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Jodie Foster Has Kristen Stewart’s Back

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Do you remember that movie Panic Room? It was that movie – and this thorough synopsis is purely from memory, by the way – about the woman and her daughter who moved into this new house that had a panic room, and they were both like “huh?” but then some dudes tried to break in and they were both like “f-ck yeah, panic room!” The woman, of course, was Jodie Foster, but that daughter was a little bitty baby Kristen Stewart! And even though that movie was filmed about ten years ago, Jodie and Kristen are still tight. Tight enough for Jodie to lend Kristen a shoulder to cry on in these trying times.

Here’s some information about that tender relationship:

A source said: “As soon as she heard the news, Jodie contacted Kristen to offer her support. They have been close friends since they starred opposite each other in the 2002 movie ‘Panic Room’, and Jodie is a mother-like figure to her.

“Jodie told Kristen to take no notice of the media bashing and said if she wanted to cry her heart out to her she’s always available. Jodie loved Rob and is disappointed with Kristen for cheating on him. However, she knows at 22, she’s still very young and unfortunately people make mistakes in life. She thinks Kristen will learn from this and will only grow into a more mature person because of it.”

Ok, I think it’s time to have some Real Talk about this whole thing, don’t you? All jokes and snark aside, let’s just get Real for a minute. We can even do it in convenient bullet points.

- Yes, Kristen is just 22, but that’s definitely old enough to know better.  At 22, you have the mental ability to realize that cheating on your longtime boyfriend with a married man isn’t a nice thing to do.  Let’s not go down that route of “poor little Kristen Stewart just didn’t know what she was doing was wrong, bless her heart,” because not only is it incorrect, but it’s insulting.

- And yes, everyone does make mistakes. Last night I left the back door unlocked. A few days ago, I said something rude to my boyfriend because I was tired and irritable. Sometimes I make plans with someone because I forgot that I’d already made plans with someone else. Those are mistakes. Making a conscious decision to do something that you know will deeply hurt multiple people isn’t something that you just shrug off because “oh, everyone makes mistakes.” That’s bigger than that.

- Kristen made a really stupid choice, and I can’t understand how she’s able to do that to someone she loves, and yeah, I think it was a bitch move. But that doesn’t mean that Kristen Stewart is the worst person in the world. She’s not even the worst celebrity in the world. She did a really shitty thing that a lot of people do, that’s all.

- Of course Rupert Sanders deserves more blame than he’s getting. He’s a 40-year-old married man with children, and he’s also a director who had an affair with one of his actresses. It’s not that the world thinks Kristen Stewart deserves more blame, it’s that she’s Kristen Stewart. Who do you think people want to hear about more, some dude that directed a movie once or Bella Swan?

- Robert Pattinson is a beautiful, perfect angel who doesn’t deserve any of this.

Now let’s discuss!

Quotables: Jodie Foster Is Still Talking About Mel Gibson

A photo of Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson

“He’s so incredibly loving and sensitive, he really is. He is the most loved actor I have ever worked with on a movie. And he’s not saintly, and he’s got a big mouth, and he’ll do gross things your nephew would do. But I knew the minute I met him that I would love him the rest of my life. I know him in a very complex way. He’s a real person; he’s not a cardboard cutout. I know that he has troubles, and when you love somebody you don’t just walk away from them when they are struggling.”

- Jodie Foster defending her BFF Mel again.

Have you ever spoken with someone who’s been abused?  Isn’t that kind of what Jodie sounds like, all “no, you just don’t know him like I do, he’s really a great guy, he’s just got some issues”?  I think it’s important to stand by loved ones in tough times too, but there’s a difference between doing that and talking up a guy that likes to beat his girlfriend.  I know you’re just trying to promote The Beaver, Jodie, but maybe try a different angle.

Jodie Foster Defends Mel Gibson

It seems like everyone in the world has had enough of Mel Gibson after the release of those awful tapes and the antisemitic rants he let loose on a cop after his DUI arrest a couple years ago, but not his recent co-star Jodie Foster.

Mel and Jodie just finished wrapping The Beaver, a film that’s yet to receive a release date (hmmm, wonder why that may be), and says that her co-star is a wonderful person that’s going through a rough time. The actress was quoted as saying, “When you love a friend, you don’t abandon them when they are struggling. Of course, Mel is an undeniably gifted actor and director, and ‘The Beaver’ is one of his most powerful and moving performances. But more importantly, he is and has been a true and loyal friend. I hope I can help him get through this dark moment.”

Jodie’s defense of her friend seems a bit misguided. If Mel’s bad behavior could be chalked up entirely to a substance abuse problem, then her statement makes sense. However, Mel has shown time and again that whatever substance abuse issue he has only fuels his real issue: he’s a bigot and a complete pig. He’s attacked women, African Americans and Jews. I can’t imagine that his hatred excludes homosexuals like Jodie and her partner and it’s surprising to me that she wouldn’t make that connection herself.

Point is: Mel Gibson’s still an asshole. Sorry, Jodes.