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Joe Biden

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Vice-President of the United States of America Drops the F-Bomb

So, the health care reform was officially signed off upon today and Vice-President Joe Biden was, well, really “fucking” excited about it.

In an introduction of President Barack Obama, Biden is found to say — albeit in a muffled kind of way — “This is a big fucking deal.”

I can dig it; old Joe was a bit over-excited and forgot that the mics were live. This kind of stuff happens, even on international television. I personally found it pretty endearing.  Hell, even the President thought it was some funny shit. You can hear him giggle like a little girl around the :15 mark.

I’m obviously not the only one who appreciated VP Biden’s off-the-cuff remarks; White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs thought the whole thing was pretty entertaining, too.

On Gibbs’ Twitter page?

“And yes Mr. Vice President, you’re right…”

Classic.  And so appropriate for such a monumental occasion in 2010.

The Veep’s Daughter Has A Cocaine Video; Just Thinking About It Makes Me Want Fritos

Wait, does cocaine even give you the munchies?  Anyway, it’s all alleged at this point, and no one has forked over the $400,000 asking price for the video, but word has it that there is film-footage of Joe Biden’s daughter snorting cocaine.  New York Post has seen the video, but didn’t buy it.  It’s a recession, bitches, and I’m not sure people have a half-million dollars worth of care about Joe Biden’s coke-kid.

The video, which the shooter initially hoped to sell for $2 million before scaling back his price to $400,000, shows a 20-something woman with light skin and long brown hair taking a red straw from her mouth, bending over a desk, inserting the straw into her nostril and snorting lines of white powder.

She then stands up and begins talking with other people in the room. A young man looks on from behind her, facing the camera. The lawyers said he was Ashley’s boyfriend of a few years.

The camera follows the woman from a few feet away, focusing on her as she moves around the room. It appears not to be concealed. At one point she shouts, “Shut the f— up!”

The woman appears to resemble Ashley Biden, 27, a social worker for a Delaware child-welfare agency and a visible presence during her father’s campaign for the White House.

The dialogue is difficult to discern, but the woman makes repeated references to the drugs, said the lawyers, who said they viewed the tape about 15 times.

“At one point she pretty much complains that the line isn’t big enough,” said the second lawyer, who declined to identify himself. “And she talks about her dad.”

Biden has been an outspoken crusader against drugs, coining the term “drug czar” in 1982 while campaigning for a more forceful “war on drugs.”

The lawyers declined to name the person who shot the video, but said he knew Ashley well and had attended other parties with her at which there were illegal drugs.

Have you ever noticed that whenever people put themselves out there as drug crusaders, their kids invariably end up as addicts?  I’m seriously considering smoking a bong around my kids on a regular basis in hopes that they grow up to be Amish.  Incidentally, while I was researching Joe “Drug Czar” Biden, I was relieved to see that he has campaigned for equal sentencing for crackheads and powder blow users.  I predict this legislation is going to come in handy for the Biden family.

The Next “Dick” Cheney???

Ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I crack myself up sometimes, you guys.

A reader sent in this old-school pic of possible VP Joe Biden, which showcases what he has to offer to, um, our country.

Love it, love it, love it.

Sarah Palin may be all about Joe Six-Pack, but I for one would be happy to get me a piece of old-school Joe’s two-pack, if ya know what I mean.

Thanks Chelsea!