on formal probation for two years. If he is ever deported back to his native Canada, Bieber must notify the court within 72 hours.

Why he wasn’t deported IMMEDIATELY after the first bullshit case he ever had is beyond me. And yet he’s sitting cushy in the US with no problems at all when legit people who deserve to be here are sent away for less? So stupid. In any case, I’m sure he’ll do something to violate his probation within those 2 years. Probably repeatedly, in fact… but we all know he’ll only get a slap on the wrist.

In any case, this kid doesn’t need anger management, he needs ‘spoiled brat who’s never been told no’ management, but I suppose since that’s not actually a thing, we’ll put it down to anger…

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Justin Bieber posted a video of Tom Hanks dancing to ‘This Is How We Do It’ at Scooter Braun’s wedding

scooter braun wedding

Let’s all ignore the obvious question of how in the hell Scooter Braun knows/is friends with Tom Hanks for about five seconds so that we can enjoy the one good thing Justin Bieber has ever done in his life: capturing Tom dancing to ‘This Is How We Do It’ at Scooter’s wedding in Canada last weekend.

I don’t know how or why any of this happened (or why Tom is dressed like a rabbi), but I’m certainly glad it did.

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Justin Bieber might have already violated his probation

justin bieber

If there’s one thing Justin Bieber loves in life, it’s torturing his neighbours and anyone in a 10 mile radius with his “loud partying”. He’s had the cops called to his house several times, been forced to move on several occasions and even recently landed himself in court and on probation for causing $80k worth of damage to a nearby house in Calabasas.

Welp, it seems like he may already have violated that probation by having the cops called to his condo this weekend not just once, but SIX TIMES. Joy!

From TMZ:

Cops received 4 separate complaints for loud music and partying on the roof top Saturday night and they sent patrol cars each time — at 8:30 PM, 12:50 AM, 1:50 AM and 3:00 AM.  We’re told Bieber was not cited because he agreed to turn the music down.

There were 2 other incidents involving disturbances with fans and paparazzi.

Here’s what’s so significant … Bieber is currently on 2 years probation for egging his neighbor’s house.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … if the Bev Hills PD cites Bieber … they will forward the matter to the L.A. County Probation Dept., which could trigger a probation violation and then he’s in jail territory.

Cops have responded to numerous incidents involving Bieber at the condo over the last month … incidents involving both noise and weed.

Okay, two questions here. First, I’ve asked this before, but with JB knowing how much he loves to act the damn fool and throw loud parties, why the fuck would you buy a condo in a building with other units? In what universe did that seem like a smart idea? OBVIOUSLY the cops are going to get called on your ass nonstop and you’re just going to have to move out – because that will happen.

Secondly, how is this a discussion that he “may” have violated his probation? It was my assumption that if you have ANY interaction with the police in terms of creating any disruption, etc, then your ass is grass. Lock this asshole up and throw away the key… or at least deport him back to Canada.

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Justin Bieber wants a piece of Amber Rose now, apparently

justin bieber amber rose

Last we heard of Amber Rose, she was rather happily married to Wiz Khalifa and enjoying being a mom to their son. Well, apparently that made no difference to Justin Bieber, who apparently gave his number to the model and got super chatty at a Hollywood party last Thursday.

From Radar Online:

Justin Bieber may be back together with Selena Gomez – but it doesn’t mean he only has eyes for his on-again, off-again love.

In a move that could upset the often jealous Gomez, the troubled singer, 20, got close to model Amber Rose, 30, at the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards after-party sponsored by Bai5 in West Hollywood nightclub Bootsy Bellows on Thursday night, sources tell

“Justin walked over to Amber’s private table and they began chatting,” an onlooker tells Radar of the pair’s party run-in. “They talked for more than 15 minutes- and even exchanged numbers. She was smiling and laughing.”

LOL, I’m going to call bullshit on this one – if only on Amber Rose’s side. Not that Wiz Khalifa is some great prize, but as if a grown ass woman is going to go for this little boy? I don’t think so. Of course they did meet up – it was an ASCAP event, so it makes sense – but I guarantee you homegirl had zero interest in Wannabe Thug Jr.

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Justin Bieber involved in minor car accident after paparazzi chase

justin bieber

No one was injured in a car crash that resulted from a paparazzi chase in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon. Photographers were so desperate to get a good photo of Justin Bieber that they chased the Escalade he was traveling in and then caused an accident which could have hurt or killed not only people in the vehicles but passers-by, as well.

From TMZ:

We’re told the Escalade was going down Canon Drive at a fast clip, trying to lose the photog, when a BMW was pulling out of a parking structure near Bouchon restaurant.  An eyewitness tells us … the BMW misjudged the speed of the Escalade and smashed into it.

We’re told Bieber almost immediately got out of the SUV and into another car and sped off.

Yes, the BMW “misjudged” – ie he wasn’t paying attention because he was too busy trying to snap pictures. Look, it’s all fine and well for photogs to be “trying to make a living” with their “job” of chasing celebrities, but they don’t have to be scumbags and endanger people’s lives because of it. It’s time for that shit to end.

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