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Jodie Foster

6Jodie Foster Attacks A Teenager

A photo of Jodie Foster

Here’s what happened, according to the police report.  Jodie Foster and her kids were at The Grove in L.A., and this 17-year-old guy started taking pictures of her in the parking lot.  Jodie approached him, “poked him on his chest,” then “grabbed vict by his left arm causing visible injury.”  The victim’s father was there as well, and he said that Jodie asked the guy “Do you even have a mother, you slimeball?”  He also said of his son that

“He didn’t mouth back at all and was scared of her. At one point Jodie’s son even came over to my son and apologized. Her kids were really embarrassed.”

The victim’s family filed the police report after the incident, and Jodie is being accused of battery.

I think Jodie Foster has legitimate reasons to freak out over some random guy taking her picture (and if Ronald Reagan were alive, he’d totally agree), but this seems like just a bit much.  When it gets to the point where one of your sons (who are 11 and 8, by the way) has to apologize for your violence, maybe you should do some reflecting.

June 11, 2010 at 11:31 am by Emily
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10Mel Gibson Puts His Hand Up A Beaver For New Role


Mel Gibson has signed on to accept the leading role in Jodie Foster’s latest directorial effort (she’ll also play the wife of Mel’s character), The Beaver.  The movie centers on Mel’s character, a depressed man, and how he finds levity by wearing a beaver puppet named Sugar Tits.  Okay, I’m lying about the Sugar Tits part, but the rest is the truth. 

Do you feel like you’re being Punk’d right now?  Because you aren’t.  Are you checking your calendar to see if it’s April 1st?  It isn’t.  This is an honest to goodness true news item.  And I didn’t even read about it in Star.  I read about it in Variety … a respected industry trade mag.  Frighteningly enough, that means this movie is probably happening as soon as they secure financing.  And I’d like the investor who decides to throw their $18M at this project to reveal themselves.  I wouldn’t throw my $10.50 at a movie ticket to see this thing. 

As an aside, to all my fellow Golden Girlsfans:  Do you remember the GG episode when Stan was in therapy, trying to get over the end of his marriage to Dorothy?  To help alleviate his depression, his therapist makes him go everywhere with a traffic cone dressed up like a monkey.  That episode is called “The Monkey Show.”  Skip this movie and rent that off Netflix instead.

July 10, 2009 at 8:42 am by Wendie
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8Proud Mama!!

Jodie Foster and Her Sons, Charles Bernard Foster and Kit Bernard Foster, in the Ocean in Maui, PIctures, Photos

Jodie Foster spends Easter weekend frolicking with her two sons in Maui.

The boys’ names are Charles Bernard Foster and Kit Bernard Foster. The Bernard is a tribute to Jodie’s longtime girlfriend, Cydney Bernard. Jodie has never commented on who the children’s father is.

March 24, 2008 at 7:55 pm by Evil Beet
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37So It Looks Like Jodie Foster Was Our Blind Item

Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard and Kids

Remember this blind item from earlier in the week?

WHICH big Hollywood actress is about to come out of the closet? She’s been living with her girlfriend in a small town, where all the neighbors know, and the two are now engaged to be married.

Well, Jodie thanked her girlfriend, Cydney, when she received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at the 16th annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast on Tuesday.

At the end of her remarks, she thanked “my beautiful Cydney who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss.”

Now, granted, she didn’t exactly thank “my beautiful Cydney, who eats out my pussy and sucks on my tits and sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss,” but still. She never mentions Cydney in public. Will there be an “I’m Gay!” People magazine cover in Jodie’s future. I think yes.

December 6, 2007 at 12:47 pm by Evil Beet

3This Is What My Hair Would Look Like If I Had to Walk the Red Carpet at 8 a.m., Too

Jodie Foster at Hollywood Reporter Power 100 Breakfast Pictures Photos

Jodie Foster attends the Hollywood Reporter Power 100 breakfast in Beverly Hills.

Who holds a red carpet event in the morning? Seriously. Was the Hollywood Reporter too cheap to spring for a location in the evening? I’m tired just looking at these pictures. Actually, I’m tired most of the time. Hence the Red Bull problem. To be honest with you kids, I just got up from a nap. Ah, the life of a blogger. I get up at 6 am to write for you east-coasters, then I take a mid-morning nap and get up again to start for the west coast. I never napped before I was a blogger. Now I make an art form of it.

December 4, 2007 at 11:10 am by Evil Beet
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3Here We Go Again

Perez Hilton continues to wage his own personal war against gay celebs who choose to remain — at least publicly — in the closet. Up today: Jodie Foster and her girlfriend, Cydney Bernard, whom Perez claims Foster has been dating for thirteen years. A quick Google search reveals that Bernard is a producer, and the two met on the set of Sommersby. Foster has two kids, and she’s never revealed who their father is.

Foster’s relationship with Bernard is well-known in Hollywood circles (in fact, it’s mentioned on both their IMDB pages), but Foster has clearly been perfectly happy keeping their relationship (and the rest of her personal life) out of the public eye. I mean, she’s Jodie Foster. She doesn’t exactly need paparazzi coverage to have a successful career.

Celebrity gossip bloggers have touched on the topic in the past, but, let’s be honest, Perez is the celebrity gossip blogger, and his readership has grown by more than 200% in the last six months. He now reaches nearly 3 million readers a day, which is approximately the number of viewers who tuned into Laguna Beach last season. I don’t expect Foster to hide from this; my guess is she’ll give a statement to People magazine next week.

Some critics claim Perez has mounted something more akin to an Inquisition than a gay pride parade with his regular outing of celebs. Is it fair of him to pull shit like this? No, no it’s not. Does it have the potential to send an extraordinarily positive message to the gay community, closeted or otherwise? Yeah. I think it does. To wax philosophic for a moment, it’s interesting that this kid from Miami who set out to talk shit about famous people in his spare time may actually have a significant cultural and historic impact for the gay community. Interesting, frightening, and pretty damn cool.

November 27, 2006 at 6:11 am by Evil Beet
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