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Some Justin Bieber Lookalike Punked Beliebers In Boston

The title alone is appealing to me. Justin Bieber fans getting punked over their beloved? I’M IN. Some kid named Jeremy Frost and his co-stars from Three Amigos Comedy, whatever the fuck that is (it’s a YouTube channel), decided to go out and “surprise” fans in Boston since so many people are always telling him how much he looks like Baby Jesus himself.

Here’s what Jeremy’s brother Zack told Mashable about the adventure:

To prank the Beliebers, Frost wore Bieber’s signature hoodie, sunglasses and snapback hat. He made his way through the crowd, followed by friends acting as paparazzi and bodyguards. The reaction was instantaneous: girls screamed, chased after him and asked him to pose for photos.

“Luckily, we had a couple of people with us to hold some of the girls back. Then, when we went inside, people continued to take pictures and put them on Twitter,” Zack wrote in an email to Mashable.

Well, that sounds like a fun day out. I can’t believe how stupid these girls are, though – yeah, he looks VAGUELY like Justin Bieber, and I get that he had sunglasses on to make it more convincing, but like… no. Up close, you can tell right away that this kid is NOT Justin. Plus, these girls fantasize about him, masturbate over him, study his every move – how do they not know what he actually looks like? I guess he is a bit difficult to recognize without all the spit.

Justin Bieber: Still Spitting, Never Not Spitting

**EXCLUSIVE** BALCONY BIEBER! Justin Bieber is caught trying to spit on unsuspecting fans below his Toronto hotel balcony

I’ve never seen someone who loves spitting as much as Justin Bieber (unless you count, like baseball players – I do not). I’m beginning to think maybe he has OCD or a problem that’s causing him to create too much saliva since he’s forever getting rid of it. At least this time, it wasn’t in someone’s face. Score!

The Biebs is touring in his home country at the moment (thanks for nothing on that one, Canada) and was staying at the Hazleton Hotel in Toronto with some friends. As fans gathered below his room’s balcony, Justin just leaned over and hocked one down to the street. Hope one of the Beliebers had a jar handy – they could sell that on eBay! OR extract the DNA and create their own Bieber Baby!

In all seriousness, this is fuckin’ nasty. I’m not squeamish about spitting – we’ve all had to get rid of mucous when we were forced to work even though we had an upper respiratory infection and couldn’t stop hacking it up – but this shit is not even necessary. Have a little decorum (LOL).

Here’s a video of the incident – from TMZ (of course) – below:

Justin Bieber’s Memaw to the Rescue!

justin bieber

Justin Bieber‘s grandmother has spoken out against all the haters who have seen her precious grandson for the sack of shit he truly is, insisting that he’s actually totally awesome and is just acting how all 19-year-olds act. You know, the drugs, stealing, spitting in people’s faces and making idle threats, adopting and disowning monkeys before getting a new one… your typical teenage shit. I hate to say this because I respect my elders, but shut up, Memaw. I don’t expect you to trash your grandson in the press, but I do expect you to not open your mouth when you know you’re talking utter rubbish.

In an interview with CTV Ottowa, Diane Dale said:

“It’s totally crazy. I feel sorry for Justin because paparazzi pick on him all the time.”

“Anybody else’s kids have done the same thing but nobody says anything. He’s just a 19-year-old boy.

“And before you criticize him, say, ‘What is my 19-year-old boy doing?’”

Yes, the paparazzi certainly pick on baby boy. I mean, just look how poor and innocent he is here! How could they attack such a gentle lamb?

bieber fight

I mean, what CHOICE did he have but to threaten to “fucking kill” his aggressor? FREE JUSTIN!!!!

Anyway, his grandma needs a big ole grip on reality because she’s talking utter shit. How are you really gonna say that people need to ask themselves what their 19-year-old is doing? Well, I don’t have a 19-year-old, but if they were up to half of what this asshole is, I’d be INCREDIBLY disappointed in them and tell them this directly. If they didn’t listen, I probably wouldn’t call the press and start claiming that the world has done him wrong and he’s just the victim of bullying – I’d keep my trap shut and keep cashing the checks.

Don’t Ask Selena Gomez About Justin Bieber…

selena gomez justin bieber

Or she might just cut your interview off then and there. That’s exactly what happened during her chat with Dean Richards on Chicago’s WGN Entertainment network on Monday. Dean asked Selena Gomez, being a “close friend” of Justin Bieber‘s and all, if there was anything about him that the public might be misunderstanding since, you know, he’s turned into a complete and utter twat.

Selena looked all uncomfortable and kept glancing off camera, and when Richards continued with his questioning, she sat there and didn’t answer and then the satellite link she was on abruptly disconnected. LOL, damn – that’s cold. And also pretty immature. I’m not sure why Selena didn’t just turn around and say to the dude, “Uh, isn’t this interview about MY new album? Can we not talk about Justin Bieber? Maybe interview him instead!” but, you know, in a nicer way. It looks far worse to just hang up instead of sticking up for yourself and saying “I don’t want to talk about this”, I think.

Here’s an unfortunate video clip of the incident:

Even Miley Cyrus Wants Justin Bieber To Go Away

2010 MuchMusic Video Awards - Show

It certainly doesn’t bode well when arguably one of the most annoying celebs out there at the moment is tired of you, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Twerker of the Year Miley Cyrus has admitted that she basically told Justin Bieber flat out that he needs to take a break from showbiz for a while and kinda fade away until everyone forgets about him. I never thought I’d utter the next sentence, but here goes: Listen to Miley Cyrus.

In an interview with The People, Miley basically said Justin’s an idiot but all young people are and he should probably take a few steps back:

“I told Justin to take a bit of time out and people aren’t so obsessed with you and nit-pick. When you’re not around, all they want is your music. They want to see what the next thing is. But when your music is out they just want to talk shit about you.”

“When you’re a worldwide star, everyone sees everything. Lots of people make a video and put it on Instagram, some people might think it’s funny but because it’s Justin Bieber, it’s like really bad. I always tell him just to be cool and not talk about it because when you talk it fuels the fire. He’s still stupid though. But everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up.”

When they are messed up? Well then how about you don’t get drunk off your ass or off your head on drugs and then try to use it as an excuse to be an utter asshole? God, kids are stupid. I know Miley’s in her molly/weed/coke phase right now, but she needs to tone that shit down, because your decision to be a fuckin’ druggie since you’re young and ~love to party~ is not the world’s responsibility to deal with. It’s your responsibility to keep your behaviour in check and if you can’t, then NOT TO PUT YOURSELF IN THAT STATE. Lord almighty.

Justin Bieber’s Latest Spitting Victim Has Filed A Report

justin bieber

Justin Bieber got into it with a bro at an Ohio club he was too young to be in and eventually spat in his face after hurling some rather hilarious insults his way. Addison Ulhaq, the club’s DJ and a student at Ohio State University, became Bieber’s human spittoon during the incident and has since filed a report with police. Apparently in the report he claims that he doesn’t want anything done at the moment, he just wants to make note of it. Is this a precursor to a lawsuit? Things seem to be heading that way.

From TMZ:

Addison — who’s a junior at Ohio State University and a neuroscience major — says he didn’t snap ANY photos … but Bieber didn’t buy his denial and cussed him out and spat in his face.

The police report, obtained by TMZ, reads — “The victim stated that the suspect told him that ‘His mother was a bitch, his father was a bitch and he is a bitch.’”

Addison’s lawyers say Bieber’s spit assault left saliva and mucus in Addison’s eye, nose, and mouth … disgusting.

Following the alleged altercation, Addison said he got tested for Hepatitis, but the test came back negative.

LOL, why is Bieber such a cornhole? Your mother’s a bitch, your father’s a bitch and you’re a bitch? Wow, that’s groundbreaking stuff, dude. We all know nothing is going to come of any of this, so we might as well ignore it now.

LOL: Justin Bieber Gets Tattoo Of His Mom’s Eye

justin bieber

For someone so rich, Justin Bieber has quite possibly the most piss poor collection of tattoos I’ve ever seen. The artwork is terrible, the execution is terrible and even the ideas behind them are horrendous. Still, he’s covered his pseudo-thug body with 16 ugly pieces, most recently… one of his mom’s eye (seen above). Uh… okay?

Justin posted the photo on his Instagram account with the caption: “”@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching ;)”

To translate (despite his poor grammar/punctuation), I believe what Justin is trying to say is “I won’t listen to anything my mother taught me growing up about humility, kindness and being a decent human being. How can I? There’s so much weed to smoke and vodka to drink and so many girls willing to give me a blow job, and people are SOOOO annoying when they won’t let me do what I want, so they’re pretty much BEGGING me to spit in their faces! I’ll just get this tattoo of an eye, though, and says it’s yours, Mom, so you’ll be placated for a while and I can get on with being awesome!!!”

Can we send this asshole to space yet?