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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

10Can Joseph Gordon-Levitt Pull Off The Riddler?

While Robin Williams seems convinced that he’s the only man for the role, CinemaBlend has announced that it’s looking like that husband Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be filling Jim Carrey’s shoes if they do bring back the The Riddler.

From CinemaBlend:

First Showing has heard from a source who has laid eyes on a “casting grid” that names The Riddler as a character in Batman 3, and has Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name alongside the character as an “interested” actor.

It’s important to know that Gordon-Levitt’s name on there is in no way confirmation that he’ll take the part, and more likely a reflection of the pervasive Internet rumors that said Nolan wanted Gordon-Levitt for the role– or at least a logical assumption that Gordon-Levitt is on the shortlist. It’s also worth noting that the Batman 3 script isn’t yet finished and there’s been no formal casting process whatsoever, so while the Riddler’s involvement in the third film may be assumed by lots of people, don’t ever stop expecting the Nolan brothers to switch things up at the last minute.

1) I will be so bummed if they don’t use The Riddler, 2) Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be perfect for the part, 3) He’d be mentally insane to turn the role down. Not only does Broseph have the natural comedic ability to pull off the part, but I think playing a villain in a big budget superhero movie would catapult him into the next phase of his career. Like, he’d be A-list status and making mad millions on everything he did.

I’m pretty much sold. What about you guys? Do you think JGL can pull it off or is there someone else you see as The Riddler?

July 21, 2010 at 1:00 pm by Molls

13Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Too Adorable

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on Jimmy Fallon last night to promote his hosting gig on SNL tonight and ohhhhhh boy do I have a crush on this man. He spends the first minute of his interview praising the house band, The Roots and goes on to tell them that they are the whole reason why he listens to hip hop music. I don’t know what it is about this kid, maybe just the fact that he’s so handsome and seems so entirely psyched on life, but I probably kind of sort of think I need to marry him. Also, as he says in the interview, his SNL monologue tonight sounds like one not to be missed, so gear up your DVRs or get ready to tune in on Hulu Sunday because I think he may just top Drew Barrymoore and Taylor Swifts already exceptional opening bits on the show.

November 21, 2009 at 11:53 am by Molls
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