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Joselyn James

OK, This is Hilarious

You guys see the genius* in the above photo? That’s Joselyn James. She’s a porn star and one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses and also probably one of the funniest people on the planet. Remember last week when I told you about those novelty golf balls they are selling with all of Tiger’s mistresses’ faces printed on them? I thought they were some of the stupidest pieces of crap merchandise that I’ve ever seen in a world where everyone is broke and no one needs junk laying around their houses. Well, it turns out my girlie Joselyn and I have something in common beside the fact that men cannot resist us. She hates them too! Here are some quotes from a press conference she did about them:

“as a victim of violence myself, it bothered me to think that someone would be standing with a dangerous club hitting a ball with my photo on it.”

“hitting a woman or an image of a woman is not a sport…this would be no different than using a picture of a woman’s face for target practice.”

Oh, and just to continue to show this woman’s Mensa-level intelligence:

“I was in love with Tiger…and I believed that he loved me too.”

I have never been hit by a man, but I can tell you this much: Desensitizing the population to abuse by bringing up arguments like this about something that I cannot actually imagine is offense to the victims is much more dangerous than these golf balls. Joselyn is claiming that the mere thought of the image of a woman’s face of a golf ball is traumatizing to her, right? So then why doesn’t she do anything about the violence portrayed in her own industry? How is a drawing on a golf ball any less art than her and her peers getting rammed in the ass and smacked around by men on video?

Joselyn is a smart girl, I know. I know she’s really brainy. But girl, there are flaws in your logic.

*I don’t actually know if she’s smart, but clearly she’s smart enough to play a sexy teacher in pornography, so you put 2 + 2 together.