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John Mayer

John Mayer Says He Didn’t Cheat on Jen

After all the rumors about how he’d cheated on Jennifer Aniston left and right, I guess John Mayer wanted to set the record straight. He chatted with reporters after a workout this weekend, saying that “there’s no lying, there’s no cheating, there’s no nothing … Jennifer Aniston is the smartest, most sophisticated person I think I have ever met.”

He went on to say that “People are different, people have different chemistry. I ended a relationship to be alone, because I don’t want to waste somebody’s time if something’s not right.”

Eh, we all know that’s bullshit. He and Jen broke up because Jessica Simpson sent one too many death threats.

So far, no comment from Jen’s camp.

OMG You Guys Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer Broke Up!!!

Dude, so how long did it take for this “serious relationship” to fall to pieces? A month? Two?

Sources are reporting that John dumped Jen.

“There’s been a bit of tension for some time,” says a source close to 30-year-old John. “They initially opted for a break, hoping a trial split might make them stronger. Sadly it doesn’t seem to have worked. John took the decision to end things as he felt he just wasn’t ready for the level of commitment that Jennifer deserved.”

Word is that Jen’s already got a new man — some sort of male model. Sigh. Isn’t she bored of the male models yet?

John Mayer Told Minka Kelly He “Didn’t Get” Jennifer Aniston “Thing”

This is a fun little item from Page Six:

JOHN Mayer might have broken Minka Kelly’s heart when he left her for Jennifer Aniston – but he had the decency to call her before the news about them hit the press. A Kelly pal said, “Minka [above] received a call from John prior to the story breaking about his relationship with Jennifer. He apologized to Minka, ‘Sorry, but I’m really in love.’ ” She found that interesting as, “during his relationship with her, John mentioned, ‘I don’t really get this Jennifer Aniston thing.’ ” Mayer’s rep declined to comment.

Well, I’ll tell ya, John Mayer’s getting plenty of Jennifer Aniston’s thing these days.

He’s gonna get bored of her so quick.

Um, What? John Mayer and Ricki Lake?

Ricki Lake

Okay, this is a very weird story. I don’t know much about Ricki Lake, but, last I heard, she wasn’t exactly John Mayer’s type. So I’m not sure what to make of this latest bit of gossip.

John Mayer – clearly not thinking of his most recent flings with Minka Kelly or Cameron Diaz – made a beeline for Ricki Lake at the Sunshine Sachs p.r. company’s Christmas party. The two talked about Lake’s new documentary, “The Business of Being Born,” before Mayer confessed, “I’ve had a crush on you for two years.” Helpful publicists then herded the two to a back table, where they exchanged numbers. Lake soon left and went to the Rose Bar, where Mayer texted her throughout the night.

What do you guys think? Is Ricki Lake hot?

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John Mayer and Cameron Diaz: Still On!

In truth, I can’t think of a relationship I care less about right now.

But for those of you who do care, they were spotted on yet another NYC date.

The pair, who were first spotted out together in the city last week, were “all over each other” and “super flirty” at the Bowery Hotel Friday night, an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

Mayer, 29, and Diaz, 34, who sat together on a couch in the back of the patio, “were laughing and talking a lot” as the waitress brought several rounds of drinks, says the source.

Last Tuesday, the pair were spotted having dessert at the French-Vietnamese restaurant Indochine. “It looked like a casual date,” said a source. “She was giggly. She was laughing and seemed happy.”

Asked if the newly-close pair are dating, a source close to Mayer tells PEOPLE, “Yes, it’s definitely true.”

This must be a really weird week for Jessica Simpson. I mean, the naked pictures of Vanessa “Bush” Minnillo hit the web on Friday, so that must have been pretty vindicating for her. But now her ex-boyfriend is running around town with Cameron Diaz, so that kind of sucks. And why do I spend so much time thinking about what Jessica Simpson must feel about everything? What is wrong with me?