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Jimi Hendrix

I Do Not Want to See a Dead Musician’s Sex Tape. Ever.

Evidently there’s a long-lost sex tape floating around with Jimi Hendrix’s name on it. And his peter, among other nude things.

The film is titled Jimi Hendrix: The Story of the Lost Sex Tape and it’ll be released on May 3rd. The video is said to include eleven minutes of Hendrix doing the do and probably under some kind of psychedelic influence. I hope that there’ll be floating mushrooms super-imposed all over the film, ’cause it’d be just so damned literal in so many ways.

You can check out the flick’s “official” trailer, which was so obviously filmed by a 1960′s groupie, ’cause not only does it make no sense, the almost-sixty year-old woman uses terms like “freakin’ out” and discusses “pubes.”

What about you guys? Interested in seeing posthumous penis or should some things be better left buried?